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Everyone Is Hyping Up Pilates- Here's 4 Reasons Why You Should Try It


Sun, April 21

If you've been on social media recently, you've heard influencers and celebrities hype up pilates. Pilates is a relaxing and fun exercise that has a ton of health benefits. The whole appeal of it is FIGURE OUT Pilates became popular in the mid-2000's but gained more of a following over quarantine in 2020.

Since you can do pilates at home, a bunch of Youtubers began making at-home pilates exercise tutorials. Once gyms and workout studios began to open up again, pilates classes became more common. You can find some near you at places like Club Pilates. However, that didn't stop the Youtubers and influencers from making their videos.

One famous pilates influencer is Cassey Ho. Cassey has 2.6 million followers on Instagram, where she features her company, Blogilates. Blogilates has a website that features workout videos, healthy recipe ideas, and Cassey's own blog.

On this blog, she talks about her 90-day fitness journey, and her clothing brand. Her clothing is even featured at Target.

Another influencer is Lilly Sabri, who's Youtube videos took off and led to her own workout website, Get Lean with Lilly. Lilly's home workout videos took off over quarantine, and give the viewer a fun and positive environment to exercise in. Some of her videos even feature her adorable puppy.

Lilly then became featured on the app Lean, where she has an eight week program to get you in your best physical and mental state. Along with this, it also features her other workout programs and recipe ideas.

Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox, Adele, and Miley Cyrus all do pilates in their free time. This adds to the appeal of pilates because who doesn't want to do the same routines that they do?

There are many different benefits to pilates, other than having a fun way to workout. Below are four reasons why you should try pilates.

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1. Improved Core Strength

Pilates focuses on building your core strength, which has many benefits. Having good core strength helps your posture to become better. This will help prevent back problems and pain in the future, and prevent you from becoming shorter when you get older.

Next, it will improve your balance, flexibility, and coordination, which will help you become a better athlete. Having a strong core will also improve your breathing, which will help you next time you exercise. Improving your breathing will decrease your blood pressure and help you rest better. Starting pilates to get all of these health benefits that come from improving your core strength makes it worth it.

2. Relief on Your Joints

Pilates relieves stress on your joints, which will help reduce pain. When you get stressed, maybe from school or work or a family matter, your joints become aggravated. This will not only cause pain, but it could decrease your performance in sports and athletics.

By doing pilates, you strengthen the tissue around your joints and improve the flexibility of your muscles. Because of this, the stress on your joints will be relieved, which will help you move better.

3. Good Bone Health

Having good bone health is important because it will help prevent injuries and diseases in the future. For example, good bones prevent osteoporosis, a condition that increases your risk for fractures. Also, this will cause you to have stronger bone density, which will help you when you are older.

When you don't have much bone density, you are at a greater risk for breaking bones. It is important to give yourself good bone density now, so that when you are older and more prone to falling, you will be at less of a risk to break bones.

4. Better Focus and Mental Acuity

Pilates has so many positive effects on your mental health. First, it increases your focus, which will help you with your everyday tasks. Also, establishing an exercise routine will help you improve your motivation, especially if a few days feature a workout as calming as pilates.

Exercising in general improves your mood because it releases endorphins. Pilates is also known to have benefits on your memory because of your minds role in the activity. Finally, pilates improves your confidence because you are having fun and getting in a great workout at the same time.

5. It's A Fun New Way to Exercise

Pilates is a relaxing and fun way to exercise. It varies in lengths, and you can have a longer exercise for an hour, or if you're in a time crunch, you can do it for ten minutes. However long you do it, pilates has tons of benefits.

If you feel like Yoga isn't enough of an exercise, you should try pilates because it is a bit more intense but just as relaxing. If you go to pilates classes, you might even find some friends that will do it with you.

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If you're just starting out, you probably want to try it at home first before you head to an exercise studio or maybe, you just want to do it from home entirely. Either way, there are great online videos to get you started.

The first is from Lilly Sabri on her Youtube channel. She has a playlist of pilates exercises on her channel.


Here is a link to one of her 15 minute full body pilates videos.


Cassey Ho's Youtube channel also has some great playlists as well.


You could also go to Get Lean With Lilly or the Blogilates website for more videos.

If you were on the fence about trying pilates, hopefully this article convinced you to try it. You could start with a shorter video or a workout plan to see if you truly enjoy it. Good luck and remember to have fun!

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