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5 Positive Mental Health Social Media Influencers to Follow

Mental Health & Self Love

Mon, April 22

Social media is known for being a nuisance to teen mental health. From too much screen time to the creation of mental illnesses, social media's reputation for ruining kids' lives is quite popular, even if that isn’t all that social media’s cracked up to be. Social media can actually be incredibly positive for teens' mental health. In this article, we’ll dive into the top 5 mental health influencers for you to be watching out for that are disproving how detrimental social media is to mental health.

Nedra Glover Tawwab

A licensed therapist and expert on relationships, Tawwab boasts close to 2 million Instagram followers and has written multiple bestselling books on relationship navigation. Her books go more in-depth on setting boundaries in a relationship and how to do so in a healthy manner. She posts quotes about mental health and relationships and has been able to help many people through her work.

She also has her own podcast where she discusses different parts of a relationship, such as boundary setting. She also offers quizzes on her website on boundaries and relationships, as well as worksheets and classes.

Beth Evans

Beth Evans is perhaps the most creative mental health influencer of them all. She uses her talent for art to create cartoon drawings that work to raise mental health awareness through positive encouragement. They contain positive mental health quotes and messages to help all readers feel empowered.

Evans understands how hard life can be for people, and her drawings especially help to brighten a person's day. She hosts giveaways and even sells her drawings on platforms such as Etsy. She is most definitely sure to make you smile.

Dr. Courtney Tracy

Tracy is the definition of an amazing therapist. She talks about mental health and mental illnesses from a professional perspective, which helps followers understand more about mental health. She is a psychoanalyst and LCSW (licensed clinical social worker) too, which just makes her even more qualified to be teaching her almost 150 thousand followers about mental health every day.

Hannah Blum

Blum is a writer with a book that is a number 1 new release. Her book focuses on loving yourself and is very popular amongst readers. She writes inspiring messages on her Instagram to help others cope with their mental health and overall life and is very influential with over 115 thousand followers.

Her messages also include a body-positive drawing next to them many of times too to help promote body positivity. Her messages display ideas such as self-love, tolerance, and much more. In addition, she also has a YouTube channel where she talks about mental health, as well as sharing videos that show real people with mental health issues, such as going to a hospital for mental illness. She is most definitely helping prove how teen and adult mental health is so important.

Alex Elle

Writer of NYT's top-selling book How We Heal, Alex Elle is by far one of the most persistently positive and helpful mental health influencers out there. She posts short messages on her Instagram that highlight different quick ways to help improve your mental well-being. An especially unique thing she does is she creates videos that assure you that you are doing okay and give you enlightening messages to make you feel better about yourself. She has over 1.5 million Instagram followers and is growing more and more popular each day.

These influencers are some of the most up and coming mental health empowers in the world. Between writing books, sharing messages, and even creating fun drawings to help make mental health positivity. Mental health is on the rise, and with these influencers out there, mental health empowerment will surely be on the rise.

Miley Weiner

Miley Weiner is a high school student who loves writing. She is the founder of MileysBags, a business where she modifies backpacks to be used for people with feeding tubes. She hopes to raise awareness for rare illnesses and show others that anyone can do anything.