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Up Your Selfie Game with These Viral Protective Phone Cases: Functional Meets Style with Casetify


Mon, March 18

Whenever we go out, there is one thing we all collectively cannot go without: our phones. In today’s modern world, our phones are pretty much connected to us at the hand. This might sound like a bold statement, but you could even go as to say that they’re practically a projection of our personality that we take with us everywhere.

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Call it crazy, but it’s true: the way we choose to decorate our phones- be it cases, straps with charms, or even phone grips- can really say a lot about us. Plus, for the Instagram-obsessed, a mirror selfie isn’t complete without the phone accessories, and for the fashionistas, a phone case can be the perfect complement for an outfit.

For those looking for stylish tech accessories that you can bring around anywhere and everywhere, Casetify is a no-brainer.

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Shop Casetify at casetify.com

There’s a reason why Casetify’s tech accessories have gone viral and taken social media by storm: each phone case is designed with such an acute eye for what’s trending and what feels cutting-edge.

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Plus, it’s also protective and designed to keep your phone safe. As a frequent phone dropper (it happens to the best of us…), I knew it was important to find a case that was cute, but also built durable enough to stop it from breaking.

Not only that, Casetify creates tech accessories that are not only functional, but affordable. With its new releases, you’ll be sure to find a design that feels so right to your personality so that you can show it off on your phone wherever you go!

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With the upcoming spring season, if you’re looking for a case that radiates positive energy, below are the must-haves:

The Good Vibes Phone Case

Celebrate all the good vibes with this viral design by the Instagram-famous artist, I Scream Colour, whose quirky, fun-filled, and energetic creations have captured the hearts of millions.

Shop the Good Vibes Phone Case here.

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With colorful icons and pop culture references all over, this adorable phone case embodies such a playful mood that can’t help but lift your spirits. After all, a phone case filled with bumblebees with smiley faces, a bright saturated rainbow, little cherry twins, and so many more joy-filled designs can’t help but put a little grin on your face.

I love that Casetify also lets you choose the same design from a variety of different phone case type options. Each of them differs by protection and weight level.

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I personally love their Impact Case- a budget-friendly option that offers 6.6ft drop protection, 360-degree all around impact protection, and is also eco-friendly. With 4 different phone case types, you can find the perfect match all at ease.

The Inspirational Phone Case

If you love all things reading, you’re going to love this motivating case that reminds you of creating a life that’s fulfilling and romanticized.

Shop the For What It's Worth Phone Case by Quotes by Christie here.

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Featuring a beautiful F. Scott Fitzgerald quote, this phone case will be the constant reminder that you need to be who you wish to be. Often times in life, we get worried by others’ perceptions or get held back by society’s expectations, when in reality, your life should run the way you want to direct it. This phone case gives us the motivation to pursue our dreams.

What makes this phone case even better is how you can customize your case from Casetify’s many case types. With various case types that range in different protection and weight levels, you can make this case just the way you want it.

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Plus, this phone case is sustainably designed. As Casetify shares, “We collect used phone cases in Re/CASETiFY™ collection bins, grind them and fuse them together to create Re/CASETiFY™ pellets.”

Create Your Own Custom Case

Just when you thought Casetify couldn’t get better, they also offer you the opportunity to design your very own custom case.

Shop the Custom Phone Case here.

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First off, design-wise, the possibilities are endless. You can add text; from your name, your initials, or even your favorite city or hometown state, there are so many ways to truly make this case yours). Plus, there are different font options and little flower, star, or heart icons to add to your design.

You can also add a unique background print. From a classic checkerboard to an edgy horizontal sash to even a bear outline, each of them gives way to make your case feel truly yours.

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What’s more, with over 9 different case types, you can find one that offers just the amount of protection and weight level you’re searching for, all while staying within a reasonable budget.

I personally loved opting for the Ultra Impact Case; with a 9.8ft drop protection feature and a wireless charging compatibility, I knew this case would be perfect for using throughout the everyday life for making my tech needs just a bit easier.

Charge With Ease

The next item isn’t necessarily for your phone, but is definitely a student must-have. Gone are the days of searching for a spot with an outlet right next door– simply keep your cafe study days so much more convenient with a much longer charging cable.

Shop the PowerThru™ USB-C to USB-C Cable here.

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Casetify says it best– “charging cables are nothing new”-- but here’s the thing with Casetify’s PowerThru™ Cable: it won’t crack, break, or get terribly tangled up, and best of all, it’ll charge as quickly as you need it.

As a frequent laptop user, the original charger it came with has quite literally frayed and yellowed at the ends. So, I couldn’t be more excited to get a charging cable that has 50x more bending strength (as Casetify shares, it passed their bend test more than 50,000 times!). After all, it’s pretty natural for your charger to get all over the place, so making sure it can go along with the flow is pretty important.

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Not only that, this charging cable is made with braided recycled nylon that’s durable, and also partially made from Re/CASETiFY™ pellets, making it sustainable.

This thing has actually changed my life for the better, and it’s made studying so much easier. I love that I don’t have to change my seat based on where the outlet is- instead, now it’s all about what’s best for my studying.

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Keep Your Wallet With You

From going to a physical wallet to a phone case-attached wallet, I can say with confidence that everything is now so much more convenient.

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No more digging around your purse, no more slipping through your wallet slots for the right card– keep everything handy with a phone case wallet.

Shop the Custom MagSafe Wallet here.

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This MagSafe Wallet Case is magnetic and built with a sleek exterior and a built-in shield to prevent any magnetic damage to your cards. It’s slim and not too bulky, and securely holds onto your cards so that you don’t have to worry about them slipping off.

Plus, did we mention? You can make it all yours by adding in your initials. I'm obsessed with how this custom wallet keeps it classy and chic just like all the conventional wallets, only so much more user-friendly.

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I also love that it’s also eco-friendly and made with recycled materials and recyclable packaging.

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