Cute Fitness Clothes That Will Make You Want to Work Out
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Cute Fitness Clothes That Will Make You Want to Work Out


May 02, 2020

Have trouble heading to the gym or even getting out of bed?! You're probably missing one key factor that can solve your problem, cute fitness clothes. The right outfit can boost your confidence and make you want to work out! Here are a few of my favorites that are not only super stylish but also under $100. 

1. SET Active 

If you’re looking for different materials, styles and colors, check out SET active! They’ve got every color from bubblegum pink to mint green and cute prints too. They’re Blue Crush set of leggings and a sports bra is my favorite, because it’s a unique tie-dye print and to top it off blue is my favorite color! For the people into darker tones, they’ve got that too! Checkout their army green, royal blue or dark purple sets as they are super stylish and fit the body perfectly. They’re sports bras come in a variety of different necklines including: Ribbed V-neck, Ribbed high neck, Box Cut, Ribbed one shoulder and much more for your preferences! 
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2. Astoria Activewear

Astoria Activewear is known to be very soft and comfy which is always key when you're working out! Their brand is all about motivation which is very much needed when it comes to working out. Comfort is needed, but so is style and that’s exactly what Astoria Activewear exemplifies.

They’re leggings and sports bras consist of many bright and fun colors such as neon yellow, orange, and mint green! Their sports bras are not a typical racer back but instead have cool cutouts and straps to provide a more stylish look!
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3. White Fox Boutique 

If you're into a more slimming look with your activewear, try White Fox Boutique an Australian brand! They have super cute leggings and sports bras that come in all kinds of unique colors including: coral, baby blue, fuchsia, lilac and more! Some of their activewear in the color black, give off a futuristic vibe with the added in silver accents and stitching. Many of their leggings have a panel design at the back of the calf to make it much more stylish when working out!

Sports bras also come in a variety of different necklines, from a deep v to a simple rounded neckline with mesh accents. Some of their leggings also have zippers in the back to make it that much more convenient to carry little things like cash or your keys.
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4. Fabletics  

Who wants to spend $100 on leggings?! The answer is no one, so if you want trendy leggings for a low price shop at Fabletics. When you become a VIP member you get two stylish leggings for a whopping low price of $24! You’ve probably heard of Fabletics before since famous actress Kate Hudson is the co-founder and promotes her brand all over social media.

Their activewear comes in so many colors it’s hard to count, and a variety of designs and patterns too! Many celebrities of different ages have been spotted promoting and wearing the brand, which shows how popular Fabletics is no matter your age. Make sure to checkout Fabletics if you want to stay up to date with the latest activewear fashion, but on a budget!
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5. Rock n Rags

Rock n Rags, a clothing shop based in Illinois and online, has stylish activewear for teens at amazing prices! As a teen myself, I can say I absolutely love their activewear as they have a variety of bright and fun colors in cheetah print or plain. For a price reference, their black leggings are only $28 which is a great price compared to high end brands who price their leggings at $100.

Not only are their leggings super cute but so are their sports bras which are designed not only for working out but also for a normal day out! Don’t forget to add Rock n Rags to your list of cute workout clothes!
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