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Wednesday's Top 8 Iconic Looks

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Thursday, January 05

Netflix’s hit series “Wednesday” has captivated fans and added unseen depth to the character, and costume designer Colleen Atwood told Harper’s Bazaar that it all started "with the little black dress.”

Known for her black braids and black schoolgirl dress that continues to appear every Halloween, Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday has a style that caters to a modern audience while keeping close to the original. Drawing inspiration from modern aesthetics such as goth, emo, and e-girl, Atwood wanted to further develop her character while making it seem like “she was a real person.” With her new makeover, Wednesday has now become a viral fashion icon whose looks are coveted by viewers.

Find Wednesday's top 8 iconic looks from the series and how to emulate them so you can "take a stab" at the style.

How to Emulate Her General Style

Wednesday Addams, Queen of the Gothic Prep revival, is allergic to color, as it “makes [her] break out in hives,” so staying in a black and white color palette is crucial, as is owning a little black dress with a collar since it has been her signature look since 1964. Proven in the new series, Wednesday has updated to modern fashion and prefers monochromatic sweaters, which can easily be accessorized with any form of black coat or vest and can go with almost anything. Easily the most exciting part of Wednesday’s new style is her shoe game. Seen in Oxfords, Mary Jane pumps, platform sneakers, Doc Martens, and ankle boots, Wednesday is back in black, and always with a platform. The best way to achieve her contemporary footwear look is a black pair of Oxfords, either regular or platform. When going out, Wednesday gravitates toward voluminous black tulle to create a statement while still staying in the shadows.

8. Finale Dress

Drawing from the classic silhouette of a Peter Pan collar and black dress, this look provides texture with a crocheted collar and cuffs. Although this look is similar to her iconic dress, the collar adds a playful element that only comes with Wednesday’s growth throughout the series. Accessorized with a simple black trench coat, this can easily be emulated with a black maxi dress and a ruffle collar or a crochet collar from Etsy

7. Summoning in Stripes

Appearing in the earlier episodes of the series, we find Wednesday summoning a spirit and visiting the harvest festival in a cardigan that channels preppy and goth. This unique cardigan features a sailor-like cape and mini bow and is from Miu Miu, but is currently out of stock. This look can be recreated with a cardigan and a bow-neck tie

6. Monochromatic Explorer

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When exploring an abandoned mansion, Wednesday goes for a more accessible monochrome look, with a black and white sweater, a cropped puffer vest, and Doc Martens (the crown jewels of any alternative look). Perfect for fall, this look can easily be recreated with its only requirement being that it fits her color palette.

5. Business Casual

The perfect fit for interrogation and a stakeout. Yet again, Wednesday proves to be the queen of layering when she sports a classic leather jacket with a black and white checkered sweater. This simple but classic look shows that Wednesday means business and will do so in style. This can be replicated with a patterned black and white sweater, and a leather jacket.

4. E-girl Loungewear

Even when she is lounging around or writing, Wednesday still goes for a statement in black and white. Wednesday donned an oversized hoodie with platform sneakers and knee-high socks which modernizes her by drawing inspiration from the e-girl subculture. Perfect for chilling, this look could be worn at home or on the runway and can be replicated with an oversized zip-up hoodie and knee socks.

3. Wednesday’s Iconic Dress

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This iconic dress pays homage to Christina Ricci's Wednesday from the 1991 Addams Family movie and includes a small flower print. Although Wednesday wears this dress when dropping piranhas into a pool, this fit can be worn in any situation if paired with tights and a cardigan.

2. The Nevermore Uniform

The Nevermore uniform, consisting of a black and purple striped blazer, a sweater vest, a white shirt, and tie, shows the high fashion of the school and sets the tone. In order to accommodate Wednesday’s “allergy to color,” she is given a uniform in her signature color, which has now been added to Wednesday's outfit repertoire and will hopefully re-appear in season 2. To capture this dark academia look, a blazer, either black or statement, adds dimension, and pairs perfectly with a pair of platform oxfords.

1. The Rave’n Dress

One of the most intricate parts of the dance scene that's going viral is the breathtaking dress that Wednesday wears to the rave’n dance. Staying true to her uniform colors while letting her explore a more Victorian goth look, this dress is another example of slight modernization, as Thing bought it for Wednesday second-hand, drawing inspiration from the rapidly popularized vintage scene.

Designer Colleen Atwood chose the dress because “it’s this fabric that moves and does its job in such a great way, that you usually see on dance costumes. It has these sheer layers that have so much life, so it doesn’t just hang there like a chiffon dress. It moves really beautifully,” and her hope for this dress played out exactly once it was brought to life by Jenna Ortega. Although the dress is unique, the overall look can be achieved with a tulle skirt, any sort of voluminous black mesh top, and a pair of double-strapped Mary Jane pumps.

Essentially, one must stay true to Wednesday’s style of macabre and goth to truly emulate her iconic style.

Remember: On Wednesday's, we wear Black!

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