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Unveiling the Hottest Winter Coat Trends of 2024

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Tue, February 13

For girls who love fashion, winter is one of the worst times of the year. Mini skirts end up with tights underneath, and coats cover every outfit. Sometimes you even have to prioritize warmth over fashion.

Ranging from classics like the puffer to new trends like racer jackets, coats are trending right now. Also, tons of new coat styles are being promoted by influencers on brand-sponsored trips. If you pick the right coat, your outfit even gets a built-in accessory, just like the influencers. For some guidance on how to pick which jacket you want, continue reading because below are the hottest winter coat trends of 2024.

Fur Coats

Ever since the mob-wife aesthetic began trending on social media, fur coats have been everywhere. These coats tend to be popular in neutral colors, most commonly in beige/light brown. Influencers have been wearing a variety of lengths, such as the classic longer length or the newer waist length, which was seen on Kate Bartlett and Hannah Harrell in Kate's Instagram post.

https://www.instagram.com/reel/C13ALX2gWKu/ https://www.instagram.com/reel/C13ALX2gWKu/

Also, a few influencers, such as Lauren Wolfe and Kit Keenan, took a girls trip to Aspen. They have been spotted in fur coats all weekend. This was seen on Lauren's Instagram post.

https://www.instagram.com/p/C2-zvkPv\_np/ https://www.instagram.com/p/C2-zvkPv\_np/

You can find affordable and stylish fur coats on Fashion Nova and Amazon, but if you want one that is a bit more expensive you can try Revolve.


Puffer coats are a winter coat staple. They have been popular for years, and almost everyone has some variation of one. Recently, brands have been creating puffer coats in fun patterns, such as plaid, tye-dye, denim, etc.

We saw a ton of these new prints during the Goldbergh trip to Whistler this winter. Goldbergh is known for their high end skiwear, and on this trip, the influencers went skiing. Madeline White featured her pink puffer coats all over her Instagram accounts.


We also saw Tezza Barton in the red star print and mint puffers.


If you don't want a colored or patterned puffer, black puffers are also trending right now. Whitney Fransway rocked an all brown ski outfit during the Whistler trip.


Goldbergh is a great option for if you're headed to the ski slopes. For an everyday puffer, Lululemon is a great option for a fun splurge purchase, but if you don't want to do that, you can head to Cider and Gap for affordable and cute options.

Puffer Vests

One huge trend that you've probably seen all over school or Tik Tok this winter are puffer vests. At my school, every time you walk into a class there is at least one person in a puffer vest. This trend is an extension of the athleisure wear craze, because these jackets can be paired down with sweatpants and ugg minis. However, these vests also have the ability to be dressed up, which is another reason why they are so popular.

Hollister, Lululemon, Athleta and Nordstroms all have great options for an investment, but you could also try Target if you're looking for a more affordable option.

Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets are a staple for every season, but have been showing up this winter in warmer climates. From the classic black to the new versions with painted patterns, leather jackets never go out of style. We see a lot of them on Alix Earle, who lives in sunny Miami.


We can't forget about the queen of leather jackets, Hannah Harrell. On her TikTok, we see tons of get-ready-with-me videos that end in her wearing a leather jacket.


The final example comes from Madeline White, who matched her green, white, and black leather jacket to the Aston Martin colors last October.


I think a leather jacket is a great investment because they can dress up or dress down any outfit. Once you find a good staple leather jacket, you're set for a long time. A Ralph Lauren or AllSaints jacket are pricey but great long-term options, while Edikted and Urban Outfitters have adorable options at a lower price.

Racer/Bomber Jackets

Ever since Formula 1 began sponsoring influencers, racer jackets have been everywhere. They are being made by tons of different brands, such as Ralph Lauren and Pretty Little Thing. Also, you can find great racer jackets on Etsy, featuring jackets with company logos, such as Ferrari.

Alix Earle's custom Miami Dolphins bomber jacket truly put this trend into action. Her jacket was colorful and fun, and was the perfect addition to her outfit.


Also, with the upcoming Formula 1 races, such as the Miami Grand Prix on May 5, and later on the Austin and Las Vegas Grand Prixs, these jackets are going to become a hit.

Other version of the racer jacket was seen on Hannah Harrell at the Formula 1 races last November.


Shearling Lined Coats

The final coat trend of this winter was the shearling lined coat. Seen all over social media, these coats are taking the fashion world by storm. They aren't as fitting of the mob-wife aesthetic as the fur coats, but with their price tags they are just as deserving.

With the rise of other shearling lined accessories, such as boots or bucket hats, these coats will make the outfit. If you open up Pinterest, there are tons of great examples of how to style a shearling lined coat.

These coats are pricey for the most part, like on Rag and Bone and NA-KD, but you can find other good options on Amazon as well.

With the end of winter approaching, you need to hop on these coat trends while you still can. They are all great options, and some, such as the bomber/racer jacket, puffer vest, or leather jacket can even carry over into spring! Either way, you're set for this winter and next winter with any of these trends.

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