The Great Coffee Debate: is Dunkin' Better Than Starbucks?
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The Great Coffee Debate: is Dunkin' Better Than Starbucks?

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April 07, 2021

Ah, the classic and ancient debate of who the true coffee queen truly is: Dunkin or Starbucks?

Well, with absolutely no doubt it has to be Dunkin. Starbucks can't even compare to its superior competitor. We went out to Dunkin and Starbucks to try what's on their menus...let's see who wins!

The battle of the Matcha

I decided to go to a drive-thru for Dunkin and Starbucks to compare the same drink they offer.

Whether or not you are a matcha fan, you must know how Dunkin makes their drinks better overall!

The Starbucks version had an awful after-taste, where even my boyfriend didn't want to drink it. However, the Dunkin matcha drink tastes amazing and not too sweet or bitter.

Who Serves Better Coffee, In Particular, Lattes?

Once again I took a trip to these shops to try the same order of an iced latte with no whip cream or caramel. Yes, I know no sugar sounds gross, but we had to test to see which coffee was better without any sweets...this is getting serious.

Starbuck's beverage was extremely bitter but Dunkin tasted sweet even without the sugar! So once again, another point for our Dunkin Donuts.

Dunkin's Classic Donuts

Dunkin has the most amazing donuts of all sorts that Starbucks could never compare to.

So, when you are on your way to getting your daily morning coffee, you can grab all sorts of donuts and yummy treats! What a steal!

My personal favorite is the vanilla frosted donut with glaze...yum, now I'm hungry.

Which Is Cheaper?

Starbucks grande size can range from $2.10 ~ $4.75 depending on the complexity of the drink.

But, get this... Dunkin's Medium is even larger than Starbucks' medium but cheaper!

Dunkin has much yummier treats both with foods and drinks compared to Starbucks, and is cheaper.

What About the Wait Time?

Putting aside the actual quality and prices of the drink, how was the service?

While I was waiting for my Starbucks order, it took literally forever.

Now, don't get a gal wrong, I understand the wait time. They get tons of orders that are complex and have to work as quickly as possible. The job isn't as easy as it looks.

However, with this very very serious topic, there are no exceptions, of course. Dunkin took around 3 minutes for the same drink while Starbucks took 11.

Which Has The Better Deals?

Now let's have a battle of the Dunkin and Starbucks apps.

Starbucks takes a long time to receive awards, but unlike this coffee company, Dunkin gives out free drinks once you reach 125 points. You get this amount of points automatically when you visit them for the second and third time.

At Starbucks, you get 2 points per $1 spent, while at Dunkin you receive 5. Here is a full chart of this data:

To be completely fair, I am extremely biased on this topic.

I have a Dunkin right on the corner of my block, so it's my daily stop before my classes. One of the women working there even knows my name and my order by heart since I grew up going to that Dunkin all the time.

Enough about my views, we would love to hear yours! Share this article with your friends and let's win this debate once and for all.

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