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Stop Crying Over Your Closet- Back to School Fashion Trends to Look Out for This Fall

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September 22, 2022

You wake up on an ordinary school morning, you eat your breakfast, brush your teeth and then you want to pick an outfit. Suddenly, all your cool clothes are gone and you end up crying with piles of clothes on the floor. What should you buy for this fall season? Here are some recommendations that are both practical and trendy.


Oversized blazers and wide-leg pants are ruling on the runways and streets. Suits are fashion staples that you can wear in many ways. For a more casual look, choose one piece; a blazer or wide elegant pants, and match them with basic items, for example, a white t-shirt,baby tee, turtleneck, or straight blue washed denim.

If you want to look more professional, pair your suit with a white blouse. Trendy colors of sets for this season are black, neutrals, and patterns, such as plaid or delicate stripes.

Mini, midi, and maxi

This season, skirts will be stylish in every length and pattern. Eye-catching designs are cargos and plaid, kilt-style skirts. You can wear them with cool graphic tops, basic long-sleeved leather, or jean jackets. If you like miniskirts and live in a cold area, you can try wearing shorts underneath and a thick pair of tights.

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Leather has been in style for quite a long time and it will continue to be in. We will see a lot of vintage leather jackets (both baggy and biker style) or trenches. Wide-leg trousers and tops made from this material will be trendy.

You can buy all of this stuff in chain stores, like H&M and Bershka, or thrift shops! Leather is a really good match with nice denim. The most popular colors for this piece of clothing will be black, red and brown.

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What is the best fall piece that is stylish and warm at the same time? Sweaters, of course! In this season knitted clothes will be popular in all forms- jerseys, beanies, gloves, scarfs, bags, and leg warmers (must have in this fall).

This stuff is really fun to style. It is perfect for layering ( a tight top matched an oversized crochet jumper) and to wear as warm accessories.

Vintage Denim

Without a doubt, jeans are a fashion staple. There are many styles and many colors. This season is going to be ruled by vintage blue-washed denim, both light, and dark. If you want to give off messy French girl vibes, choose straight jeans with a white tank top and blazer, and if you prefer laid-down looks, go for baggy, wide-leg jeans.


If you want to show your feminine side this fall, find yourself a nice satin dress with lace details. Slip dresses and skirts will be very popular paired with a big leather jacket or a blazer. If it is cold, you can wear them with a t-shirt or a turtleneck underneath.

What about the colours? Of course, the most common ones are black, white, beige and red, but you can try brown and navy blue too!

Maverick effect

The bomber jackets are back! The classic from the 80s and 2015 has returned but in a new, relaxed, baggy, and longer form. This type of clothing is really practical for the upcoming fall, especially if you live in a cold place. It is also easy to style-- just pair it with straight jeans, a sweater, and combat boots.

Looking from above

Platforms in all forms are still in, but the most popular will be loafers with big, chunky solees and loose white socks. Another type of shoes worth wearing are platform Converse, perfect for almost every outfit, and combat boots, for example, Dr. Martens Jadon. For dresses, you may try 70s-style platform heels, in black or crazy bright colors.

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Old school Trainers

Our trends are still going to be inspired by the y2k fashion. In these seasons we will take a modern look at vintage sports shoes, like Adidas Handball Spezial or Adidas Samba, in many different colors. The most fashionable colors will be green and red. You can style them with cool, baggy cargo pants, vintage jeans, or a midi skirt.


It may sound really boring, but the basics are the best trends for every season. You can outdo the classic combo, a white t-shirt plus blue jeans, or a tight long sleeve with wide pants. Buying basic, black and white clothes is the best thing you can buy. If you have enough fashion staples, you can make an endless number of outfits.

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I hope that now you are able to create many cool and comfortable outfits. Looking and feeling good makes you more confident in school. Also, remember that trends are changing really often and you shouldn't stick to them. Have fun with fashion and stop crying over your closet!

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