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This Viral Fragrance Makes Me Feel Like the Better Version of Myself: Phlur Adds Style to Scents


Mon, February 26

As I get older, the hunt for the perfect perfume has certainly been on my mind. I personally think the most important identifier to selecting such a scent is to pick one that can not only go through your later teens with you, but also carry into your twenties. That’s how you know you have a classic, chic scent that doesn’t feel overly trendy.

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Such a “big girl” fragrance, however, isn’t so easy to find. There are all the designer ones in store, but those tend to be “too known” and “overdone” in a way where they sometimes lose their appeal.

When it came to Phlur, though, I knew I came across something different– something special.

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There’s nothing like a good spritz to match your mood and set the vibe for the day, and that’s something Phlur truly understands and takes to heart.

There is something very specific and intentional about the way Phlur formulates its scents. I love that the fragrances aren’t complicated, but carry a level of complexity that transcends simple scents, but something that evokes memories and feelings.

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From scents like “Tangerine Boy” to “Not Your Baby” to “Strawberry Letter,” the unisex fragrances each have a unique profile that is simply unforgettable.

“We create modern fine fragrances—mindfully formulated, responsibly sourced and meticulously crafted by world-class perfumers. Our fragrances are inspired by memories, moments, experiences and feelings— those that are intimately personal and universally shared.”


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For founder Chriselle Lim (for the Gen Z’ers on TikTok, we all know Chriselle is the epitome of the sophisticated fashion powerhouse and business guru we just can’t get enough of), that very essence of sharing personal experiences through scents was a necessity.

“To me, fragrance and fashion have always been connected,” says Chriselle, “Fragrance is an extension of style. It allows us to narrate a mood, elevate a vibe, and it can help us express who we are…or who we want to be. Fragrance helps us communicate. It tells stories. And I’m excited to be a storyteller through PHLUR.”

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With the approaching warmer days and summer breeze, here are our favorite scents to create memorable cheery stories:

Solar Power

The golden days are right ahead of us, and we’re just so excited to welcome them with open arms.

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Solar Power just feels like sunshine in a bottle. This golden floral musk feels just like the bright days of endless sunshine and captures that carefree, easygoing feeling of when you’ve entered the days of vacation and are lounging in your favorite breezy linen pajamas.

  • Top: Italian Red Mandarin, Sun-Drenched Bergamot, Jasmine Absolute
  • Heart: Neroli, Orange Flower
  • Base: Driftwood, Solar Musk, Sea Salt
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The combination of citrus scents of Bergamot and Red Mandarin creates a burst of juiciness, and the Jasmine and Orange Flower adds a touch of feminine softness. The base blend of Solar Musk, Driftwood, and Sea Salt then completes the medley with something comforting, giving you the feeling of being right at home, sunbathing in your favorite place.

"Solar Power is the epitome of sensual luminosity in a bottle…it is inspired by the diffusive glow of sunlight,” describes Greg Husar, perfumer of the Solar Power scent.

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I love spritzing this especially when the days get longer in the spring. It’s the perfect way to start the season!

Father Figure

The definition of effortless cool, all with ease- that’s a true father figure.

Shop the Father Figure Perfume here.

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This green fig fragrance is just one of those undescribably stunning scents that you just can’t help but be drawn to. The lush scent feels like a vacation by the waters, but somewhere recognizable and not too far.

  • Top: Waterlily, Lush Fig, Cassis Buds
  • Heart: Orris Root, Iris Flower, Jasmine Dew
  • Base: Skin Musks, Vanilla Madagascar, Patchouli Leaf, Sandalwood
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With the sweet scents of Lush Fig and Cassis flowers, Father Figure is enveloped into something dreamily soft with Vanilla Madagascar and Sandalwood.

"This fragrance is inspired by hidden gardens. There is a contrast between the vivid greenness and something more skin-like. The milky nectar of fig compliments buttery suede qualities of orris to create a naturally sensual effect,” shares Frank Voelkl, the perfumer of Father Figure.

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Something about this scent just feels so assertive yet calming, and overall so dependable. This is the perfect scent to wear on a big day.

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