18 Best Instagram Small Businesses for Trendy and Affordable Jewelry
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18 Best Instagram Small Businesses for Trendy and Affordable Jewelry

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February 25, 2021

If your Instagram feed is anything like mine, then you’ve probably scrolled through countless reels and posts made by small jewelry business owners. They’re fun to watch, but come time to shop small, you’re completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices.

Should you pay a fortune for big-brand quality or opt for the cheaper route to save? How do you know who to buy from and where to go? Are some small businesses better—and more trustworthy—than others?

Luckily for you, I have a solution. After extensive searching, I’ve compiled a list of eighteen of the best small businesses to buy unique and trendy jewelry from.

Each one stands out in terms of quality, affordability, and style, not to mention their gorgeous, aesthetically-pleasing Instagram pages. And because they’re small, you’ll get to enjoy adorable packaging, freebies, hand-written thank you notes, and super friendly people who are excited to share their passion and creativity with you.

Varying in products, cost, and size, these small businesses (listed in no particular order) are mostly run by teens and are great places to find the best jewelry without breaking the bank!

1. Seaside Stones

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A post shared by SEASIDE STONES (@seaside.stones)

A huge part of the fun of shopping small is the experience: the immersion in the creator’s passion and creative design that makes purchasing so rewarding. If you’re in need of an experience like this, California-based Seaside Stones is the best way to go. I get major magical ocean vibes from owner Hemma’s jewelry.

Her equally cool-toned and airy aesthetic and her delicate pieces make for a beautiful combination that is easy to get lost in and hard to resist. Between Hemma’s dainty butterfly huggies and necklaces and her pretty silver wrap rings all under $15, you’ll be able to savor a piece of Seaside stones’ enchanting charm every day.

Visit Seaside Stones on Instagram: @seaside.stones

Shop her brand-new site (launching February 27) here.

If you want to purchase Hemma’s jewelry before then, DM Seaside Stones on Instagram. She accepts payments through Venmo and Paypal.

Shipping: US only

2. Star Crossed

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A post shared by ✰Star Crossed✰ (@starcrossedjewelry_)

I own a pretty good amount of jewelry. But recently, I have found myself wanting to revamp my collection, and even replace most of it altogether. This desire grew even stronger after browsing the jewelry made by Emma, owner of Star Crossed.

Her beautiful Instagram page and website boasts celestial charms, pearl letter necklaces, dreamy earrings and chokers, and so many other items to pair and layer. You can also get rings for less than $10 that won’t tarnish or turn your fingers green. All treasures from Star Crossed are of great quality and can be found for around $7 to $20 with most pieces being under $15.

Look for Star Crossed on Instagram: @starcrossedjewelry_

Shop online here.

Shipping: US, Canada, Australia, India, UK

3. Nohea Rings

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A post shared by @nohea.rings

Spoon rings have become increasingly popular, but cute and trendy ones can be hard to find; they’re either too bulky, too big, or just not very fashionable. However, the silver spoon rings from Idaho-based Nohea Rings are perfect for ring-lovers looking for pretty and unique designs. Not only are the rings great quality and well-made, but they also rise to the Nohea name, Nohea meaning beautiful. Most spoon styles are around $20 and can be made into either straight or wrapped rings, and Nohea Rings can also do custom orders!

Find Nohea Rings on Instagram: @nohea.rings

To buy: Just DM them on Instagram! Check out their highlighted story titled “SHOP” for their spoon designs and prices.

Shipping: US only

4. Bonny Goods

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A post shared by BONNY GOODS (@bonnygoods.co)

Boho or fashion? Bright clay or polished metal? Whichever you prefer, Bonny Goods has the best of both worlds.

Shop impressive abstract clay dangles and studs, long-lasting gold-plated necklaces, huggies, and adjustable rings (can we talk about the Grace Ring?!), and more. Cousins Caroline Irmscher and Lauren Finney can bring your style to life with their irresistible handmade jewelry ranging from $7 to $25 that is perfect for any occasion. With such a broad selection, it’s nearly impossible to walk away from Bonny Goods without a brand-new jewelry wardrobe.

Visit Bonny Goods on Instagram: @bonnygoods.co

And shop their site here.

Shipping: US and Canada only

5. Star and Sky Jewelry

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A post shared by star & sky jewelry! (@starandskyjewelry)

This small business is relatively new since it was created back in October, but teen-entrepreneur Stella Pollock has already experienced major success! Shop from the cutest huggies and gemstone rings to charm necklaces and best-selling chains. Most pieces are either silver or gold plated and many are also tarnish-resistant.

Stella loves “being able to bring high-quality jewelry to teens like [herself]”, and it is easy to see her passion in everything she makes. I especially love her shaped hoop earrings and evil eye chains that can add color and fun to any outfit.

