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Mia Bennett is a writer based in Auckland, New Zealand. Striving to work as a Journalist in her life she is passionate about beauty, fashion, wellness and keeping up with the latest celebrity news.

7 Ways to Feel More Confident in Your Body

March 23, 2021

Beauty & Style

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Netflix's Newest Teen Feminism Movie "Moxie"

March 17, 2021

Pop Culture

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Let's Rewind: Top 10 Quarantine Trends from 2020

March 08, 2021

Personal Growth

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10 Small Changes to Improve Yourself Daily

March 01, 2021

Mental Health & Self Love

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Less is More with Gorgeous, Pinterest-Worthy Minimalist Cakes

February 23, 2021

Personal Growth

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Best Sisterhood Movies to Watch with the Girls

February 17, 2021

Personal Growth

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A Guide to Manifesting Your Future with Vision Boards

February 05, 2021

Personal Growth

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