Sarah Serran
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Sarah Serran is a young influencer/model living in NYC, who is very passionate in regards to mental health awareness, self love, body positivity, feminism, spirituality, sexual assault awareness, and lgbtq+ rights. Sarah is a bisexual female who is not afraid to speak up for what she believes in, no matter what anyone else has to say. She has collaborated with multiple brands and is extremely active on her Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube Channel. Sarah hopes to show the world that anything is possible when you don’t give up. As a lgbtq+ member and a young female she understands the challenges life can bring. With her articles she shares what makes her happy, fun conversations, and sometimes serious/controversial topics. Anything, absolutely anything, is possible. “Remember there is more to you than a thin waist and a perfect smile. You’re beauty comes from the kindness in your heart, not the amount of likes on a post or the number on a scale”-Sarah Serran 2021