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Chasing Creativity: Jazmyn Makenna on Authenticity & Growth on Social Media

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January 16, 2023

In the ever-evolving sphere of social media, trends and aesthetics are constantly taking form on the internet- but for one internet star, it's all about staying true to herself whilst sharing intriguing snapshots of her lifestyle.

Meet Jazmyn Makenna: an Instagram influencer, model, fashionista, and all-around creative that's not afraid to both romanticize and show authenticity.

It's clear she's here to take on the internet her own way, and The Teen Magazine had a chance to chat with her on all things related to her journey to stardom and future goals.

Creating A True-To-Self Content

Jazmyn has created a well-established platform for herself on social media; as of publication, she's amassed over 190K followers on Instagram, and 640K on TikTok.

When asked if she'd always envisioned herself following this career path and internet trajectory, Jazmyn told us, "From a young age, I always knew that I wanted to be known and have an influence on people. I wanted to be a star like Hannah Montana and Britney Spears; those two people had a huge influence on me."

"I would say what got me into it is [how] I just started seeing other people post things, and I thought I’d start posting to try and get my face out there." Jazmyn shared.

Jazmyn's content ranges from clips showing off her stylish outfits, fun shopping hauls, and makeup routines, but has majorly been loved for its comedic quality and how relatable they are. To describe her own videos, Jazmyn chose "sporadic yet comforting"- the perfect encapsulation of the random yet cohesiveness of her content.

The Ups and Downs

With so many followers comes great opportunities- like partnering with BYOMA-, an experience Jazmyn reflected on fondly. "It was actually one of my first-ever brand collaborations. Two months after I collaborated with them, I saw that they were selling in Target, and I thought that was the coolest thing ever."

However, with that comes the seemingly looming numbers of the many thousands of followers constantly keeping up with Jazmyn's lifestyle. On this, Jazmyn shared that "having the followers I have is really cool, and I’m so grateful for it, but at the same time, it’s scary."

Growth & Support System

In many of Jazmyn's videos, there are many classic songs compared to the trending billboard hits- a refreshing swipe from the endless loop of the same twenty-something clip of a new song. "I don’t really listen to newer music," Jazmyn shared, "and I want my post to be authentically me with the things and songs I like."

On the note of going with what feels most her rather than what's trending, Jazmyn has been on the social media scene for years; some of her Instagram Reels even date back to six years ago! Since that time, Jazmyn noted, "I've grown immensely. I think you can just see it in itself with my content. I’m a lot more ME showing my true self."

Such a journey was made even better with a strong support system. "I truly believe that who you surround yourself with is really important," Jazmyn affirmed, "You want to be with people who are going to uplift you and support your dreams and goals. I have so much love for my friends."

Inspiration, Influence & What's Next

When it comes to creating content, Jazmyn does it all to share laughter, inspiration, and relatability. To those watching her content, Jazmyn advised: "Don’t care what anybody thinks or says; just be yourself and do what makes you happy. At the end of this life, you are stuck with yourself, so do things that are going to make you happy."

When looking forward, Jazmyn expects to branch out further into the creative scene. "I definitely want to be getting into some modeling and possibly some acting in the future," she shared.

10 Quick Q's With Jazmyn

1. Favorite clothing item?

Denim pants.

2. Someone you hope to collaborate with in the future?

Bella Hadid. Doing a modeling campaign with her would be insane.

3. A fashion/clothing trend that has to go?

High consumption of fast fashion stores, like Shein, Zaful, Romwe, etc.

4. Best way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

The best way to spend a Sunday afternoon would be cuddled up with my cats.

5. The worst joke you’ve ever heard.

The worst joke I’ve ever heard is definitely any of the jokes my boyfriend says!

6. A song that represents your life right now?

A song that represents my life right now would be I’m Every Woman by Whitney Houston.

7. Your favorite aesthetic?

My favorite aesthetic would definitely be cottage core.

8. Least favorite drink?

Grapefruit juice.

9. What is your ultimate pet peeve?

People that lie.

10. A place you spend most of your time?

My room. It’s a very comforting place for me.

Keep Up With Jazmyn

Be sure to follow Jazmyn on all social media platforms to stay in the loop on her latest creative content! Find her on Instagram at @jazmynmakenna and TikTok at @jazmynmakenna.

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