Best Places to Buy Summer Jewelry

Best Places to Buy Summer Jewelry

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July 29, 2021

It's no secret that summer jewelry is extremely popular right now. Whether you want to dress up a simple beach outfit or go to a fancy dinner out, jewelry is the perfect option to make any summer outfit look better. No matter the occasion, there are tons of summer jewelry trends to improve your outfit. From disk beaded necklaces to chunky rings, big earrings, color is super popular.

If colors are not your thing, however, there are also plenty of more simple options, like small hoop earrings or layered gold chains. Whatever your preference, you will definitely find some new summer jewelry shops here!

1. Etsy

I cannot stress this enough. ETSY JEWELRY IS AMAZING. There are endless options for unique, trendy jewelry at your fingertips.

Not only is the jewelry affordable, but it is also handmade. Purchasing jewelry through Etsy also supports small businesses all across the country. I will never stop talking about my love for Etsy. Click here to shop for one of my favorite Etsy accounts, which features the perfect summer jewelry like these clay disk chokers.

2. Stacked By Suzie

Stacked By Suzie is the ultimate store for summer vibes. With tons of options, bright colors, and unique pieces, their jewelry is the perfect place to pick up a few items for the summer. You can even customize colors on some options to help you find the perfect colors for you. Click here for Stacked By Suzie's website and here for my favorite bracelet on the website, which is the perfect summer bracelet.

3. Amazon

Amazon is amazing when it comes to buying jewelry: tons of options, fast shipping, and low costs. Though the quality of the jewelry is risky, the prices are unbeatable. Not only are the prices amazing, but there is a huge range of selections, ensuring you will be able to find something you love. Click here to see one of my favorite Amazon picks, super trendy layered beaded necklaces that will definitely make your summer outfit stand out.

4. Martha Calvo

Martha Calvo jewelry may be on the pricier side, but it is definitely worth every penny. These well-made necklaces are extremely popular right now and for good reason. These pieces are unique and can bring an outfit to the next level.

Not only are their necklaces amazing, but their chunky earrings and beading rings are perfect for the summer. Click here to see the Martha Calvo website and here for my favorite earrings on the website which will definitely improve any summer look.

5. Fraiser Sterling

Fraiser Sterling is the best place to find the perfect summer statement piece. From customizable beaded necklaces to chunky earrings to colorful rings, Fraiser Sterling has you covered for any summer accessories you might need. Click here to see Fraiser Sterling's website and here to see my favorite necklace on the website, a beaded necklace that you can customize with your initials!

6. Evry Jewels

Evry Jewels has tons of unique options to improve your summer jewelry. They have great necklaces for layering and the most amazing chunky rings that will definitely make any outfit better. Click here for a link to Evry Jewel's website and here for a link to my favorite ring which is super funky and will for sure improve your summer closet.

7. Adina's Jewels

Adina's Jewels is the perfect place to elevate your summer jewelry. With a separate section dedicated to summer jewelry, it is easy and convenient to shop for Adina's Jewels. From endless options of beaded necklaces, to the cutest earrings, Adina's Jewels has amazing options. Click here to shop summer jewelry on Adina's Jewels website and here to see my favorite necklace on the website.

8. Anthropologie

Though it is a bit higher priced, Anthropologie has amazing options for summer jewelry. All the jewelry from Anthropologie is unique and well-made, making it worth every penny. There are so many options, like resin earrings, layered double strand pearl necklaces, and gorgeous flower hoop earrings. Though it was difficult to choose, my personal favorite piece on the whole website are these beaded monogramed necklaces. They are simple, chic, and customizable.

9. Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott is definitely one of the best options on this list. The options are endless, from various pendant colors and shapes to customizable items, you will surely find something you love. The pricing might be a bit higher, but it is worth it for the top quality Kendra Scott provides. Of all the options, my favorite has to be the Star Charm Huggie Earrings as they are super simple and classy, yet they spice up any outfit.

10. Mixma

Mixma has a great selection of high-quality summer jewelry. This online boutique is moderately priced with a huge variety of great options that will definitely improve any summer outfit. I am absolutely obsessed with the Monte Carlo Necklace. Its mix of disk beads with pearls creates an interesting look which will definitely help you stand out this summer.

11. Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville is perfect if you need some cheap, simple pieces of jewelry. If you have an outfit that doesn't necessarily need colorful or loud jewelry, Brandy Melville is a great place to find simple, yet classy accessories. My favorite piece on Brandy Melville's website is the thick silver hoops. I personally own these and can attest that they go with every single outfit. They are a must not only for summer, but every time of year.

Hopefully, after reading, you have found a new summer jewelry item to add to your wishlist!

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