20 Creative Gift Ideas for Your Friends!
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20 Creative Gift Ideas for Your Friends!


November 03, 2021

Personally, I find buying gifts quite overwhelming, and I feel as if most people can relate.

"Are they going to like this?" is one of the most common questions when shopping for gifts, no matter the holiday. Within this article, I have included 20 creative gift ideas that I genuinely believe all teens would love! I also made sure all of these gifts aren't too expensive, at $50 and under!

Sunflower Garden Grow Kit

Purchase Here

I think this gift is so cool! This kit includes everything someone needs to create their own sunflower garden. Better yet, it is only $12!

Six variants of sunflowers and an egg carton are provided to grow these flowers. This is a must-have!

Beginner Crystal Set

Purchase Here

Gift two is another kit! If your friend is a crystal lover or wants to get into crystals, this kit is a great place to start. On Etsy, CharleyTaylorArt is selling a pack of ten crystals for only $20.

Each of the crystals within this kit has positive affirmations which can affect one's life significantly. The starter kit has Clear Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Green Aventurine, Tigers Eye, and Smoky Quartz. Additional crystals can be added to this kit if desired!

Terrarium Candle

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For the next item, we have Terrarium Candles! Aren't these adorable? There are two different styles that both have incredible scents.

The cactus terrarium is pine & vanilla scented, and the poppy terrarium is white tea & jasmine! Who wouldn't love these?

Succulent Pack (20)

Purchase Here

Personally, this is my favorite gift on this list. Right here is a set of 20 succulents. OH MY GOSH.

Plants will forever add the perfect touch to any room, and this set contains all the plants you could ever need! Twenty may be a little too much for some, so there are tons of smaller packs for purchase as well!

Aromatherapy Set

Purchase Essential Oils

Purchase Diffuser

Now, this gift is a little different as it involves two separate purchases. The first item is an Aromatherapy Essential Oils Gift Set. For $14, you receive eight individual oils that are cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and 100% natural.. This set is wonderful, and the scents are phenomenal!

My favorite scents are peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus. The second item to coincide with this gift is an essential oil diffuser. The diffuser I have chosen is the number one bestseller on Amazon and only costs $15! Overall, this is a great gift and costs less than $30 in total.

DIY Boba Kit

Purchase Here

I personally think this boba-making kit is a fantastic idea. When purchasing this kit, you're able to choose between three tea flavors: Classic Black, Jasmine Green, and Wild Thai. Besides the tea, the kit comes with uncooked boba, milk tea base, brown sugar, and either six plastic straws or one reusable straw! Making your own boba with this kit will definitely be a fun experience!

Hair Must-Haves Kit

Purchase Here

At the time of writing this article, we are nearing the wintertime. Most people's hair becomes extremely dehydrated during this season due to the cold, dry air, and harsh weather. Although this kit is terrific for the wintertime, it is suitable year round, making it a must-have gift. For $38, this kit comes with ten products that work to strengthen and rehydrate all hair types!

Mini Cake Pop Maker

Purchase Here

Next, we have a cake pop maker. Even if your friend may not know how to bake, I feel like this is an ideal gift that absolutely everyone would love! Plus, there is a recipe on the box so you cannot go wrong! This gift is only $18 and is a perfect item for parties or sleepovers!

TikTok Cookbook

Purchase here

Now I must say, there is a lot of strange content on TikTok, but there is also a lot of good stuff too! With that being said, the amount of recipes on the app is incredible. This book features 75 recipes found on TikTok, and let me tell you, these recipes look so delicious, yum!. Even if your friend doesn't like to cook, they may feel inspired by this book. I cannot wait to try all these recipes.

DIY Botanical Soap Kit

Purchase here

This next kit is perfect for a self-care day! Creating your own botanical soap sounds so soothing to me. When purchasing this DIY Soap Kit, there are two types to choose from; Lavender + Sage or Rose + Amber! Alongside the dried petals, this kit comes with a soap base, fragrance oil, and stirring wand.

Velvet Scrunchies (60)

Purchase Here

I think this is definitely the most practical gift on the list, providing your friend doesn't have short hair, haha! For a bargain price of only $10, this set includes 60 scrunchies in an array of colors. This is a great buy!

Moon Lamp

Purchase Here

A moon lamp is an outstanding decorative piece suitable for any room. Not only is it beautiful, but it's based on astronomical data from NASA. This lamp is remote or touch-controlled and has 16 different color options for you to choose from depending on your mood. This moon lamp is a gift you cannot go wrong with and all of your friends will love it!

5 Minute Gratitude Journal

Purchase Here

I absolutely love the idea of having a five-minute gratitude journal. The author conveys that with the help of this journal, you will begin to feel inspired and start to notice the small things in life. You will begin to feel grateful for everything that comes your way through insightful prompts, which you complete daily.

DIY Candle Kit

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Have you ever thought of making your own candles? With this kit, you'll be able to make two of your own! What a fun experience! This kit includes everything you'll need to make the perfect candles, including herbs, crystals, wax, and fragrance oil to name a few.

Heated Frog Slippers

Purchase Here

Good thing winter is around the corner. I don't think anything gets better than these adorable heated frog slippers. These are at the top end of the budget, but you will give the coziest gift yet.

These slippers heat up when plugged into a USB port! A unique purchase, and if your friend doesn't like frogs, they have a corgi style too!

Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

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Although somewhat similar to the sunflower kit, this kit allows one to grow their birth-month flower. Did you know there's a different flower representing each month of the year and they have specific meanings? This gift is incredibly thoughtful and most people would love it!

DIY Organic Bath Bomb Kit

Purchase Here

This DIY Bath Bomb Kit is the ultimate gift for a relaxation day. This kit includes all-natural ingredients and up to 16 bath bombs can be made! When ordering this kit, you receive the essentials such as a mold, oils, petals, etc.

Chamberlain Coffee - Cold Brew Starter Pack

Purchase here

Emma Chamberlain's Cold Brew Starter Pack is a great gift idea if your friend is a coffee lover. There's a cold brew mason jar, stainless steel straw, and a ten pack of coffee within this starter pack. Also, there are six different flavors to choose from!

Movie Basket

Next, we have a movie basket. I feel like you can never go wrong with a gift such as this, because who wouldn't love a basket full of their favorite goodies? If you've never made a movie basket, here are a few things you could include:

  • A cozy blanket

  • Popcorn

  • Soda

  • Candy or snacks

  • Popcorn holders

"Open When" Letters

For the final gift, we have "open when" letters. If you don't know what these types of letters are, typically, they're messages written for a person to open when they are feeling a specific emotion. For example, "open when you're happy" or "open when you're sad." I genuinely feel as if everyone would like these because they are written from the senders heart. But beware, this is not a last minute gift as it may take the sender considerable time to write all these messages of hope and love.

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