A Guide to Manifesting Your Future with Vision Boards

A Guide to Manifesting Your Future with Vision Boards

Personal Growth

February 05, 2021

Vision boards are the newest trend and are constantly popping up on our social media, but what really is a vision board… and how does it work?

Vision boards are all a part of visual manifestation and have positive benefits to help achieve: academic goals, financial goals, personal goals as well as personal growth. Whether you decide to create a vision board purely to manifest something short term or whether you decide to manifest your ultimate lifestyle, it’s all up for you to decide!

What's so special about vision boards

Vision boards provide so much more than an aesthetic looking collection of photos on your wall, they allow you to constantly remind and motivate yourself.

Spend a few moments every day looking at your vision board and have some quiet time to envision your aspirations and goals as well as: good health, spirituality, social life, and personal growth. Having a vision board in a place that you can often see and every day is key to attracting what you desire in life.

Where to start...

Before you jumpstart to making it you need to figure out what exactly it is you want to attract. It could be perfect grades, a new job, travel opportunities, relationships… anything you want to manifest into your life.

Once you figure out what you want to manifest into your life it’s time to get more specific, for example, if you want to move to a new city, what part? What will your new home look like? The key to manifesting and having a vision board is to be very specific about your intentions.

The categories

If you're a little stuck on what to add to your board or maybe can only think of a few things, that’s okay! Don’t focus purely on one category you want to attract, add a few or even all of them!


What do you want to achieve academically? This could be… perfect grades, or even a passing grade! A certain pass rate you want to achieve or perhaps a new academic opportunity.

Social life

Do you want to branch out and make new friends? Maybe meet a certain type of people who share your interests or rekindle with someone you miss?


Is there a certain health aspiration you have? An easily flowing balanced diet or healthy glowing skin? Do you wish to exercise more regularly?


Is there a specific amount of money you want to attract? Perhaps you want a steady income or just an increase of money heading in your direction.


Wanting to attract someone? What are they like? What physical qualities do they have… do they work with your personality? Get specific if you want to manifest a relationship!


Do you wish for your business to take off? Maybe you want a new job opportunity or a promotion at your work.


Do you want to become more at peace with yourself? Gain that healthy mindset you’ve always dreamed of having?

Personal Growth

This stems from person to person. Personal growth could mean to you, something that you want to move on from, change and grow from.

Click and Print

A vision board isn’t anything without pictures… and trust me you’ll need lots. It’s time to get creative as well as internet savvy. Vision boards aren’t always filled with photos; you can use quotes, words, and symbols.

My preferred way to find photos is to scroll through Pinterest and save as many related photos that I can. (You’ll realize you’ll need a lot more photos than you intended to, save as many as you can find!) Visualize the layout, you don’t want too much of anything so get a variety of pictures for example some with people, some without.

Print out all your saved images and you're ready to go! (Key tip for all my fellow environmentally conscious readers, put as many pictures into a Google Doc to keep down the paper usage).

Arranging… and rearranging

By this point, you’ll be eager just to stick everything on but you’ll need to hold on for just a few moments longer, it’s important to make sure you have enough space and enough photos to fill your board.

Remember to layer, layering some images and quotes together ties it all together and makes it look more full. Glue or stick the images on and you have yourself a vision board!

Vision board checklist

  • Good intentions! The most important reason as to why you're making a vision board is that you have good intentions set, it’s a visual manifestation and a part of the Law of Attraction and can be successful and powerful so make sure you're only attracting positivity.

  • A board (unless you're collaging it directly to your wall) Tip… using a piece of flat plain cardboard also works perfectly!

  • Paper, to print out your images, symbols, words, and quotes

  • Magazines, if you want to opt for using some of those old magazines you have piled up

  • Glue or tape to stick it all together

  • A place in your room or any space that you often use and can place your vision board in to look at daily

Vision boards are powerful and can work wonders.

They are the best tool to motivate and draw the life you aspire and crave to have right to you. Having your goals and aspirations right in front of you inspires you to work for what you want and can make you impelled to create the life you dream of for yourself.

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