5 Signs You're Addicted to Working Out


Do you love working out? Going to the gym, fitness clothes, cute shoes, and everything else that has to do with working out? Then this article is for you!

1. You're always looking for new workout videos

Workout videos are the key to at home workouts. Butt and thigh? You got it. Abs? Cardio? Arms? Legs? It's all there on Youtube. FitnessBlender is a great Youtube channel to go to for at home workouts, with or without equipment!

2. You love going to the gym

Going to the gym is not necessary, but if you do go, it's lots of fun! Also, you can do much more than just squats and lunges. There are so many different machines!

3. You invest in super cute clothes for working out

Just like the gym, super cute clothes are not necessary, but can definitely make you feel more confident while you're working out. Places like Ross, Walmart, and Target are perfect for buying clothes to workout in!

4. You try to find the perfectly cute and comfortable shoes for working out

Comfy and cute, the perfect combination! Nike is a great brand, but Walmart also has great athletic shoes to workout in! Walmart has shoes as low as $12.84!

5. You will never ever quit.

Quitting is not an option. You got this, girl! Try to work out every day. If you miss a day, don't hate on yourself! 


Katherine Crow

Writer. Artist. Possibly good photographer. She is a food lover. She absolutely loves to workout. She loves to read. She eats and enjoys breakfast with her Grandma daily. She writes in a diary every day. She is a lover of gel pens, Post it notes, and anything stationary. Also a lover of puppies. She has 2 little brothers that are dogs.