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Why You Should Build a Quality Jewelry Collection & Our Favorite Affordable Pieces from Oradina

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July 24, 2023

Even in the changing world of style, one thing is unanimous for all fashionistas: no outfit is complete without jewelry.

Sounds unbelievable, but just a pair of bold hoop earrings has the power to elevate a simple tee-and-jeans combination into something model-off-duty worthy. This jewelry theory goes beyond streetwear, too; your summer vacation needs a gold jewelry stack for the beachside outfits, and even casual everyday activities need a bit of bling!

To have a good variety of jewelry to rotate around for various occasions, you'll have to start building a jewelry collection. However, the biggest mistake you could possibly make is not investing in the right quality pieces. In the world of jewelry, everything can seem golden and shimmery, but the truth is, not all are genuinely solid gold.

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A Quick Look Into Jewelry Vocabulary

Chances are, your jewelry may look like it's gold, but might not even be fully gold. Many jewelry brands will only coat their pieces in gold (think gold plated, gold vermeil, gold filled) but they aren't fully solid gold.

This brings the question: what difference does solid gold have from the rest, and why should you invest in it?

Make Your Gold Worth The Investment

Other variations of gold jewelry may seem convenient and cheaper, but can ultimately be more costly as their tarnishes and lower qualities could lead to frequent buys for replacements.

This is where Oradina comes into play. This fine jewelry brand is centered around quality pieces that you can trust for generations, with classic, sophisticated designs that defy all trends. Above all, their pieces are made exclusively with 10k, 14k and 18k solid gold.

"We don’t offer any gold plated, gold vermeil or gold-filled jewelry, because those pieces quickly lose their value and initial luster," explains Oradina, "All three of these substitutes contain a non-gold base metal that is either dipped in or bonded with a thin layer of gold to cover the outside. This type of construction causes the jewelry to oxidize, discolor and even rust from the inside out. Our solid gold pieces will last for generations."

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Shop Oradina at oradina.com

With Oradina gold, you can think of it as a form of investment for your accessories- and almost like you're building your very own heirloom pieces that you can enjoy for decades!

Top Affordable Solid Gold Jewelry Picks

While true gold jewelry pieces are a must-have, with the higher quality comes a much higher price range. If you're trying to keep your jewelry way out of the whopping four-digit price tag zone, Oradina has a much more affordable option- and a variety of stunning designs that are both timeless and elegant!

From dainty and feminine to bold and classic, Oradina has charming accessories for every moment. Below are our favorite solid gold jewelry picks, all under $250:

Dainty & Dreamy: Fresh Bouquet Studs

Embrace your feminine side and bloom with these gorgeous golden flowers!

Shop the Fresh Bouquet Studs here.

At first glance, they may seem tiny and dainty, but at a closer look, the Fresh Bouquet Studs are filled with intricate details that simply shine through. Each stud features a flower with five heart-shaped petals with a circular center, and the all-over gold look gives it a classic design.

Made of 14k solid yellow gold and crafted in Vicenza, Italy, these stunning floral studs are quality at its best. Plus, these studs are just so easy to wear out and about, even in the water; what's more, the backing is so comfortable and doesn't graze against the skin at all.

I love how these studs are so perfectly sized for the lobes- they are neither too small nor too big, and it's the perfect timeless pairing for any look. Pair these studs with your favorite summer dress for a fresh, sweet look.

Triple The Charm: Trifecta Hoops

Level up from the single hoops- triple up the look with the Trifecta Hoops!

Shop the Trifecta Hoops here.

I think I may have just found my favorite hoops of all time- the Trifecta Hoops are truly one of a kind. These gorgeous hoops feature three gleaming ovals, with two 14k solid yellow gold sandwiching a white gold oval. I just love how the blend of different gold colors gives it a special edge; whether you're a gold jewelry or a silver jewelry kind of person, this earring combines the best of both worlds!

Plus, having not only one but three hoops gives the earring a dimension like no other. I love how just these earrings alone gives your overall look an extra depth to the look.

The Trifecta Hoops are 20mm in diameter, giving it a larger-but-not-too-overdone size that is definitely noticeable from a distance.

These earrings are made with solid gold, and the bright, gleaming colors are telling next to regular plated gold jewelry. I've never seen such pretty shade of gold that's not overly yellow or dark- Oradina really masters quality when it comes to gold!

Shimmery Stargirl: Naples Drop Earrings

It's time to bring on all the dramatic flair and glamour with the Naples Drop Earrings.

Shop the Naples Drop Earrings here.

These gorgeous drop earrings aren't just the simple ones from your mom's jewelry box- this one has all the sophisticated elegance with eye-catching tassels.

These stunning earrings feature a circular geometric disc followed by strands of shimmery golden tassels. I love how there are so many details to these earrings; from the textured discs to the dainty strands that are lightweight and made with so many tiny chains that almost looks like a mesh of gold from a distance, the Naples Drop Earrings are made for the stargirls.

Simply wear these out where there are lots of light, and these will sparkle and make you the shining star!

Elegant Flair: Brooklyn Bar Station Drop Necklace

This necklace makes you drop everything and catches all the attention- quite literally.

Shop the Brooklyn Bar Station Drop Necklace here.

The stunning Brooklyn Bar Station Drop Necklace is both minimalist, but intricate; dainty, but bold; it's got that timeless charm that makes you gravitate towards it out of every necklace in the jewelry box.

This gorgeous necklace features three petite gold bars that are connected on a thin, feminine chain to extend down to the top of your chest. I love that it has such an elegant extension, making it perfect to pair with low-cut tops and dresses.

The 14 karat yellow gold gives this necklace an all-over glimmering look without being too yellow or too dark. I love that the necklace itself is not too thick, but is also noticeable at the same time.

Wear this with your favorite bold-colored summer dress to give it a hint of golden charm, or pair it with matching drop earrings!

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