Cute Gym Shoes that Will Make You Want to Exercise
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Cute Gym Shoes that Will Make You Want to Exercise

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June 17, 2020

While just starting to get into exercising, the aesthetic appeals of working out make themselves clear. The matching sets of clothing and trendy shoes may speak to your fashion soul. There may be more incentives to working out than just sweat!

It may just be fashion. Here are the top 10 athletic shoes for 2020 and where you can buy them.

#10: Nike In-Season TR 8

Color Selection: Available in Black/White and White/Silver (Shown Above)

Uses: Can be used in the Gym on the mats while lifting weights. They provide the perfect amount of cushion for your feet while doing intense exercise. (Indoors/Gyms)

Review: Reviews of this product have been very positive and state that the shoes are dependable and durable. On the plus side, they are relatively cheaper than most training shoes, so they are an affordable option for all. They may be a long term investment, so make sure you understand the exact kind of shoe that you want.

Price: $45 (On sale); Regularly $75

#9: Adidas Swift Run Shoes

Color Selection: Base Green (Shown Above), Cloud White, Icey Pink, Raw White

Uses: This is more of an everyday pair of shoes. While it is traditionally a running shoe, it can truly be used for anything. It makes for a great every-day shoe with a muted color palate and comfortability.

Review: This shoe is one of my personal favorites. It has an assortment of muted colors, which I love! Its also a relatively basic shoe that can go well with any outfit. Additionally, the soles have a lot of cushion in them, so

Price: $68; Regularly $85

#8: Women's UA Charged Breathe Lace Shoes

Color Selection: Pink/French Grey (Above), Black/Jet Gray, White/X-ray, White/White, Blue Ink/Peach Frost

Uses: Can be used for a variety of reasons, from running to fashion!

Review: I personally find these shoes to have a very sleek style that is similar to fashion trends of today. Another features it that the shoes don't contain the traditional shoe lace, instead they feature a new mechanism that requires no tying at all! It's described as a slip-on shoe, which is great for convenience and speed! However, this shoe is on the pricier side, and that may be the only negative part of this shoe.

Price: $80.00

#7: Nike In-Season TR 9

Color Selection: Fire Pink/Washed Coral, Black/Anthracite/White, Platinum Tint/Mint Foam, White/Black/Noble Red (Shown Above), Stone Mauve/Metallic Red, Black/Vivid Purple/ Barely Rose, Atmosphere Grey/Pink Quartz, Black/Anthracite/Dark Grey, Vivid Purple/Photo Blue, Black/Metallic Copper

Uses: The website describes this show as a training shoe, meaning it provides the perfect amount of cushion during regular exercise periods (with or without equipment)

Review: I would recommend this shoe for an avid weight-lifter. The soles provide enough support, comfort, and cushion, all of which are necessary for a good lifting shoe. Additionally, I love the style of this shoe! It has a variety of colors to choose from, and is a fun shoe to wear!

Price: $75

#6: Nike Revolution 5

Color Selection: Thunder Grey/Blue Fury, Hydrogen Blue/Track Red, Black/Plum Dust, Summit White/Fire Pink, White/Pure Platinum, Iced Lilac/Blac(Shown Above), Barely Rose/Stone Mauve, Black/Anthracite/White, Black/Dark Grey/ Psychic Pink, Sanded Purple/Amethyst, White/Black/Vivid Purple, Platinum Tint/Pink Blast, Black/Anthracite

Uses: Is categorized by Nike as a "running shoe"

Review: The color-block pattern on this shoe provides a very modern look and would be a great addition to most outfits. Additionally, it's a great shoe for an adept runner. It provides extraordinary comfort and can really be used throughout the day-regardless of activity.

Price: $51.97

#5: Erupt Women's Trail Running Shoe

Color Selection: Silver Cloud/Ignite Pink(Shown Above), Puma Black/Mist Green, Overcast/Blue Turquoise, Puma Black/Blue Glimmer

Uses: While traditionally a trail shoe for hiking or running, these shoes can be a great addition for a fashionista.

Review: These shoes provide a pop of color and with the four color options, the array of hues is satisfying enough for anyone! In addition, the shoes are in the popular "chunky" format, meaning that the soles are extremely thick. They would be a fun piece to add to your shoe collection and an investment in their own right.

Price: $69.99 (Regularly $90.00)

#4: Enzo 2 Metal Women's Training Shoe

Color Selection: Puma White/Rose Gold (Shown Above), CASTLEROCK/ Metallic Silver, Puma Black/Gold

Uses: This shoe is a training shoe, good for the gym and home workouts.

Review: I love this shoe because its more affordable than many other shoes and still brings a sleek design and color scheme to the table. The midsole is extremely light as Puma has introduced a new form of sole technology to the market. All in all, this is the perfect training shoe for a person new to a gym with its affordability and fashion.

Price: The Puma White/Rose Gold and the CASTLEROCK/Metallic Silver are going for $39.99 while the Puma Black/Gold Shoe is currently sold out on the Puma website.

#3: Nike Flex Experience RN 8

Color Selection: White/Grey(Shown Above), Black/Black

Uses: This shoe is a running shoe

Review: This shoe is a relatively common shoe for its price as well as its simple design. While some may prefer the flamboyant colors of other shoes, I much rather prefer the monochromatic and refined look that this shoe provides. It's one of the best running shoes that you can find for the price, so I would recommend it to all of my runner friends.

Price: $65 on, but is available on other sites for less than $40.

#2: Nike Air Max Motion 2

Color Selection: Black/White (Shown Above)

Uses: Every-day sneaker; Can use for many activities

Review: The reason that this shoe is one of my personal favorites would have to be the variety. If you look online, there are many colors and prices. Additionally, the padded sole is perfect to give anyone those extra few inches that the desire! This shoe has a very trendy sole and looks great when worn.

Price: $67.97 on Nike.Com

#1: Puma CELL Phase

Colors: Black/White/Blue (Above)

Uses: Training Shoe/Multi-Use

Review: This shoe has got to be one of my all-time favorites. It also has a very comfortable sole and you feel like you're walking on clouds! In addition to being trendy, the price is very attractive as well! With an affordable price and durable exterior, it can't be beaten!

Price: $39.99

And with that, this list has come to an end! If you want to make a purchase, make sure to scour the internet for the best deals. The prices I listed are from very famous websites (Zappos/ DSW/ Nike/ Adidas), but I'm sure you could find better sales if you looked!

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