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YouTuber Fernanda Ramirez on Following Her Dreams, Content Creation, and More

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August 29, 2022

It goes without saying that each day, we strive for three things: live the dream life, reflect an all-around positive energy, and tap into the best version of ourselves. The ultimate goal is to be That Pinterest Girl IRL...but it's not as easy as it seems.

Cue your new Internet role model—Youtube and social media influencer Fernanda Ramirez who has done just that and is here to inspire us into achieving our manifestation fantasies. With a carefree personality that shines through her content like no other, we like to call her the official "It-girl of YouTube".


The Teen Magazine had the special opportunity to talk about all things Fernanda—from social media presence, to life behind the scenes and more.

The Blueprint of Fernanda's Career

How did you begin your career on social media, specifically on YouTube?

Having a YouTube channel was something I envisioned for a long time. Growing up, I watched countless hours of YouTube—from makeup tutorials, to DIYs, to vlogs! I was so envious that all these girls were living out my dreams of traveling to such cool places, meeting other girls with similar interests, and sharing their lives through creative videos.

I tried to film through middle school; my first attempt being “how to make a starburst wrapper bracelet”...That never saw the light of day! I continued trying to make morning routines for the first days of school, but they never turned out how I envisioned it.

While in high school, I ended up meeting a YouTuber at a gymnastics competition and she later reached out asking if my team and I wanted to create a collaborative YouTube channel with her. We spent a few months filming, but with long distance, it never worked out how we hoped.


She gave me my first camera so that I could vlog for the channel, and for the last few years of high school, I would film random events in hopes that I would start a channel for myself—but I was too nervous to post!

Finally, the summer after I graduated high school, I spent lots of time creating a video for prom to post for my friends. I fell in love with the process of editing and creating, and I had never felt so much excitement after finally publishing my first video. I posted a few more videos on and off for the next few months when finally, Covid 19 hit in March 2020. It gave me all the time in the world to create content.

9AM PRODUCTIVE DAY IN MY LIFE LIVING ALONE! yoga & pilates classes, what i eat in a day, + cleaning!

I spent hours and days researching how to grow on YouTube, filming videos, learning how to edit, and posting videos twice a week. With everyone being locked at home during the pandemic, this was the perfect time for me to blow up.

Now, 2 years later, I have not stopped posting to my social media platforms weekly and I am on the verge of hitting 1 million subscribers! I could not be more happy that I found my passion and the love for creating content.

A Love of Content Creation

What do you love about being a content creator?

I love that I am able to share my true personality, thoughts, and feelings with others in such a creative outlet. For me, creating a video is like a little movie. It has a beginning, middle, and end. From planning the video, to picking out the music, and finally filming aesthetic shots; seeing the final outcome is what always makes me come back to my love for creating content.

I love having such an impact on other people's lives and I try my best to make sure my community is a space where others can come to feel inspired or share my experiences. I want those who watch my videos to feel like they are not alone and that I am there for them 100%, even across the screen.


What's your favorite type of content to make?

I love creating content around health, self-care, and wellness. It comes quite easy to me growing up as a competitive gymnast, living in a very health-conscious and active city like Vancouver, and my upbringing with good habits from my parents. I love making my content look aesthetically pleasing and creating videos I've never done before as it gives me a chance to experiment with editing.

I also love creating videos where I include my friends, since it feels so raw and authentic. They love being on camera and it makes me so happy watching through hours of footage of us being together. I'm extremely grateful I will have these videos to look back on my youth in the future!

Lessons Learned

What have you learned from being an influencer and how has it changed your life?

Being on social media has changed my life in every way possible. I think before starting my YouTube channel, I would be very shy around others since I was always worried about how I was being perceived and my peers' opinions. After starting my YouTube channel, a quote that I really live by is “authenticity is power”. I have learned that being my true self is my greatest tool and I want to continue to inspire others to do the same.


Being an influencer has also given me an abundance of opportunities that I will be forever grateful for. It truly is a crazy position to be in, and I remind myself every day of how grateful I am to be in it. I have learned so much about the way I want to present myself to the world, what I want to do with the influence I have, and what message I want to share.

I have made so many new friends in this creative space, have had many life experiences at a young age that I would've never imagined for myself, and have challenged myself in many ways in which I've grown into my own independence.

Motivations and Inspirations

You have many videos focused on productive routines, wellness, and health. How do you stay motivated to keep up with working out, healthy eating, manifesting, and habits?

What motivates me is the feeling I get when I feel like I have all my routines, habits, and practices in order while maintaining a healthy balance of going out with friends, seeing family, or my boyfriend. When I feel like I am doing a good job at keeping up with all these aspects of my life, my life feels so much easier and effortless.

With a better peach of mind, I am also happier and feel like I do a better job at creating content and showing up online or in person.


Who and what inspires the content you create?

My content is typically centered around me trying to achieve my dream lifestyle or showing others the current one that I have. I love showing the experiences I am currently facing while also trying to make sure I am always prioritizing my well-being; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

There are so many amazing YouTubers I draw inspiration from; mainly from the lifestyle community. I also draw inspiration through my viewers' feedback. I love to take constructive criticism for my videos and produce videos that I know will motivate and have an impact on others.

My parents also inspire my content as they have always brought me up with good habits on how to take care of myself and to be extremely grateful for my health. They are always supporting my content and give me great ideas to inspire others!

