Fashion Predictions: 5 Exciting Spring Trends to Keep on Your Radar

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Capricious and ever-changing, fashion can be difficult to predict, but to the keen observer, it's like second nature. In this article, I'll help break down the hottest fashion trends to look your best this spring.

From the funnest prints, edgy pieces to exciting colors, each element of fashion has been thoroughly explored to help up your style. Classic trench coats, burnt orange, mesh tops and cutout dresses are just some styles that have been given the go ahead by fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Chanel to easily become the craze of the season.

So, let's dive into the article to learn more about styling the perfect outfit for that long-awaited outing!

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The Classic Trench coat

The trench coat: a perfect wardrobe staple that stays in fashion. This piece comes back year after year with unique touches from experienced designers and up-and-coming creatives.

This year, in particular, a lot of coats have been showcased on runways with nuanced takes that range from quirky little twists, puff shoulders to drop waists with pleated bottoms and exciting slits.

High-end designers like Burberry have already set the tone with a daring trench coat of a mix of black leather and denim, while Louis Vuitton had a more oversized and masculine take. Runways like Max Mara have also displayed wearable fashion with classic designs like the cape style or a simpler style with gathered sleeves which became an immediate hit.

Stone coloured trench coats like a lovely clay or khaki could be the perfect go-to piece. A soft, lightweight, flowy fabric can be the flawless companion to an outfit anywhere from jeans and t-shirt, or all black smart look to a dressed-up night out.

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Vibrant Hues

The pop of colour and the refreshing change of scenery can be boiled down to a couple of easy, mesmerising and eccentric shades that are sure to make you stand out.

These covetable colour trends like the dark purplish-red pigment of magenta as seen from Gucci and Isabel Marant to the softer sunny hues of mellow yellow carried by Jacquemus and Meryll Rogge have gradually made through the runways to become a craze.

At the same time, the tried and true shade of burnt orange or tangerine has come back yet for another season to reestablish itself as the colour of spring and to give your outfits a much-needed vibrancy.

Looking for a real statement piece? Well, no need to venture too far to find the most striking colour of the season: green!

Not the complete highlighter shade but the right mixture between a pastel green tint and a kind of yellow neon. This sought-after colour, especially by high-end designers like Balmain and David Koma, is the rage of the season.

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Fun Relaxed Fit

Long gone are the days of uncomfortable, irritating and exhausting skinny jeans that make you want to scream out in frustration. Instead, the glorious new age of comfort meets style has been introduced.

Baggy, loose, and a relaxed fit has been trending all over, and are perfect for anything from a lazy Sunday look with graphic tees to a more structured feel with oversized blazers. These jeans are here to stay, especially when designers like Victoria Beckham and Channel have completely incorporated the style into their spring collections.

Wide-leg trousers and leather pants are a staple piece for your wardrobe. These pants are the simplest way to style up to maintain a chic and sophisticated look with minimum effort.

Lately, the former oversized chino khaki style has been strutting on the runways of Hermes and Louis Vuitton in an attempt to embrace both the feminine and masculine side. Regardless, pulling an outfit together has never been this easy!

Bold and fun designs are also the craze with animal prints like zebra and cow, checkerboard patterns, and psychedelic prints splattered all across your favorite Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds. These cool, aesthetic, and funky designs are the perfect way to up your game and stand out in a crowd.

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Second Skin Tops

Let's talk about showing off our bodies in a not so scandalous but fun, exciting and edgy way because these tops are literally insane.

Easy to style with almost any look or fit and perfect for any occasion, this will definitely be your most favorite trend ever. And the best part is that these tops come in many inexhaustible prints, colours, textures and prices that it's nearly impossible to be out of options.

Also did I mention so many prices? Yes! Looking amazing on a budget will never be a struggle again.

A day out with friends or a night out with a date, these tops, almost like a second skin, will leave them all with their eyes wide and mouths open. Be prepared to steal the show with an outfit that will leave them wanting for more. Don't forget though confidence is key, so be sure to own that look!

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Cutout, Sheer, Bold Shouldered Dresses and More

To no one's surprise, spectacular styles of dresses have once again been deemed as the reigning champion of spring. This year especially, the numerous designs and textures are simply out of this world with choices ranging from knitted and sheer to cutout and classic maxis, no one will be left behind in their journey to find "the one."

Cutouts and bold shouldered dresses have simply been dominating the runway this year and there is no other way to go about it. From Victoria Beckham and Brandon Maxwell, cut out dresses have truly stolen the show with its asymmetrical design that just makes it stand out anywhere and everywhere.

Simultaneously, as seen on the runway of Givenchy, the lovely chic structure given by a strong-shouldered dress is also sure to make you the star of the party, so don't shy away from this style.

The 90s mesh or the sheer look is absolutely spectacular! The stretchy mesh numbers in florals, tie-dye or animal print are so pretty and easy to style that it will definitely become your most-worn piece.

Ruffled and flouncy, the lightweight sheer dresses have taken the fashion world by storm with gorgeous models strutting the runways of Valentina and Christian Dior in their partly see-through and completely unique dresses.

Time to highlight the breathtaking knitted dresses and classic maxis which have truly become a fan favorite (or at least a personal favorite).

The hype around knitted dresses have spiraled them into stardom with regular features from top fashion houses like Bottega Venetta, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Fendi. At the same time, the classic column maxis have taken comfort to the next level with a super simple look that has heavily been featured on the runways of Victoria Beckham and Jacquemus. So snug, it's kind of unbelievable.

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What’s Next?

Style varies with each person, yet we all share one common secret: to look our best, most confident self. The way we carry ourselves and the energy we bring is what really makes us stand out.

So, this spring, make sure to strut that look with a charisma that will force double-takes and about a million compliments. Get ready for the most fabulous season ever!

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