6 Pieces That Should Be in Your Wardrobe This Fall

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Fall’s coming up, and even though 2020 has been a tad unconventional in most aspects of life (i.e every day is a new disaster), the fashion this year is impeccable. 2020 saw a revert to classic 90s and 2000s outfits that feel like they never went out of style, and also saw the emergence of some more sophisticated styles that are not only super easy to sport, but super easy to find as well!

So, whether you’re staying at home or going out on the town (with a mask & six feet apart, of course), these are must-have pieces in your closet this fall. If you’re at home: a prime excuse to go on an online shopping spree is looking you dead in the eye. If you’re out: all the more reason to pick up some more new pieces to look snazzy. Maybe match your mask to your top?

Scarf Tops

Scarf Tops are the new thing, and they are adorable. Ranging from bandanas to vintage silk scarves, the silhouette is flattering on most any body type and looks adorable paired with anything from some straight-leg jeans to a miniskirt. They’re also super versatile; whether you tie it up like a halter top or buy one of the silhouettes with an elastic band across the back, I can ensure you that you’re going to be obsessed with this style.

Pair with an oversized jacket or blazer and some cute shoes for the ultimate look!

A girl who reps this look: @josiejabs, an absolutely beautiful social media influencer (on the inside and out) who paired this scarf top with a set of simple flare jeans. Josie's other outfits make me want to drop everything and change my whole wardrobe.


If your immediate response to this was “OMG of course I have sneakers” and to look over at your dirty old Air-Force 1s, this isn’t amateur hour. I’m talking real, hardcore sneakers. I’m talking Air Jordan 1 Retro Mid in Blue Green sneakers. One of the biggest trends right now is footwear: if your outfit is basic, a pair of insanely cool sneakers is the perfect way to spice it up. Tank top and jeans, but with a pair of off-white hi-tops? It not only looks like you tried twelve times harder, but you just generally look cooler.

One of my favorite instagram sneaker connoisseurs is @annaastrup on instagram, who has the overall most beautiful shoe collection I have ever seen. Shown here are one of her pairs of New Balances.

Tennis Skirts

If you haven’t gotten the memo yet, tennis skirts are the thing of 2020. The schoolgirl look has made a comeback through adorable outfits pairing tennis skirts with crewnecks and a collar peeking through, or with a cardigan and a tiny tank top. Paired with some dainty gold jewelry, the tennis skirt look is definitely super versatile and super in style. Why would you not want to wear cute skirts on the daily?

@mccall.mitchell on instagram executed the 2020 style beautifully, pairing an adorable cropped cardigan with a darling blue tennis skirt and a matching bucket hat!

Blazers & Pantsuits

If you’re under the age of maybe 25, you’ve probably never considered throwing on a blazer and pantsuit set for a casual day out. Maybe you should? Blazers are super in right now, as are trouser paints and matching sets. Pairing a pair of long, cream pants with a crop top and a tan blazer makes for the perfect street-style look and keeps you warm if you live somewhere a little colder. Blazers also look adorable on top of a bodysuit or miniskirt worn oversized and belted at the waist for a natural accent! It’s the perfect transition piece because it’s not super heavy for the later summer months and isn’t too thin or flimsy for some chilly fall weather.

A girl who reps this look: @hoskelsa on instagram, a former Victoria’s Secret angel whose closet I would simply die to have. Elsa paired the ensemble with a small brown shoulder-bag reminiscent of the early 2000s.

Sweater Vests

Again, a very academic looking outfit, but still super in style. Sweater vests and layering are super in style right now, especially paired with a thinner shirt or coordinating colors. It’s super practical for fall too, and will keep you just warm enough to not freeze, but cool enough that you won’t overheat if you live anywhere near the south. It’s super easy to dress up or down too: with a white button up and some fancy trousers, you’re Matthew Gray Gubler on Criminal Minds, and if you pair it with some loose jeans, big hoops, and some sneakers you’re too-cool-for-everything and are probably heading to brunch.

@sofiamcoelho on Instagram did this beautifully, pairing this gorgeous cream vest with a light blue button up. Way to pull it off, girl.

Mini Dresses

Mini-Skirts and Mini Dresses are the new hot thing, and for good reason. Why would I wear pants when I could look ten times better without them? Whether it be puff sleeve dresses or silk slip pieces, the versatility of a dress is unmatched. Take a slip: under a leather jacket with some black boots, it’s an edgy and girly take on modern fashion. Tucked into jeans, it’s a fancy top. With a cardigan or a white t-shirt layered underneath, you’re a bona-fide 2020 fashion icon. If you want your skirt to be a little more billowy, suddenly you’re frolicking through a European garden and the sky is a light blue. I’m already imagining it.

As for some mini-dress inspiration, it wouldn’t be a 2020 outfit report without calling out arguably one of the best fashion connoisseurs on social media. If @matildadjerf wasn’t already your style icon, she will be now. Just looking at this dress made me want to run away to Paris and frolic in le Jardin du Luxembourg. Hers is from http://selkiecollection.com.

Genuinely considering getting curtain bangs and buying an organza puff mini dress and a plane ticket. Just a thought.

And, let this be a friendly reminder: be you. Be beautiful, because you are. Go on and show the world what you've got, and now you can look cute while doing it.

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