Small Jewelry Businesses to Try If You Love Trendy and Affordable Items

Small Jewelry Businesses to Try If You Love Trendy and Affordable Items

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March 08, 2021

Jewelry shouldn't have to cost you a fortune, and it doesn't need to anymore! With many modern social media platforms, smaller businesses are able to branch out their brands for people looking for inexpensive, but adorable products. We reached out to some brands and got an insight on what motivated them to start their company, and what their shop is all about!

Here are our top picks:

1. Cait's Jewelz

This shop is SO CUTE with tons of handmade items using crystals! Each crystal has a different strength or power, and each item is made with love and care. They package each of their orders with a handwritten note and free stickers.

Their products include crystals, evil eyes, hamsa hands, and many more.

“I started making jewelry because I've always been into crafting as a I decided to start a shop not knowing how well it would go”. -Caitlin


Depop Shop: @caitlinmcc22

2. Boho Flow

This wonderful shop was created in hopes of making money in a fun way, due to there being no available jobs during the pandemic. This shop is described as being very “down to earth”, and each item is hand-made. They have crystals and clay charms that they incorporate into their jewelry.

“Making sure to go the extra mile with every product and customer!”-Boho Flow


Depop Shop: @shopbohoflow

3. Jewelry By Lydia

This shop is PERFECT for you if you love trendy items for great prices! They have shipped to every state in America! When we reached out to Lydia, she explained to us how her childhood helped with the inspiration for her company:

"When I was little, my mom would always make me I decided to make an Instagram account and it really just took off from there!"-Lydia

She used her supplies from her mother to make beautiful products which are super inexpensive too!


4. Tulinsearrings

This boutique is adorable, and their products are a must-have! Most of their shop includes clay rings which are super trendy and fashionable! Their rings range from mushroom designs to frogs to other beautiful patterns of all sorts.

They also sell unique necklaces and earrings which would fit the vibe of our amazing kawaii lovers!

Depop shop: @itztulin

5. Ajewelia

This shop is totally for you if your aesthetic fits the pastel category! Their earrings can range from little flowers to mini bubble tea figures (THEY ARE SO CUTE)!

Each item is made with love and care and the packages include free extras for their customers.


Depop Shop: @ajewelia

Why You Should Support Small Businesses

Especially during this pandemic, smaller companies are struggling to make an income. Millions of Americans are applying for unemployment benefits due to having no job anymore.

Supporting these smaller businesses help others stay financially stable, but also you receive items made from the heart.

Each of these shops sells handmade products which are way more unique and special than an item coming from a huge factory.

Plus, it's super inexpensive! What a steal.

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