10 Thoughtful and Creative DIY Gift Ideas


Making your own gift for somebody can seem like a lot of effort. However, the process of constructing a present for a loved one not only sparks a creative streak within you but is also seriously fun. The task deeply assists in building stronger relationships with the receivers and causes you to feel totally accomplished and full of joy while watching them tear the wrapping off and seeing their eyes light up. Also, we're teenagers. As a general statement, we're pretty broke. This is why I have put together a list of the cheapest, fun-to-make, sometimes even effortless yet thoughtful gifts for any person that you value in your life.

1. A Photo Album/Frame

A lovely gift for your person to put in their bedroom, this cheap DIY will also put the widest smile on their face. Firstly, sift through your phone for images you would like to include. This could look like candid photos you have of them, photos of them playing a sport, photos of them surrounded by the people they love, or photos of just you two together. Then head down to your nearest supply store, print the photos out and pick up either a black sheet of card and a frame of your choice or a photo album. Now, you can either glue these photos down on the card and put the card in the frame, or simply place the photos in the album. It is entirely up to you to do the rest! Decorate your creation!

2. A Jumper/Hoodie of Your Own

A completely cost-free, yet extremely effective and sentimental gift, this idea is aimed towards a person who's looking to make their partner's heart flutter. For that effect, select a hoodie that they might love to wear when they come over. Then, spray it with cologne, perfume or whatever scent that you regularly wear. Finally, you could write a nice, heartfelt letter to go with it before you wrap it up and tie a ribbon around it. Trust me, this idea works.

3. 'Open When' Letters

Now, this was my absolute favorite gift I have ever prepared for anyone before. It can require a substantial amount of work depending on the quality of the letters you would like to present. I began work on these about three weeks before my person's birthday to have them ready a few days before the event. 'Open when' letters are a series of letters with instructions for opening at a later date or time. I really struggled with ideas when planning my letter journey. To save you time and effort, here is the list I put together and followed while writing the letters.

Open when...

1. you get this present

2. you are sad

3. you are stressing

4. you don’t feel handsome

5. you’re bored

6. you can’t calm down

7. you can’t sleep

8. you feel unloved

9. it all feels like too much

10. you need help with a tough decision

11. you’re in love

12. you have your heart broken

13. it's your (age) birthday

14. it’s the day of your wedding

15. you’re having a baby

17. we are angry at each other

18. it’s new year’s day (year)

19. this is your last letter

You can make these letters as personal as you like by including your own titles, little gifts attached to some special letters, (perhaps a bar of their favorite chocolate with the letter written to help them feel better when they're down if you choose to write that). It is also worth mentioning that these letters will be with the person you write them to forever and that absolutely holds an irreplaceable amount of value.

4. 'Spin When' CDs and Player

This gift is somewhat an adaptation of the letters. Although time-consuming, it is absolutely worth the reaction of your person and fun to do with your person in mind. It is incredible the way in which you can transform an outdated CD player into something fun and cool. What you will need to do is create an assortment of playlists for specific moods or moments. These playlists can loosely follow the letter titles above. If you choose to follow the letter titles above, think about how each of these moments feels and search for music that suits the essence of each feeling. Then, purchase a cost-effective CD player. You can paint the player if you want, in order to personalize it for the receiver. Acrylic paint works best on plastic. Be sure to cover it in a coat of white paint before beginning the illustrations. Remember, you don't have to be incredibly talented at art in order to complete this gift! The fact that you spent so much time preparing it for someone will make their heart soar. After doing this, you will want to burn your playlists onto CDs and place them in a box or some form of storage. Wrap the gifts up and there you have it! An extremely thoughtful, fun to make gift for whoever you choose to present it to.

5. Candles

Simple, fun to make and sentimental, candles are a great gift for anyone. You can use candles to strengthen relationships and allow someone to know that you truly put thought and effort into it. You can look into candles associated with their zodiac sign; there are specific scents that appeal to the person of a specific sign. Or maybe for a friend moving away, you could look into creating a candle with the scent of their home city. Regardless, any candle that you take the time to make will be an extraordinary ornament for their bedroom that will always remind them of you. Further, whichever scent you decide to use will become a sentimental scent for the lucky receiver. The smell of your candle will be deeply embedded in their senses, unlocked whenever they come across a scent similar to the one you gifted them. Long-lasting, wonderful and fun-to-make, this is a fantastic gift for anyone.

6. Crochet Item of Clothing

A new hobby, an original piece for the person you're looking to gift your creation to. It is a win-win situation. Crocheting is something you can do almost everywhere. Sitting on the lounge after dinner with your family, in your room while watching a movie, in the backseat of the car; crocheting is a fun activity for you to share with many people over the course of your life. Also, remember the power Taylor Swift's scarf held. After Gyllenhaal kept her scarf in his drawer, she made a life-wrecking album which I am sure left him wondering whether or not he should just have given it back... This is what the mighty yarn and crochet hooks can do.

7. Baked Goods

Timeless! Baking is a super sweet (mind the pun) gift for someone you value. It is also fun to get your hands dirty with your little creation. Whether it be in the form of a basket of cookies, a tray of brownies or a container of cupcakes; you can't go wrong with baking! Attach a nice card and a little personalized decoration on either the items or the case in which your goodies are held and there you go! You've had some fun in the kitchen and have made a person close to you smile.

8. Personalised Plant Pots and Seeds

This idea is truly adorable and fantastic for anyone who can be trusted to take care of some little plants. Firstly, you will need to head to your local hardware chain and pick up a couple of little pots and some little packets of seeds. These can be pretty flower seeds, edible plants (such as basil) seeds, or any sort of seed of your choosing. Then, head home, pull out some paints and brushes and paint some cute pictures on each pot. Remember they don't have to be perfect! Quick and easy, this idea is bound to make your person feel appreciated and also give them something of their own to care for and focus on.

9. Personalised CD Hanging

Another gift that takes a little more time and effort, but again is absolutely worth it, is a personalized CD hanging. What you'll need to do in order to make this gift is to head to the nearest supply store and pick up a box of CDs, as many as you'd like. Then, head home and begin to plan. Think, what do they like to do? What sort of music do they listen to? What fascinates them? Once you have formulated a list, begin painting the CDs and representing their interests on each one. Once completed, thread a piece of twine around and through each of the CDs in order to make a funky piece of decor for their bedroom.

10. Jar of Love

Absolutely one of the most heart-felt DIYs, a jar of love will cause the receiver to feel appreciated, special and, of course, loved. A jar of love is a jar that includes many little pieces of colored paper, each color representing one of (regularly) four things. On the front of the jar, you should include a code to act as instructions for use. For example, you could write something like "Pink = Things I Love About You", "Red = Date Ideas", "Purple = Music I Want You to Listen to", "Yellow = Moments and Memories". Now, obviously, what you'll need is a jar, whichever size you'd like, and an assortment of colored paper. Write whatever you'd like to express to them in groups on each color and then cut them up into pieces and place them in your jar. You may suggest that they open a note every morning in order to start their day with a smile, or perhaps open a note whenever they feel upset. It is completely up to you. They will adore this present and I'm sure you will thoroughly enjoy creating it.

These gifts ideas are to spark an idea for you to run with. The more relationship-like gifts on this list don't necessarily have to be for someone you're dating, that's the beauty of it. You can alter these ideas to match the vibe of your relationship with the person you plan on crafting a gift for. For example, I created a jar of love for one of my friends in order to remind them why I am grateful for them and that I am thinking of them. I hope that you take these ideas and you put your own spin on them. Get creative, have fun and spread the love to those people in your life who truly count.

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