Here's How to Cope with Post-Exam Anxiety & Stress Effectively

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Exam period is one of the most terrifying nightmares for most students. It brings along the most stressful situations for the students: memorizing terms, understanding, and revising numerous theories and formulas, and staying up all night grinding for that one extra hour.

Many students will spend time preparing for the exam for one, two, or more weeks; thus, they are absolutely submerged by stress. However, what comes after is worse. The time of waiting and speculating for your results.

Therefore, I decided to write this article and share with you some tips on how to deal with post-exam stress. Enjoy!

1. Be optimistic and hopeful

Are you worried about the recent exam that you took?

After the examination, you could not alter any responses. All you can do is wait for the teacher to mark your paper. Thus, being hopeful and optimistic can never hurt your chances. Award yourself for the hard work you put in in the past weeks; keep in mind that thinking positively will always help you step further from post-exam stress.

2. Listen to your favorite songs or do a karaoke night

Music is one of many suggestions to heal mental health, especially when you are falling into anxiety or depression. The sound of the song directly affects your mentality. According to the research of the National Alliance on Mental Illness “The Impact of Music Therapy”, music therapy benefits various mental health conditions, including depression, trauma, and schizophrenia, and etc.

Music can also calm down stress or worry. Choosing your favorite songs to heal your anxiety after the exams can help you get away from the stress.

What about Karaoke? It is a form of entertainment, originally from Japan, in which people take turns to sing popular songs into a microphone over prerecorded backing tracks. It can absolutely wash the post-exam stress away from your brain.

Don't forget about Youtube! Go on there for your favorite Karaoke tracks; just make sure your off-key voices aren't heard by the neighbors! Using music as the healer after the examination can make your day full of mirthfulness.

3. Binge your favorite movies or TV shows

Sure enough, you must enjoy interesting different movies and TV shows. The movie that you always wanted to watch or the series you can forever binge would be a great choice to flush away your stress. When you are mesmerized by the interesting plot of the movie, you would eventually forget about the stress exam.

The recommended genres of movies are comedy, fiction, cartoon, horror, and romance drama. For instance, horror movies can incredibly change your mood. According to a recent study, a survey on the psychology of scary media shows that anxious people get better at handling their own anxiety by watching scary movies. In addition, television shows can also help reduce post-exam stress well. Some comedy sitcoms might change the anxiety to the laughing and some cooking competitive shows change the stress to root the competitor.

4. Enjoy your favorite food

What is your favorite food? Post-exam time is too anxious; therefore, the best-loved food is one of many options for you to ease the anxiety fantastically. In fact, your favorite food directly affects your mood positively. When we consume delicious food, our mood will be naturally better.

One example is my beloved friend, her name is Aei. She often finds her delicious food after taking an exam. She said, “My anxiety is eased on account of the delicious tastes of food. When I was anxious about post-exam, food is always beside me.” Furthermore, there are some specific foods that can help decrease the worrying. For example, berries have an abundance of antioxidants, which assist protect your cells from stress and may help ease feelings of depression or anxiety, or dark chocolate, which advocates benefits in memory improvement and stress reduction.

5. Travel

After being in a long stressful time fully, seeking some gripping and magnificent attractions will help you to cope with the post-exam anxiety. How can travel help reduce anxiety?

Traveling is like you step away from the previous status in order to discover and encounter something new especially a post-exam voyage. It is very imperative that you spend time to experience some new places because it takes you away from post-exam anxiety. The places might not only be attractive or surrounded by a numerous number of people; nevertheless, the places can be peaceful and calm. It depends on your convenience and your favorites. For instance, Natural-loved people might prefer strongly to get in touch with nature more than city guys.

6. Pick up your favorite hobby.

Your hobby seems to be one of the most terrific solutions that can kick the anxiety away from your mind. Everyone has unique hobbies. Some of you fall in love with painting, some are fascinated by singing or music, and some are interested in exercising. When we are happy with our hobbies, it helps to forget the post-exam worrying. For example, your loving hobby is painting. When you are painting, you are more concentrated on your image in lieu of the post-exam anxiety. In addition, it also helps improve your proficient skills importantly. You did your hobbies again and again until you are super familiar.

7. Talk or chat with Friends

“What is a friend? I will tell you. It is a person with whom you dare to be yourself. Your soul can be naked with him”.

(C. Raymond Beran)

Sometimes, you desire some of your tremendous friends to stay beside you especially when you are feeling depressed. They can give you a consultation or give you an appreciation. If you have any anxiety after taking the examination, friends will always stay beside you. For example, when you are feeling worried about a previous examination, then you chat to your best mate. He or she will absolutely give you a piece of advice, encourage you, and cheer you up.

In conclusion, post-exam anxiety and stress are inevitable for the students, who have to face numerous troubles and stress. However, the most important thing is how we can deal with the stress or anxiety after taking an examination. Everyone has a diversity of solutions. Find the best one for you and enjoy it.

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