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How to Get Into Your Gym Babe Era

Mental Health & Self Love

April 06, 2023

The gym girl lifestyle has quickly gained popularity on social media with the concept of becoming a healthy and motivated 'gym babe' proving a positive influence for many girls worldwide. But what does it actually entail?

With a focus on health and fitness in a way that is kind to both body and mind, the gym babe era is deeper than just toning up. There seems to be an emphasis on the equal importance of self-love and getting in shape that highlights the connection between mental and physical wellbeing. By embracing the gym girl experience, this empowering trend boosts confidence and motivation. It's a new era for female fitness, so here are 5 tips to get this gym girl feeling good:

1. Invest in Some Feel-Good Gear

Choosing workout clothes that make you feel confident is the first step towards becoming a gym babe. Opt for sweat-friendly and stretchy fabrics that you can move freely in; avoid 100% cotton which absorbs moisture and dries slowly. Treating yourself to new clothes will not only make you feel good but may help inspire you to strive towards your wellbeing goals. It's okay if the stereotypical crop tops and leggings aren't your thing - feeling comfortable in what you choose is most important.

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2. Pump Up the Tunes

Create a fitness playlist that will energize your workout. Studies have shown that music can increase endurance during a workout by up to 15%. Listening to music releases dopamine, which is a hormone that increases motivation and stimulates goal-oriented behaviour. So keep your favourite upbeat songs on repeat and let their positive, powerful messages keep you moving.

3. Pace (and Be) Yourself

It's easy to compare not only yourself but your workout routine to others, which only harms your own progress. Pushing yourself beyond personal limits is neither beneficial nor a smart way to show determination. Keep sessions short at first and then make them more intense and lengthy as your body acclimatises.

Off days are vital too so listen to your body when it's telling you to rest. Finally, it's important to remember that every body is different and 'gym babes' don't just come slim and toned. Celebrate your figure and exercise in the way that feels right for you.

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4. Fuel Up

Forget sugary sports bars and drinks - these will only undo your hard work. Grab some fresh fruit, a smoothie or protein-filled trail mix as a tasty snack to throw in your bag. You need the right foods to fuel your body; make sure to look after your inside as well as out. Wash it down with good old-fashioned water and stay sipping throughout your workout.

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5. Check Out the Equipment

Familiarising yourself with all the different gym machines will help you to safely work the range of equipment. Then you'll have lots of options on what to work on and be able to allocate time between strength, cardio and flexibility. By varying your workout, you'll be able to keep your body balanced and reduce the risk of injury because gym girls always stay safe when doing their thing.

So now that you are ready to welcome your gym babe era, there's nothing holding you back. As any true gym babe would say "You go, girl!"

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