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Best Galentine's Day Gifts for Your Best Gals


February 12, 2023

With Valentine's day coming up soon, it's important to keep sight of an even more important holiday approaching: Galentines' day. Celebrated on 13th February to show your love and loyalty to your best gals, Galentine's day is honestly one of the best days of the year.

What's stressful about this holiday, however, are the endless gift decisions you’ll have to overcome, as it's challenging to find gifts that are deserving of your best friends - especially since not all of them are the same. So here are our picks for the best Galentine's day gifts you could give, for every type of gal in your life.

1. For The Makeup Lover: Sephora Gift Card

With Sephora housing over 300+ diverse brands ranging from skincare to makeup, anyone would love the choice to choose for themselves, without the gift seeming too impersonalised. I honestly think this is an amazing gift as your loved one could pick out gifts they would actually use and treasure, and would be grateful to you for it for ages.

2. For The Stationery Addict: Muji Stationery

Trust me, you have not known true happiness until you've written with a 0.5 Muji pen. Now going viral for its high quality and minimalist look, this aesthetic yet functional stationery is one of the perfect gifts you could give your friends. Added to the fact that they'll utilize this gift due to its practicality (and aesthetic I mean come on), I think this could be universally gifted regardless and makes a great gift overall!

3. For The One With The Sweet Tooth: A Candy Hamper

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This gift is definitely the sweetest of the lot (see what I did there), and also one of the easiest to assemble. It's cute and practical and any friend will appreciate the effort that went into making this (and the contents inside, of course). Pick out 10-15 of your friend's favourite candies or chocolates and assemble them as shown in the picture. Who said a rose bouquet was the best type of bouquet?

And speaking of bouquets….

4. For The One Who Loves Books More Than Anything In The World: A Book Bouquet

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What once was a viral phenomenon on TikTok is now a gift I have to have gifted to me. The gift screams, cute, personal, aesthetic and absolutely adorable, and a total must-do for any book lover you have in your life. Just grab a sheet of cardboard, tape 5-6 books onto sticks and then tape the sticks on the cardboard, and then tie it all together with crepe paper and a ribbon. It is easily the best gift on this list.

5. For The One Who Loves The Adrenaline Of Sports: A Nike Gym Bag

Honestly, this gift is so practical and thoughtful to anyone you're gifting this to, and even though it is on the pricer side, I think it's worth the splurge. Help your sporty friends get organized with a bag that can fit all of their goods at once. And to step it up, fill this bag with protein bars and energy drinks to truly make this the gift that keeps on giving.

6. For The Tech-Savvy Girl In Your Life: Ace Fast Earphones

Infamous not only for their sleek and edgy design but also astonishingly low price point (given the fact that the audio quality is quite high), these earbuds are a must-have for anyone who loves modern-looking technology. These aesthetic and practical earbuds come in 4 different colours and 3 earcap sizes, truly delivering a bang for your buck.

7. For The One Who Survives On Jewellery: Rings from H&M

There's a lot to love about H&M jewellery, from its diversity and unique trendy pieces to its ability to withstand a lot of conditions that usually tarnish jewellery. The price point is low, the quantity is a lot and the quality is pretty durable. This is a pretty cute and reasonable gift for any jewellery lover that'll be delighted to receive these adorable pieces.

And finally,

8. For The Perfume Lover: Zara Perfumes

Zara perfumes are crafted well, have exotic scents that are rich and feminine, and are quite luxurious for the price point they have. They are quite a unique gift, but also a gift to be beloved by anyone receiving them. To be used for long periods of time and easy to layer on, these perfumes are simply a must-buy for any girl’s growing perfume collection.

As always, celebrating Galentine's day with your loved ones doesn't have to be materialistic. The point of the holiday is to spend time with the friends who you love the most. Even a simple card or a baked good will do because, in the end, the love you give and get is the best gift of all.

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