Find Stella’s business on Instagram: @starandskyjewelry

Buy from Star and Sky Jewelry at this link.

Shipping: International and free to the US on orders $35 and up

6. Style by Sofi

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A post shared by STYLE BY SOFI 🦋 (@stylebysofii)

Can you ever really have enough gold jewelry? Maybe, but Style by Sofi will make you think twice. The stunning stacks created by this Miami-based small business can be found on Summer McKeen, Madi Monroe, Shariah True, Peyton Coffee, and others.

I love the incorporation of beads in her necklaces, as well as the dangly charms and chains that make them great to layer! Aside from their large selection of necklaces, Style by Sofi also sells rings, bracelets, and earrings.

Her Instagram is: @stylebysofii

To order: DM Style by Sofi on Instagram. You can look through their feed and highlighted stories for products, then send them a picture of what you want to buy or know more about. She accepts payment through Venmo and Cash App.

Shipping: Worldwide

7. Aurei Princess Jewels

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A post shared by Aurei Princess Jewels ♡ (@shopaureiprincess)

One of the best things about shopping small is the personal connection many small business owners make with their customers and supporters. Rhea, the owner of Aurei Princess Jewels, names her jewelry pieces after the names of her followers which is so cute and such a great way to communicate with her fans. And they have reason to like her: the jewelry she creates is both royally eye-catching and extremely dazzling. With a wide array of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, the New York-based business uses gems and gold-plated chains to bring out the stylish princess in everyone.

Her Instagram is: @shopaureiprincess

You can buy from Aurei Princess Jewels here.

Shipping: Free to the US on orders $35 and up

8. Nikki Jewels

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A post shared by Nikki Jewels (@nikki.jewels)

I don’t own a strand of pearls (who does?) but I’ve fallen head-over-heels for the pearl jewelry from Nikki Jewels, where small business owner Nicole Acevedo puts a twist on this traditional accessory. She combines shiny white pearls with gold beads, chains, and charms to create a style that is unmatched in its quality and uniqueness. Not a fan of pearls?

Other than pearl stacks, Nikki Jewels also sells chain-link necklaces, ear cuffs and drop earrings, beaded bracelets, and much more all between $8 and $30. She can also customize anything for you!

Go to her Instagram: @nikki.jewels

To buy: DM Nikki Jewels on Instagram with questions or with the items you want to order. You can look at her highlighted stories for products and more information, and she accepts payments through Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle.

Shipping: US only

9. Em’s Bracelet Co.

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A post shared by Emily Thurmond (@emsbraceletco)

Recently, I’ve become mildly obsessed with Pura Vida, a company most famous for their waterproof adjustable wax-string bracelets. But I have to say, Em’s Bracelet Co. does it better. Pura Vida might be a larger business, but Em’s Bracelet Co. matches it in quality and trendiness while adding her own special touches.

For a cheaper price, you can find Pura Vida-lookalikes with more unique color schemes, beads, and charms to mix and match with her wire wrap rings, chain necklaces, and huggie earrings. Everything is simple and cute, easy to pair with other looks, and perfect for everyday wear. The owner, Emily Thurmond, can also do custom orders.

Find Em’s Bracelet Co. on Instagram: @emsbraceletco

To shop go to this link.

Shipping: International and free to the US on orders $35 and up

10. Blue Angel Jewelry

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A post shared by CUTE AND TRENDY JEWELRY ✨ (@blueangeljewelry)

Want inexpensive Pinterest-worthy jewelry? Look no further than Blue Angel Jewelry! Find the perfect pick-me-up with Alexee’s handmade layering links, bold or dainty hoops, wire rings, charm necklaces, and colorful beaded chokers.

With so many options, Blue Angel Jewelry has the styles made with excellent quality you need to fit any vibe. I absolutely love Alexee’s business aesthetic and her confidence-boosting products that are sure to make you shine.

Look for her on Instagram: @blueangeljewelry

To buy from Blue Angel, go here.

Shipping: US only

11. Moon Flower Jewelry

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A post shared by Moon Flower Jewelry (@moonflowerjewelryy)

Sometimes, it can be hard to buy from big businesses knowing their products and manufacturing processes are unsustainable and wreaking havoc on the environment. But with small businesses like Moon Flower Jewelry, you can eliminate this guilt. Everything made by owner Emma Jeannette is sent in eco-friendly packaging and 15% of her profits are donated to the Arctic Conservation Fund. For less than $10, you can splurge on high-quality nature-inspired stone danglies, butterfly earrings, and abstract wire rings to support this California-based teen entrepreneur and her cause!

Moon Flower Jewelry is on Instagram: @moonflowerjewelryy

To buy her products and help the Arctic, go to this website.

