20 Adorable Gift Ideas for Galentine's Day Your Friends Will Love

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There's Valentine's Day, of course, but you can also celebrate Galentine's Day with your best friends and gal pals.

Looking for gift ideas? This article is just the one you're looking for: check out these 20 gift suggestions that they will seriously enjoy!

1. Scented Diffuser

Diffusers are perfect for leaving one's room smelling amazing with a gorgeous scent. They can also have an eye-pleasing design that can stand as a room decor piece.

$- P.F.Co's Reed Diffuser has a gorgeous scent.

$$- Target's Oil Diffuser carries 300ml's worth of amount and has a sleek white & wood look.

$$$- Crabtree & Evelyn's Femme de Force is eye-pleasing and can be a decor piece alone.

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2. Phone Cases

Everybody loves a cute case, and so would your friend! Even if they already have one, multiple cases can always be a good idea.

Some phone cases that are taking over right now are Casetify and Wildflower Cases. Both are mainly fun printed and funky. For a clear case that's clean cut and minimal, Case Mate offers one.

$- Hold It Brand's silicone cases come in such aesthetic colors, and this moss green is a favorite.

$$- Emma Chamberlain x Wildflower Cases features a hand-drawn design by Emma.

$$$- Casetify has a case that looks like passport stickers and stamps for those adventure-lovers!

Also, you could even customize a phone case of photos of you and your friends!

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3. A Good Book

If your friend loves a good book, they'll definitely love a hand-picked book from you.

There's always Barnes & Noble to browse for some great novels.

If you're unsure which books to get for your Valentine, consider:

  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  • Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling
  • Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
  • A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L'Engle
  • Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
  • for your crime story-loving friends: anything written by Agatha Christie

4. Disposable Cameras

In the photography world, film is making a huge comeback; prominently amongst Gen Z, we're seeing a rise of disposable cameras.

With a nostalgic quality, disposable cameras are perfect to take pictures of a fun night and see developed photos later.

$- The Kodak Power Flash camera retails for around $13.

$$- The Fujifilm Quick Snap is the iconic green disposable camera you might have seen online.

There are also reusable film cameras so you won't have to purchase a new one every time a roll is developed.

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5. A Playlist

A present that is from the heart and will not cost you anything monetarily would be to make your friend a playlist.

Gather all the music that they might like, or something you know for certain that they do like. Perhaps you could compile music that contains a memory for you both.

6. Face Masks

Who doesn't love applying soothing, hydrating, and fun face masks?

It's a great skincare regime, and for your skincare-loving friends, this might just be the perfect Valentine's gift!

$- Borghese's Classic Fango Active Mud Mask is full of benefits.

$$- Sand & Sky's mud mask is a gorgeous pink!

$$$- Gleamin's Tumeric mask might just be their favorite.

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7. Matching Jewelry

Pair up with your best friend(s) with matching friendship jewelry.

Whether it be necklaces, bracelets, or rings, link together in the same pieces!

$- have matching rings with your best friend- with birthstone gems from Alex and Ani.

$$- this huge Friendship Pack bracelet from Pura Vida leaves you more than enough bracelets to share with your friend group.

$$$- matching friendship necklaces with meaning? Yes, please- you'll love Bryan Anthonys's necklace set.

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8. Hand Creams

Winter's hitting us hard with dry hands, and your friends will definitely appreciate some hand creams.

Hydration is important all around, and that includes your hands!

$- Biotherm's Bath Therapy Relaxing Hand Cream is meant to put you at ease with an amazing berry and herb scent.

$$- Kiehl's is always reliable, and so is their Ultimate Strength Hand Salve.

$$$- L'Occitane offers this Hand Cream Trio to nourish your skin.

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9. Candy Assortments

Make your friend a basket of candies filled with ones you know they love.

Candy assortments are always a huge hit, and if your friends have a sweet tooth, this will be the perfect gift for them!

If you're not sure which candies to include, I suggest:

  • Gummy bears
  • Hershey chocolate bars
  • Hershey Kisses
  • Bubble Gum
  • Mints
  • Nuts with Chocolate
  • Truffles

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10. Record Player + Music Discs

Record Players are making a comeback, and if your friend is into music, this might just be the one. You could get them music discs for them to play it!

