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It's often thought of as very hard to dress as a Hijabi in the USA. At least, that's what everyone assumes. But dressing is a difficult topic for many, Hijabis or not.

Type anywhere Hijabi fashion, and you get the pastel business women aesthetic (not hating on them, you do you boo), but as a Hijabi myself, that style indeed isn't for me. This article will explain how to transition your summer outfits into fall outfits without breaking the bank.


DO NOT put away any of your summer and spring floral dresses - those can be grand fall statements! In summer, you didn't need to layer stuff over it: right? Now you can! Add a leather or denim jacket with leggings (if it's short), and strut the runway girl!

Shop in the clearance - you never know what you'll find. Basic summer T-shirts, black and white, are /always/ in season. Floral dresses stores no longer want...you can use them to layer and look like gold!

Please keep track of all the sales going around you, make memberships with stores like Macy's; they send discount cards in the mail!

Shop year long, not seasonal - that's a huge money saver: how? You have to figure out what you can reuse throughout the year. Being economically and environmentally smart is excellent! Shopping second hand has been looked down upon for so many reasons: why? You can get cheaper clothes, and they can be from a completely different era. I like to look for vintage dresses and jumpsuits (40's mostly)


It would help if you found what colors look the best on you; you could listen to when people compliment you or take a quiz! Find your undertone and figure out what goes best with it! Trends disappear, but style never does - find your go-to style!

You need to have primary colors in your closet; this will make mixing and matching easier for you! For example, black, white, nude, and two or three of your favorite colors, reds, light pinks, and blues, are staples in my closet. Dressing modestly and fall theme /never/ means wearing boring.

Jackets, Cardiagns, Kimonos, and Flannels

Let's talk jackets; you need a leather and denim jacket; they're a lifesaver! They work for all seasons, and you can dress them up and down! Invest in good quality. You can throw denim over a maxi dress (Hijabi's pay attention!). Genevieve Padalecki is an excellent example of styling denim during summer. For summer, denim is a lot trendier than leather and a lot lighter. You look as modest and beautiful as ever! (This is only my opinion, gurl)

Layering dresses and denim!

For Fall, winter, and spring, rock your leather jacket over jeans, skirts, and everything you wear! (Disclaimer - leather looks great in summer, but I prefer to avoid it since it's hot). Invest in many graphic T-shirts, dress shirts (thanksgiving family gathering), and leggings!

Cardigans are another thing I could never let go of! The first step is determining where you will dress in your cardigan during the evening or day and what season.

Day - casual or business, make sure it is fitted to bring out your frame! A great way to dress up your black graphic tee and jeans is a mustard yellow cardigan and heeled boots. (I'll link a Pinterest board created by me below!) This look is excellent in Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Summer or evening - is it only me, or do wool and knit cardigans serve no purpose in summer and during the evening? They're so hot, and opting out for a lightweight blazer is your best bet in summer! But, if you're kicking back with friends, a sheer or lace Kimono is the way to go! They go over your tee and jeans, and your dress! (Hijabi's invest in a long sleeve bodysuit to rock your Kimono! - Forever21 has great ones!)

Flannels - ah, my favorite friend! They work with everything, and I mean it! You could match them with graphic tees, themselves, blazers, and over dresses (yes, over dresses if you know how to wear them!). A fuller skirt dress with the same undertone as your flannel, layer the flannel over it, tie it up, or tuck it in! Oversized flannels are how to go if you're a hijabi looking for a lumberjack look (cue in your mother saying, "have I given birth to a boy?!).

Pants and Jeans:

I've got to say; trousers aren't my thing. Let me keep this simple, shall we? A pair of jeans in different colors - olive green, black, and whitewashed jeans are the way to go! They fit everywhere and anywhere. Oh, and please do not forget to invest in leggings - they're an excellent use for wear under dresses when it's freezing.


Jewelry and scarfs: Your jewelry reflects who you are! Go all-out girly. There is no correct or wrong way to be you! Scarfs depend on the season. A Hijabi /can/ wear scarfs too. A bulky scarf with your plain Hijab and cardigan is a great way to dress in Fall and Winter. A shawl over your long sleeve Maxi dress is a way to layer but not die in heat during summer! Let's keep in mind; this is my opinion on how to dress modestly. People love trousers; I don't. Some love that fancy hijabi look; I do not. I want to be comfortable! Below is the link to the Pinterest Board I have mentioned! Thank you for reading this week's blog! - Baydaa Alshatee.

Thanksgiving outfits:

  • A floral dress
  • Leggings (optional)
  • A leather or denim jacket
  • ankle boots
  • Leggings
  • Oversized sweater
  • Flannel
  • Denim Jacket
  • Add a Bandanna on your head
  • Mock Doc Martins from Walmart (hehe hehe)
  • Jeans
  • Your choice of a dress shirt
  • Leather Jacket
  • Dress shoes
  • Cardigan
  • Graphic Tee
  • Dark Jeans
  • Ankle boots

Inspiration board:


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