On the Other Side of the Camera

What is something people may not know about you?

People may not know that I did competitive artistic gymnastics for almost my whole life before I started my YouTube channel! I spent so many hours of my teenage years at the gym, that at the time it felt like it was one of my biggest defining traits. From missing school to attend practice, traveling the world for competitions, and all the ups and downs that came with training which could've been up to 24 hours a week, the lessons I learned from the sport have really shaped me into who I am today and my work ethic.

I also have an older brother named Andrew! He is 24-years-old and he is always so supportive of me.


Recently, you've posted videos about moving into a new apartment on your own for the first time. How has that been so far? What inspired the vibe of your apartment?

I feel so happy and blessed to be able to live alone in Vancouver at 20 years old. I feel a new sense of growing independence and freedom. There have definitely been some ups and downs, but I've definitely grown a lot during these past few months and I feel really excited to have a space where I can fully decorate and furnish to my own liking in a way that inspires me daily.

My inspiration for my apartment was drawn through Pinterest, but mainly through colors and pieces that bring me lots of joy. I love pastel colors, creams and whites, fresh plants and flowers, and dainty glass items. I tried to pick out lots of neutrals for my big pieces of furniture that I knew I wouldn't get tired of, and thrifted all the decor at vintage shops! This way, it's super cheap, easily changeable depending on the season, and unique!

Advice From Fernanda, To You

What's one piece of advice you would give to others who look up to you?

To 100% give a chance to the path you are scared of, but know you have a passion for! It's so easy to follow in the direction that you’ve been told to go your whole life, and while sometimes that may be the safer option, I think anything is possible if you truly put in the hours and you have a passion for it.


I was actually planning to go into dentistry before starting my YouTube channel and now looking back, I think I would have been working countless hours towards a degree and job that I wasn't even sure I loved. I now feel like even if I spend countless hours on my “craft” a day, it does not feel like work, because I enjoy what I'm doing so much and my work ethic is driven through passion instead.

Future Plans

Do you have any future plans?

I think in this space, the options are truly endless. There is so much I want to tap into in terms of growing my personal brand, starting a business, collaborating with huge names, going into the fashion world, trying out acting, modeling, you name it!


I try to set goals for myself monthly and yearly, and at this time I am taking it one year at a time. I have so much hope for the next few years and I can't wait to share my experiences with the world!

10 Quick Q's With Fernanda

1. Favorite way to destress?

I love taking the day to focus on self-care! For me, this means taking a long shower, doing an in-depth hair routine, shaving my legs, and doing a face mask with the intention of washing away the "old and stressed" version of myself.

I also love to do activities such as yoga in studios, since they help me get out of the house and visit a place with a good environment. Yoga helps me clear my head and feel much more re-centered!

2. Trend you're loving right now & a trend that needs to be retired?

I am loving low-waisted cargo pants at the moment! My current favorite pair is the cream BDG Y2K Low-Rise Cargo Pant from Urban Outfitters. They fit so comfortably, yet are super stylish and make every outfit look a bit more exciting!

A trend I am not a fan of anymore is 100% any kind of skinny jeans or pants.

3. Favorite self-care activity?

I love doing any form of exercise. It truly makes me feel back on track and helps honor my mind, body, and soul. My favorite forms of exercise are walking, yoga, pilates, or weight lifting at the gym.


Whether it's with peaceful music or hype up music, I always finish with a smile on my face!

4. Go-to order at your favorite restaurant?

I am OBSESSED with sushi! Here in Vancouver, we are so lucky to have the second-best sushi compared to Japan, and I can't take advantage of it enough! My favorite rolls to eat are spicy salmon rolls, hamachi maki rolls, and mango philadelphia rollsl

5. Favorite fashion staple at the moment?

I will always be a basic baby tee girl! I can never have too many in my wardrobe. To me, they are the perfect item to throw on as they are super comfortable, match with everything, and I never need to worry too much about the fit of them. Plus, they can be worn all year round!

6. If you could have an unlimited shopping spree at any store, which store would you choose?

I think I'm going to have to choose the basic answer and say Aritzia. The store tends to be a little pricier, but the quality of every item is sure to last a very long time. There are so many basics and fun options to pick from to find everything you need for the perfect timeless capsule wardrobe.

7. Something you never leave the house without?

I never leave the house without lip products and an eyebrow spoolie! My pet peeve is having unbrushed eyebrows or dry lips, so I always make sure to bring them with me for touch ups throughout the day.


My favorite lip products are by Charlotte Tilbury and Dior!

8. Last show you binged?

Selling Sunsets! It's definitely a dramatic show and I keep saying it's not that good, yet I'm on the last season so they must be doing something right! I'm not too much of a TV girl, so anything mindless I can play in the background while I cook or eat my meals is what I'll usually gravitate to.

9. Something on your wishlist right now?

I would love to pick up a pair of Apple Air Pod Maxes. I've heard lots of good things about them and I definitely need to step up my headphone game!

10. Favorite recipe to make?

My go-to recipe is definitely any type of power bowl. They are so easy to make and the toppings you can interchange are endless. I usually go for arugula, quinoa or couscous, tofu, mango, avocado, cucumber, peppers, a squeeze of lemon juice, and tahini sauce!

Keep Up With Fernanda

Want to stay in touch with what Fernanda's been up to? Get the latest scoop by checking out on YouTube, or her other socials @fernandaraamirez on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest!

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