TikTok Star Hannah Pistoia on Passion for Film and Chasing Dreams
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TikTok Star Hannah Pistoia on Passion for Film and Chasing Dreams

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March 14, 2023

With over 2 million followers on TikTok and over 100k followers on Instagram, Hannah Pistoia has definitely been experiencing a lot of drastic changes over the past two years. Hailing from New Jersey and eventually moving to Delaware during high school, Hannah originally started out studying at Regent University in Virginia in 2018, where she would go on to major in Criminal Justice. A year later, she would create a TikTok account where she would post skits and songs just for fun.

But her luck would soon turn around not much later after finishing her Criminal Justice degree. With her now being able to do what she always dreamed of doing- which is make fun reviews of some of her favorite stories, attend movie premieres, share her own movie ideas, and even help produce movies! She has done so well that she was able to move from the East Coast entirely to live in sunny California.

The Teen Magazine had the wonderful opportunity to interview famous TikToker Hannah Pistoia for this exclusive article- read on to find out just how her dream became a reality!

From East Coast Gal to LA Dream Life

Going from one part of the country and across to the other is always a big step, especially when you're young. And Hannah is no exception to this. When asking Hannah about how having to adjust to such a new life felt, she stated,"I went from doing homework every day to having the opportunity to write about stories that excite me and I am beyond blessed for that. Although life far away from home is definitely hard, I have an amazing support system of family and friends that are there for me and encourage me every step of this crazy journey."

She also made sure to note the more dreary aspects of success and having to move, and why it is important for her to remember to take some "me time" every now and again by stating, "success is this career path is never guaranteed and that can be haunting at times. But that is why it is so important to remind myself why I am doing it and finding time to unplug as well. I have learned a lot about myself during this lifestyle adjustment and have been focusing more on taking things day-by-day instead of overwhelming myself with anxieties about the future."

" I used to be so excited about new books or movies and still am to this day."

Nothing is ever as easy as it seems- even when that thing is something you dreamed of your entire life. Part of having to work hard is having the motivation to do it; something that drives you to want it. When asked about what motivates her to achieve everything she has so far, Hannah was not shy about paying homage to her childhood that was filled with creativity and now impacts her life as an adult as well. She says, "looking back on my childhood, I remember being so in awe of storytellers; authors, directors, screenwriters, actors, etc."

The Inside Scoop

Hannah is no stranger when it comes to the entertainment industry and she makes that well known. Constantly sharing the latest movie premiere she had the privilege to attend or her latest cool movie idea- we just had to ask 'how did she get into the entertainment industry?' to which Hannah was more than willing to answer.

Hannah says that,"for me, it all started with social media. Growing up, I watched youtubers and viners create such unique content and I always promised myself that one day I would try and do the same. In 2019, I joined TikTok as someone who did not know what to expect and what I wanted my own content to be like.

I did fun little skits in the beginning, but after a year or so I finally realized that my passion was storytelling. I would post story times about events in my life and then that turned into me sharing my own fiction concepts (my movie ideas). I quickly realized that there was a whole world out there full of amazing supporters who were interested in the stories I would tell and because of them, I got the film industry's attention."

"I think the best advice I could give is to believe in yourself."

With Hannah having so much knowledge and being such a young success, The Teen Magazine wanted to know if she had any tips or advice to share with others who want to work in entertainment.

Hannah gave some really good advice, as she states,"it’s easy to compare your success and your work to others who are already in the industry but, you have to remember that your journey is unique. Sometimes it is hard to accept that you deserve to follow your dreams and you deserve to be creative in any way that you can. That ‘s why it is so important to believe in yourself and believe in the fact that what you have and who you are is special and that there is always room for more creativity in any industry."

Hannah has big dreams and big goals and we are sure that her fans would love to know what her next big plans are as much as we do!

And luckily, Hannah gave us the inside scoop as she shares that,"in the next couple of years I hope to release my first book and solidify more than movie deals. Before entering the writer space, I didn’t realize how much time it takes to make things happen, but now I understand. Having the knowledge now, I am learning to have patience with myself and my work and doing my best to execute quality content to make my supporters proud when the time comes to share what I have been working towards."

Five Fun Questions with Hannah Pistoia

1. What is your favorite comfort food? Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Has always and will always be for me.

2. If you could have any superpower- what would it be? And why?

Teleportation. Imagine how amazing it would be to go anywhere you want, whenever you wanted. If I had that superpower, I would probably find myself visiting the most beautiful libraries around the world.

3. What would you say your spirit animal is? I think out of all of the animals in the world my spirit animal would have to be a dog.

I grew up surrounded by and taking care of them and have always felt connected to them. I would honestly say that my current dog Oliver, a three-year-old mini goldendoodle, is my best friend and I don’t know what I’d do without him.

4. What are your top 5 destination places you want to visit? My last name, Pistoia, is actually a city in Italy, so that has to be at the top of my list.

Greece, Switzerland, France, and London are definitely high up on that list as well. I have never actually been outside of the country, so I can’t wait for the day that I’ll have the opportunity to do so.

5. If you could star in any television show, which one would you choose? I love so many television shows but if I had to choose one, I think it would be Pretty Little Liars.

Now I know this show was not everyone's favorite but I spent years sitting by the TV waiting for new episodes to come out and I will never forget how excited I was during those times. I am a mystery lover and that show always had me on the edge of my seat and always found a way to surprise me. I grew up with that series and it was/is a dream of mine to work with that amazing group of actors and crew.

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