Shipping: International

12. Belle Mer Bracelets

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A post shared by Handmade Friendship Bracelets🌿 (@bellemerbracelets)

I’ve tried making friendship bracelets before. Let's just say, there’s a reason they are shoved in a desk drawer and not on display for the world to see. But while I may lack the string bracelet-making skills, Belle Mer Bracelets definitely doesn’t.

The ornate, minimalist bracelet designs she makes are undoubtedly the best ones I have ever seen. Belle Mer made it possible to turn the thread that once exasperated me into flawlessly elegant bracelets that vary in price from only $5 to $25. With different stacks, patterns, and colors, a bracelet from Belle Mer Bracelets is a must-have for anyone looking for a unique and high-quality way to subtly spice up their outfit!

You can find Belle Mer Bracelets on Instagram: @bellemerbracelets

And buy from her through her Etsy shop, here.

Shipping: Free to the US when you buy $35 or more

13. Stacked by Suzie

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A post shared by STACKED BY SUZIE (@stackedbysuzie)

The adorable handmade jewelry from Stacked by Suzie is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. With a vast amount of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings for only $15 to $25, Stacked by Suzie can literally never disappoint. My favorite item is the mini eye heart you earrings, which, like many other items, come in different colors and stacks. This small business is growing in popularity too and has been seen on influencers like Charli D’Amelio, Sienna Gomez, Ellie Zeiler, Alex French, Olivia Ponton, and more.

You can see styled pieces on her Instagram: @stackedbysuzie

And visit her site to shop.

Shipping: International

14. Chainz by Lindz

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A post shared by @chainzbylindz

Who says you can’t have luxury for less? The chic gold-filled and gold-plated jewelry from Chainz by Lindz is ultra high-quality and won’t leave your pockets empty. Every handmade item by Lindsey Rothman from the earrings and ear cuffs to the necklaces and bracelets is around $15 to $25 and combines the perfect amount of simplicity with a dash of elegance, so you can stand out every day. Another great thing about this business is that 10% of all purchases are donated to the American Society for Deaf Children, so you can feel good about buying!

Find Chainz by Lindz on Instagram: @chainzbylindz

Shop here.

Shipping: US only

15. Pacifica Jewelry Co.

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A post shared by Pacífica Jewelry Co. (@pacificajewelryco)

Summer may be a few months away, but beach-themed jewelry is always trending. The beaded disc anklets and necklaces as well as the rings and stone necklaces from Pacifica Jewelry Co. pair summery colors with quality materials for a perfect beachy look! It’s never too early to stock up on warm-weather essentials, and Lillie, the owner of the Georgia-based business, has just the styles you need all under $10 to get excited for sunny skies and trips to the beach.

You can find Pacifica Jewelry Co. on Instagram: @pacificajewelryco

To buy, go to this link.

Or, go here.

Shipping: Worldwide and free to the US with orders $35 and up

16. Queen’s Lair by Katie

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A post shared by minimilistic, trendy, jewelry (@queenslairbykatie)

I love minimalist jewelry, especially for school. It makes me feel put together without being obnoxiously extravagant or dressed up. If you feel the same way, then Queen’s Lair by Katie is your go-to shop.

With dainty necklaces, rings, and earrings, you don’t have to sacrifice your style at school or work or even at home—everything Katie hand makes is cute and light enough to wear all day every day. And there’s no need to smash your piggy bank just yet; jewelry from Queen’s Lair by Katie ranges from only $2 to $25.

Find her on Instagram: @queenslairbykatie

Buy her jewelry here.

Shipping: Worldwide and free to the US when you spend $35 or more

17. W.M Jewelry

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A post shared by w.m jewelry (@w.m.jewelry)

Shopping small is fun because many small businesses allow you to customize products for a look that is truly your own. W.M Jewelry is no exception. The beaded necklaces and bracelets Victoria Lopez sells can be customized, so you can wear your name, initials, or any other word wherever you go. She also sells gold earrings, rings, and other jewelry perfect for gifts or for yourself!

W.M Jewelry is on Instagram: @w.m.jewelry

Shop through their Etsy store here.

Shipping: International

18. Pink Sky Earrings

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A post shared by Pink Sky Earrings (@pinkskyearrings)

For those of you that like one-of-a-kind earrings that pop, Pink Sky Earrings has you covered. Based in the UK, small business owner Kate creates distinctive earrings with charms like ducks, little water bottles, cherries, gummy bears, and more. They’re also super affordable: everything currently on her Etsy is less than $10 and most pairs are only $3.65 (about £2.50). Whether you’re looking for cute or unique, big or small, Pink Sky Earrings gives you the quality and inexpensiveness you need to pep up your look!

Her Instagram is: @pinkskyearrings

Buy here.

Shipping: Worldwide

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