Why You Should Be Counting Down the Days Until Summer


Summer Inspiration!

Here's a list of everything you should be counting down the days to do in the summer and a pretty solid argument as to why summer is the best season! Summer 2017, we're ready for you!

1. Ice Cream Over Everything

I mean, you can eat ice cream anytime of the year, but it just does't taste the same or feel the same way as eating it in the summertime!

2. Movie Marathons

Whether it's during a thunderstorm or sleepover with your bffs, nothing is better than binge-watching romantic comedies and summer romance films. The Notebook, The Last Song, even Aquamarine are the BEST!

3. Camp Outs

My friends and I have a tradition to camp out in someone's backyard a week before we go back to school in the fall. Being together in the tent makes us reminisce our summer memories together and appreciate our friendship!

4. Night Swimming

Something is just better about swimming at night! The pool always feels warmer than the air, and you feel like a mermaid swimming with the stars above you!

5. S'mores, S'mores, and More S'mores

Why do graham crackers, chocolate, and marsh mellows taste so good? I can seriously eat these for the rest of my life.. no shame!

6. Festivals, Carnivals, and Fairs

Nothing says "summer" better than festivals, carnivals, and fairs! Going on the rides, eating the greasy food you know you shouldn't yet eat anyways, cotton candy, fresh squeezed lemonade, and walking around with friends sounds like the perfect summer night to me!

7. Picnics

I absolutely LOVE going on picnics. Find a a park or pond in your area, take a blanket, pack a picnic basket with some yummy snacks, gather some friends, and just unplug from social media while you enjoy each others company and of course the food! You can take some really cute Instagram pictures, too!

8. Baseball Hats

This is a clothing item that can be worn year round, but it doesn't feel as good as it does when wearing them in the summertime! Baseball hats protect your head and hair from the sun, disguise your greasy hair days, and add the finishing touch to any outfit! You can't go wrong!

9. Sunglasses

Another fashion necessity for the summer! You can wear Ray-bans, aviators, or even the cute heart shaped shades. All of them will protect your eyes from the sun, and you'll look cute while doing so!

10. Driving with the Windows Down

Having your license in the summer is probably one of the biggest blessings. My friends and I ALWAYS go for drives in the summer with the windows down, radio blasting, and hair blowing. We'll just take a scenic drive through our area and it's SO much fun! Just remember to buckle up and be safe!

11. Waterparks and Amusement Parks

Everyone loves going to waterparks and amusement parks during the summer! You can go when you're two years old or eighty years old! All of the rides, people, food, and overall atmosphere can make anyone happy!

12. Bonfires

This corresponds to the smores, but nothing beats a summer night around the fire with friends. Sharing and creating laughs, stories, and memories is what summer is all about!

13. Cute Swimsuits

Whether you're a bikini, tankini, or one-piece kind of girl, there are millions of cute swimsuits out there for everyone! Target has the super cute and cheap swimsuits that are perfect for any body, shape, size, and age!

14. Sleepovers

I love having sleepovers in the summer with my besties! We can stay up all night swimming, playing board games, watching movies, or painting our nails then wake up and go to breakfast, go on a hike, tan, or swim! We are inseparable in the summertime and I wouldn't want it any other way!

15. Bomb Instagram Feeds

I don't know if I'm the only one, but my Instagram ALWAYS looks best in the summer. All of the bright colors, blue skies, and sunny days make my pictures look super nice and compliment each other for my theme!

16. Making Bank

All of your free time away from school is the perfect opportunity to get a summer job! You can babysit, work at an ice cream shop, work at an amusement park, or any other; There are millions! Now, you can go out with your friends without asking your parents for money, and even start saving for college, a car, a new laptop, or anything else you want!

17. "Me Time"

For me, it is SO hard to find time for myself during the school year. The summer is the perfect time to really explore who you are and try new things! Take an art class, try yoga, make new food, meet new people, and step out of your comfort zone!

18. Vacations

You can be going to Cancun with your family or on a road trip with your friends; summer vacations are the best! You get a chance to break your "everyday routine," relax, and have fun!

19. The Smell of Sunscreen

The smell of sunscreen is one thing that you can only experience during the summer months! Never forget to apply it and learn to embrace the scent!

20. Adventures

The summer is the prime time to explore everything the Earth has to offer. Go on a hike and find a waterfall! Take a drive and find a cool, old, abandoned building! Whatever you do, go out, exercise, be safe, take photos, have fun, and adventure!

Can you taste the ice cream or smell the sunscreen yet? Use this list as inspiration to have the best, most memorable summer 2017!

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