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Winter Accessories You Need to Elevate Your Outfit This Season

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December 25, 2023

Winter is the season of fashion as fashion week trends start heading into the new year, and layering becomes a necessity; new looks and old ones are coming out of the woodwork. It seems everyone and their mother is looking out for the coming fashion statements of this season. From the resurgence of fur to the new popularity of colored tights, here are some trends to look out for this season and ways to elevate your already-loved winter outfits.

Red: The It Girl Color

The French girls always knew this one was coming. Since Sophie Richie debuted her red flats, the internet has been obsessed with a pop of the romantic color. From just a simple drug store lipstick to the infamous seven hundred dollar flats, the addition of a red accessory can be found in so many places.

This trending color has been all over social media, the runways, and fashion week looks. It's an easy and affordable way to flip an otherwise boring outfit into a chic statement.

Your Mom's Fur Coats

Remember that cliche fur coat from your mom's closet you giggled at years ago? Well, looks like you've already met the coat of the year. The early 2000s resurrection has brought with it the iconic Cruella coats.

Seen over a classy dinner look but also over a Regina Goerge-inspired mini skirt moment, these coats have taken over New York's streets. If you're looking for a more affordable substitute, run, don't walk to your nearest thrift store.

Who Needs Turtle Necks- The Scarf Movement

Skinny and thick. Knit and fleece. Long and short.

Everybody has been wearing scarves since bread was cut, but using them as a styled accessory has only been popularized recently. Scarves have been used as hoods, neckties, and wraps. We've seen celebrities and influencers using scarves to add shape and movement to a simpler look. Pull out the timeless scarves that you stuff into the winter section of your closet and see how many ways you can use them to elevate your outfits.

Let Them Eat Cake- Bows Are Back

What can a tiny bow not fix? Here's a spoiler: the answer is nothing. This look is probably one of the easiest and one of the season's most fun trends.

As the holidays hit, keep your ribbon from gifts to put in your hair, on your sleeves, as a belt, and more. Embrace your little girl and play dress up with pink and white ribbon. There are never too many bows, so have your fun, and while you're at it, have your piece of cake too.

New Season, New Dior

One of the biggest silhouettes from fashion that is coming back is the slick New Dior Look. The timeless combo of a voluptuous skirt and a tight top that cinches in your waist. The silhouette is reminiscent of old Hollywood and an almost Audry Hepburn era.

Suppose you're looking for a classy way to stay in trend this season. This look is perfect for you. The Dior figure can be recreated quite simply with a maxi circle skirt and a tank, baby tee, or tight turtle neck.

Leather of All Shapes And Sizes

Is leather the new polyester? It's looking like it with all the leather-made maxi skirts, trenches, suit jackets, and more that have been covering the runways. Vegan or not, leather adds a new dimension to outfits without overcomplicating the look.

If the skirts are a little too much for you, a classic leather jacket is another perfect way to stay on trend. Simple, fashionable, and functional for all the snow days we're looking towards. This look brings back the grunge of Effy Stonem while keeping the class of early Tom Ford.

Ashley Tisdale Was Ahead of Her Time

The Disney Red Carpet is haunting us. The dress over jeans has been a not-so-new way to warm up your spring dresses in this winter's trends. A juxtaposition between the frills and lace of a dress and the blocky nature of wide-leg jeans has taken the heart of newer generations just as it did in the early 2000s. Although many defy this look, it's become a popular and polarizing addition to winter fashion.

Say Goodbye to Low Waist. Drop Waist Is In

While many trends from the early 2000s and 2010s are back in circulation, some new ones are also roaming the streets. Drop waist skirts and dresses have covered runways in the past few months. A pleated drop waist skirt can add a new silhouette to the classic sweater and skirt combo. This new shape has taken the place of the notorious low-rise jeans and replaced it with something high fashion but also fun.

Cheetah Girls

You can't have fur without the classic cheetah print of the 90s. For years, mainstream fashion has blackballed cheetah print from trends. But it looks like our favorite pattern has come out to play again.

Cheetah print can add a new element and pattern without making an outfit too busy. Paired with a simple black turtle neck, a cheetah print coat can make you look like a 90s rockstar. This exciting pattern can be found in coats, bags, skirts, and a pair of pants if you're feeling a little rebellious. We are not only in the season of snow but also in the season of patterns!

The Rainbow of Tights

We've all seen the sheer black tights under miniskirts, but this season's tights aren't just black and white. They're red, pink, blue, striped, and more. All over fashion month, these tights made sure they were seen.

A new maximalist twist on a basic layer piece can elevate a look from blank paper to a high fashion Pippy Long Stockings. If you want to keep a more simple and elegant look but add some color, these tights are the way to go. What a quirky 60s accessory to add to your closet.

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