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10 Must-Do Things to Add to Your Bucket List in 2024


Mon, January 15

New Year, New Me. This age-old expression is the one to look up to. The coming year is a blank notebook with pages and pages for you to fill and only you can decide if it's going to be a boring book that people will just skim over or are the readers going to be hooked until the very end. Although you have to try to make the upcoming year as exciting as you can, you should also focus on self-development and growth.

We all make resolutions that last a few days, sometimes a few weeks but they always end up just as they started. Like dreams. But this year, you and I are going to strive to be different and come out of the vicious cycle that we have been trapped in for so long.

This year is going to be exciting, educational, wholesome, and amazing. To ensure this I have created a bucket list that is short and achievable and followed by me.

1) Friendcation

This one has been on my bucket list for a long time and I plan to finally tick it off. A friendcation is a vacation you take with your friends and I think it is the best type of vacation. Be it for a day or a month, try going on a friendcation this year because the memories you make will be unforgettable.

2) Attend a Concert

Attending a concert and seeing a musician live on stage can be a magical experience, especially for the very first time. This year you should make it a point to attend a concert and really enjoy it to the fullest. It will be a very memorable experience, the stories of which will be with you forever.

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3) Declutter

Decluttering is a very effective way of manifesting focus, guidance, and peace, and getting a clear vision of what's important to you. We live in a consumerist world that profits on overconsumption but once you realize this and prioritize what is important you will start to feel at peace.

Keeping a clean wardrobe, room, and environment enables a clean mindset which fosters productivity and creativity. If you master the art of decluttering then a lot of problems in your life can be fixed.

4) Volunteer at NGOs

As much fun and rewarding as it can be to work on yourself it's equally as important to give back to the community. This year try to be as grateful and empathetic as you can be and try to help those in need. You can volunteer at an animal shelter, an orphanage, or any other organization. This exercise will help someone in need and give you a new perspective on life.

Credits: Anna Shvets from Pexels

5) Work Towards Overcoming your Insecurities

On most days we are held back by our insecurities. We are unable to enjoy life to its fullest because our insecurities get in the way. But, if you consistently work towards overcoming these insecurities then there will come a day when you won't even think about them.

The path to overcoming them can be tough, emotional, and unbearably long but the outcome is much more rewarding. If you overcome your insecurities then one day you will become confident in yourself and start doing things that you never dreamed of doing.

6) Learn a New Language

Learning a new language is said to have many benefits aside from the most obvious one which is connecting with people. It can enhance memory skills, the ability to multi-task, and decision-making. It can also provide new career and educational opportunities to boost brain power.

Personally, I would either learn Spanish because it is an easy language and because of my background in French. But, if I really want to challenge myself then I would choose to learn either Russian or Korean.

7) Learn a New Skill

Learning is a vital part of life and it is imperative to understand that it never stops. There is always something new to learn. This year try to invest your time into learning a new skill such as cooking, knitting, baking, public speaking, writing, etc. By learning a new skill you will feel a sense of achievement, meet new people who are also a part of that field, and change yourself for the better.

8) Follow a Daily Skincare Routine

Following a daily skincare routine can become a therapeutic part of your day. For me, this time is a self-reflection period where I decompress from the long day I have had. It is my ‘me time’ and has become an essential part of my daily routine. If you maintain a daily skincare routine then it will help you become more relaxed and confident in yourself.

Credits: Miriam Alonso from Pexels

9) Maintain a Productive Daily Routine

Maintaining a productive daily routine can become a huge guidance if done right. Once you get into a routine your body gets in a habit of waking up, sleeping, feeling hungry, and productive accordingly. This can help you become extremely efficient and tick off tasks in your to-do list faster than before.

Including some self- reflection time in your daily routine can help you become more connected with yourself which will instill a calmness in yourself. Furthermore, it is essential to add at least 30 minutes of exercise to feel healthier and more confident. If you follow a productive routine your year will be much more goal-oriented and focussed.

10) Focus on your Passions

It is important to focus on what you like to do while also focusing on your goals. If the only focus is fulfilling your goals then you might burn out and become unmotivated. Make it a point to work towards your passions and immerse yourself in them because there is no greater joy than doing the thing you love. So, this year try to focus on your passions, improve in them, and be happy with your achievements.

Ultimately these are just checklists and words written on a screen if you don't actively work towards achieving them. Without consistency, this list will remain just that, a list. So you should actively work on fulfilling these goals and be happy while doing them. Find joy in the little things in life, focus on yourself, and be grateful for the good that is in your life.

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