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How 3 Teens Are Expanding Healthcare Opportunities with Their Nonprofit: Meet Medicine Community & Research

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Sun, April 07

Have you ever dreamt of seeing your research published, gaining recognition on social media, and learning more about medicine? Well, meet Quang La, Heymin Han, and Jason Jiang. Not only did they have the same dream, but they had accomplished it!

Jason Jiang from MCR

In this interview, I had the chance to sit down with Quang La, the mind behind MCR: Medicine Community & Research.

About the Medicine Community & Research

What sparked the idea for creating the Medicine Community & Research, and how did you and your friends get started?

I decided to start this nonprofit because I wanted a way to make medical knowledge more accessible. Through our many articles on Medium, we are able to write about different topics for people to read and learn about. Furthermore, there is a lot of talk about “predatory scientific journals.” Therefore, Medicine Community & Research and its branches in other subjects decided to open a scientific journal that is completely service-based, including reviewers and advice!

To get our organization started, we first created our Discord community and invited people. Meanwhile, our graphic designer, Jason Jiang, created our logo and graphic designs while Heymin Han and I worked on writing, making our social media, and applying for fiscal sponsorship.

How has the Medicine Community & Research grown since its launch earlier this year?

Ever since our launch, our server that's been made to help and connect students has gained over 700 members! We have an amazing board of advisors from T20 (Top 20) schools and amazing students. We also received the Top Rated 2024 Nonprofit Award and have become a 501c3 organization that can certify for the President Volunteer Service Award (PVSA).

What makes the MCR different and appealing to teens interested in medicine?

We want to make medicine-related data more accessible, so we have created a big following and reader base on Medium so that students' work is impactful! Furthermore, our student-led MUN and Olympiad events help students showcase their abilities as well as receive mentoring for publishing in our research journal, MMESJ.

Opportunities Offered by MCR

Can you explain the different committees within the Medicine Community & Research and what kinds of projects members can get involved in?

Different committees have been formed to address several aspects of the medical world. For instance, the Genetics Committee provides the opportunity for you to write about the intricate world of genetic functions. The Immunology Committee focuses on the study of the immune system and its mechanisms.

In the Surgery Committee, you get the chance to look at different surgical procedures, techniques, and the latest advancements in surgical technology. Additionally, there is a committee made for General Health, where you may present papers on other unspecified committees and have discussions on health promotion. The Physiology Committee lets you publish papers on the study of the functions and mechanisms of living organisms, particularly at a cellular and systemic level. Last but not least, the Biomedical Engineering Committee combines principles of engineering and medicine, to which you can contribute your papers. Members can also get involved in fundraising for charities in their fields, conducting research, and writing articles.

Besides writing papers, what else can teens expect to experience when they join the Medicine Community & Research?

Other than writing papers, students can expect to experience a volunteer-based community that will allow them to make a tangible difference in the lives of others.

Tell us more about the MCR's plans for the upcoming MUN and Research Olympiad. What can teens look forward to?

In the upcoming MUN and Research Olympiad, students can expect to learn and develop their research skills, receive advice from professionals, and receive awards for their contributions!

Educational Resources

How does the Medicine Community & Research support teens academically? Can you share some examples of educational programs or resources offered?

Medicine Community & Research offers free mentorship for students in their academic journals at school and in the research fields. Some education programs and resources offered include the writing in our Medium, which seeks to promote free medical resources worldwide, free mentorship and tutoring for our research competition and publication, help with school, and more.

What was the recent SAT study session like, and how did it benefit the teens who participated?

In our recent SAT study session, we went over a practice SAT test and reviewed the right answer for each question. This allowed students to practice answering SAT questions and help them with any questions they might have.

Why did the MCR decide to start a YouTube channel, and what kind of content can teens find there?

Our YouTube channel is solely for updates on our community and organization and has been started for an easier connection between the organization and our members.

Future Outlook

Where do you see the Medicine Community & Research heading in the future, especially in terms of opportunities for teen members?

In the future, I see this organization partnering with many professors and students at prestigious universities to help establish our scientific journal as well as lead events in our organization.

What aspect of being part of the Medicine Community & Research are you most proud of?

I am proud of the changes that students seek to make in their local and global communities.

Why should teens who are passionate about medicine consider joining the Medicine Community & Research?

In our organization, they will be able to learn more about their respective field, make a change in that field by making knowledge more accessible, and receive help to write research papers!

What Do I Think?

In my opinion, I’m convinced that this upcoming nonprofit organization truly holds the potential to bloom into something much bigger. In just the span of 2 months, they have gained popularity all over social media. Students from around the globe are joining in and sharing their articles.

What truly sets MCR apart, from my point of view, is their dedication and inclusive approach to publishing. The process has been made significantly easier for new members, empowering aspiring researchers to dive headfirst into their passions. I also loved learning about the option to join a research group, which provides invaluable support and guidance, fosters collaboration, and accelerates the publication process. Seizing this opportunity feels like a no-brainer, wouldn't you agree?

Make sure to follow MCR and join them if you're interested!







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