$- For your Disney-loving friends, this vinyl has all the best hits.

$$- This Rex Orange County Pony LP might just be their favorite.

$$$- Does your friend like Bob Marley? Maybe they'll love this!

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11. Bath Bomb

Relaxing spa days are the best, and bath bombs are essential for that.

They look amazing and smell amazing, and are sure to be a wonderful gift.

Lush Cosmetics is- in my opinion- possibly the best place ever to purchase bath bombs that's all-around good. Great for the planet and great for people, Lush is definitely the perfect place for bath bombs. Plus, everything (listed below) are below $10!

Some Lush favorites are:

$- The Geode looks like a gem- how cool!

$$- The Intergalactic is always a favorite with bright colors.

$$$- The Heartbeat is perfect for Valentine's Day!

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12. Candles

Funky candles that are minimalistic and pastel are making waves recently.

If your friend loves Danish-Eclectic decor, this will be it for them!

$- Ajouter Store's sage green Bubble Candle is intriguing and interesting.

$$- Special Interest Goods' Knot Candles are twisted and wicked-cool!

$$$- Ellis Home Studios offers these shell-shaped candles that are just so pretty.

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13. We're Not Really Strangers Flashcards

A personal huge favorite of mine, We're Not Really Strangers allows people to connect genuinely, people to people, heart to heart.

You'd be surprised at how much you'll get to know your friends- who they really are- through this flashcard game; maybe they'll be shocked about getting to know more about you!

I can't recommend this enough- and the brand itself is incredibly notable, too.

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14. Chapsticks

Chapped lips are the worst- they hurt and they feel awful. Get your friends some delicious scented, smooth lip-savers- they'll so adore this thoughtful gift.

$- I'm 1000% certain EOS's Watermelon Frose and Lychee Martini chapstick has the best scent ever.

$$- Kind Lips' Organic Unscented Lip Balm is healthy and good for you.

$$$- Glossier's Balm Dot Com Trio is a cult favorite for good reasons.

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15. Baked Goods

Are you a good baker? If yes, you could bake your friends some of your sweet treats!

Not sure what exactly to create in the kitchen? Some suggestions would be:

  • Rice Krispie Treats
  • Cupcakes
  • Cookies
  • Brownies
  • Trail Mix Bars With Chocolate

Consider adding some Valentine's themed sprinkles and frosting to add in some extra spark!

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16. Gel Pens

Something about gel pens is just better than regular pens.

With a huge variety of colors, easy glide, and even glittery ones, these are perfect for doing anything writing-wise!

$- These gel pens from Amazon are simplistic and effective.

$$- Can you believe that this gel pen set carries 60 colors?

$$$- These 100 color gel pens come with a standing container.

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17. Photo Album

Something heartfelt would definitely be a photo album.

Compile some cute photos of you and your best friend and make a little scrapbook!

Some adorable ideas to include:

  • Funky Patterned Washi Tape
  • Instant Film Photos
  • Drawings
  • Little captions
  • Stickers

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18. Nail Polish

If your friend likes to get her nails done, she'll love this one!

You could gift some of her favorite colors, too.

$- You can't go wrong with Essie's nail polish.

$$- Eternal's nail polish comes in a set of five pastel colors.

$$$- Charming colors? That's likely from Manucurist!

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19. Gift Cards

Gift cards are always a good idea!

If you know where your friends like to shop, you can get the perfect gift you know for certain they'll like.

Not sure where to get them a gift card to? Consider these:

  • Starbucks, or any other cafe they like
  • A clothing brand they enjoy
  • A favorite fast food place of theirs

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20. A Handmade Letter

Lastly: write your friends a heartfelt, handmade letter. They'll absolutely love the effort, care, and love put into it!

If you want to make it extra special, some suggestions are:

  • Seal it with wax stamp or a sticker
  • Draw something inside or outside... maybe both
  • Sign your name in a fancy signature
  • Include an inside joke you two may have

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