The Panda Magic: Makeup and Skincare for Tweens/Teens Launch!

The Panda Magic: Makeup and Skincare for Tweens/Teens Launch!

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November 04, 2021

As an upcoming model, I have had opportunities to collaborate with brands. Although I have worked with multiple companies, one has stood out to me the most: The Panda Magic.

They offer makeup and skincare products designed FOR TWEENS/TEENS! When I first received my PR package, I was literally OBSESSED.

(click HERE to access the review video on my Youtube channel)

I have become their official brand model, which has been a super fun experience.

Here is an image from my Instagram @sarahxoxosapphire where I modeled The Panda Magic's lipgloss:

Not only are the products lovely, but they are also AFFORDABLE. As a teenage girl living in NYC, I know how expensive cosmetics can become. Honestly, this is so frustrating, because girls shouldn't have to overpay with the limited money they have in order to feel beautiful.

The founder of Panda Magic is an amazing mother and woman. I have been working closely with her upcoming business for a few months now, and I have got to know how truly beautiful she is from the inside and out. She takes the time out of HER day, just to let me know she is proud of me and how far I have come. Honestly, she's like my online beauty mom at this point.

The Panda Magic is OFFICIALLY launching in JUST A WEEK! NOVEMBER 11TH 2021!!!

Panda Magic's Instagram: @the_panda_magic_skincare

I can't even express how excited I am for this to go live to the public. In order to get even MORE EXCITED, here's a behind the scenes look from the founder herself, Tess:

Tell us a little bit more about you and your business.

My name is Tess Ford, and I am the owner + founder of The Panda Magic. We are a family-owned business from Phoenix, AZ. We are launching an organic skincare brand made fresh for tween+teens on 11/11/21! We are beyond excited to help girls achieve better skin, confidence, and health by using clean beauty products!

What sets your business apart from others?

What sets us apart from other brands is that we are passionate about using the highest quality, organic ingredients in all our products....because you are wayyy too precious to poison! We also want it to be fun, adorable, and practical + effective! Organic doesn't have to be bland, crunchy+boring!

Why did you decide to start this company?

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for organic products. I was inspired to start this brand so that we could give back to charities and social justice. I wanted to show my kids that they can do anything they put their minds to. Since my four kids are black+white+full of magic....The Panda Magic was born!

What is your favorite product that we can look forward to in the upcoming launch?

Choosing a favorite product is like choosing a favorite child! I am obsessed with everything we are launching... seriously! But, if I had to pick just ONE, I would choose our organic lip gloss with the panda keychain.

It is soooo smooth, hydrating, and everyone's's NOT STICKY! We make it in tons of different colors using natural mica. They are so fun, but here's a secret...they are actually clear with a slight shimmer on them!

Why Should You Care About Beauty Products?

We should never put on makeup or have a good skincare routine for others. EVER. Taking care of our skin and how we look is for OURSELVES.

My skincare routine and putting on my lashes and gloss every day, makes me feel good. These things are all ways to give reward your body with self-care and love. It is so important to take the time out of our days to make ourselves happy.

Would I recommend this upcoming shop?

I think this article makes it pretty clear how much I love this company, BUT to make it official: YES, I TOTALLY 1000% RECOMMEND THE PANDA MAGIC! Personally, I think the message they are trying to spread is so beautiful and impactful.

My favorite products have to be the gloss and the perfume rollers. The rollers come with fidget toys attached, which is great for me, because of my anxiety. Plus, I get to smell like yummy vanilla!

Do not forget to mark your calendars for the eleventh of November!

Also, subscribe to The Panda Magic's website for updates and special deals!

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