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Your New Internet Bestie: Gabriella Annalisa on Motivating Content and the Always by Your Side Podcast

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October 26, 2023

In case you haven't already heard, Gabriella Annalisa is officially our new Internet best friend; with all the advice, inspiration, and lifestyle content you could ask for, she's quickly emerged as a dominating force across various social media platforms.

Best known for her rise to fame on TikTok, amassing 3.8 million followers, she has since reached new heights, growing her YouTube platform and launching the Always By Your Side podcast.

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In this exclusive interview, Gabriella shared the ins and outs of her social media timeline—starting from the very beginning, to now, considering her podcast and future goals.

Road to Social Media

Every influencer starts somewhere. For Gabriella, she's been dreaming big since childhood. Rooted from her aspiration to grow a YouTube channel, she eventually stumbled across TikTok, where she became viral, garnering millions of views and followers over the years she's been in the industry.


"I had watched YouTube like TV growing up and always had a fascination with YouTube. I saw TikTok taking off so I took a chance and went at TikTok," she described.

Now that she's familiarized herself with the intricacies of social media, Gabriella "learned that not everything is what it looks like."

"It's so easy to portray an image to someone," she voiced.

Content Creation Dreams

For Gabriella, content creation is an outlet for creative expression. With a large platform reaching audiences worldwide, she ultimately wishes to have a positive impact on her followers: "I went through a huge pivotal point in my life where I came to a realization that I wanted to do a better job at delivering a message to my followers. I wanted people to watch my videos and feel like they learned something."

Photo courtesy of Gabriella

Serving as someone to relate to during all stages of life, Gabriella is there for you, always.

The Always By Your Side Podcast

Speaking of inspiring audiences around the globe, Gabriella revealed insight about her recent podcast, Always By Your Side.

“I started my podcast because I went through a tough season of trials in my life. In that time, I went through a really toxic breakup, my best friend passed away, and I stepped away from my company,” she recalled.

Undergoing a dark period where she felt like she didn't have someone to turn to, Gabriella realized how many other people in the world might be feeling the same way: “I sat and thought about how God had blessed me with a platform and that I should use it for good."


What's covered on Always By Your Side? “On the Podcast, we talk about deep conversations and let the viewers know that they are not alone. What they’re going through is not something to feel ashamed of and even though it may not seem that way, everyone goes through seasons of trials,” she stated.

Listen to the Always By Your Side Podcast here.

Through new episodes every Monday, Gabriella discusses intimate topics, unfolding a raw side of herself. Expressing authenticity, she helps listeners become the best version of themselves and reminds them of the possibility to overcome unprecedented challenges.

Words of Wisdom

To those who look up to Gabriella as a role model, she shared some worthwhile advice based on her personal values and experiences thus far. “Stop beating yourself up. A lot of the time, we compare our looks, our success, our paths to someone else’s,” she explained.

"Just because someone may seem like they’re ahead of you doesn’t mean that they are. Everyone has their own path and their own destination."


"Don’t compare you and your timeline to someone else. We all have our own unique, beautiful plan." —Gabriella Annalisa

Future Plans

Anticipate plenty of exciting news in store, while Gabriella continues to empower and make a difference in the world.

"I hope to grow my podcast Always By Your Side and grow it into something WAY bigger than just a podcast," she said.

Photo courtesy of Gabriella

And, it doesn't end there: “I have so many fun secret ideas that one day will come into fruition and I can’t wait to bring you all on the journey with me.”

Quick Q's with Gabriella

What's a trend that you are loving right now?

I love the old money style trend going on right now

Dream travel destination?

My dream travel destination right now is Greece or Italy. I have never been to Europe and I want to go so badly!

What’s your comfort food?

Comfort food is 1000% pizza or bagels. They are my absolute favorite.

Favorite item in your closet?

My favorite item in my closet is my white linen pants. They go with everything I like and I am obsessed.

Favorite song at the moment?

“Gratitude” by Brandon Lake.

In three words, how would you describe your life right now?

I would say my life feels like transitional, new and uncomfortable. It sounds scary but the best times for growth in your life are when you are in a transitional time and you’re uncomfortable.

Dream collaboration?

Dream collaboration right now would be with George Janko or Jidion on my podcast.

Quote that you live by?

“You do not realize now what I am doing, but later your will understand” John 13:7.

Keep Up with Gabriella

Want to stay up to date with all-things Gabriella? Be sure to find her on Instagram @gabriellannalisa, TikTok @itsgabriellannalisa, and YouTube. You can also listen to the Always By Your Side Podcast on her Youtube channel.


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