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Directly imported from the land of smiles. JJ is a high school student in Sci-Math major. He loves physics, history, gastronomy, media, and amity. He got involved in writing since he has been in high school. He believes that every fault gives him many valuable lessons. He is an official writer on TTM now.

What Life is Like Living in the Countryside

October 22, 2020

Personal Growth

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8 House Plants You Can Grow Even Without a Green Thumb

August 19, 2020

Personal Growth

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Easy Detox Drinks That Will Kickstart Your Day

June 22, 2020

Beauty & Style

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Why is it Important to Learn History in School?

May 30, 2020

Student Life

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7 Useful Tips to Improve Your Lecture Notes

April 24, 2020

Student Life

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