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February 22, 2021

2021 is the year to up your fashion game, and TikTok is arguably one of the best places to start. If you are a self-proclaimed fashionista, you might have seen Emma all over your For You Page on TikTok with her 28 Days of Outfits Challenge, or maybe you've seen her spectacularly curated Instagram posts on the Explore page.

Whatever it may be, Emma Jean Clarke boasts an impressive 124.5K followers on TikTok -- and an even more impressive sense of style.

The Teen Magazine had the chance to get to know Emma from behind-the-scenes in an interview, and we even had the chance to do a segment on what she wears in a week and some tips she has for anyone working to curate the perfect outfit.

Into The World of Fashion

Emma attributes her love for fashion to her grade school years in the 2000s and the way that her clothes made her feel invincible.

My earliest fashion memory was when I was in primary school, I must have been in year 5, and we had a non-school uniform day. I remember wearing pink cargo pants, pink Crocs (with all the little accessories), a pink vest top and a pink shrug, with my hair in y2k space buns, and I remember feeling like I could conquer the world, just because I had a cool outfit on.

Years later, she still finds that her outfits and fashion give her confidence and help her feel more comfortable. “I guess that feeling has stuck with me since,” she says. “I think the thing I love about [fashion] is that it's so vast, and you can be so creative with it; it can make you carry yourself differently in so many ways!”

While her love for fashion may have started at an early age, her exposure to the world of fashion influencers came in the form of Sarah Ashcroft: “She was the first person I saw posting her outfits on the gram and people were loving it. I took inspiration from people like her, posted my fits and here we are!”

A Bit About Emma's Journey

Emma quit her marketing job in February 2020 and has been pursuing a full-time career as a fashion influencer since then in rainy Wales, UK.

“I love it here, but it's rubbish for trying to get good photos, the lighting is always so dull.”

She actually didn't even end up going viral the first time for fashion related content!

“It was actually a Kourtney Kardashian voiceover, which got nearly 2 million views. It was a funny video, but I was still wearing a cute outfit so maybe it still counts on fashiontok.”

Being a Creator on Social Media

Being a prominent social media figure comes with its ups and downs, but Emma Jean Clarke takes them with stride. “I love that [in this industry] what you put in, you get out. I've never been a 9-5 kind of girl, so it's my dream to be doing this.”

She follows with some strong advice for any growing creators: “Being a creator is super flexible, but if you want to be successful (creatively and with gaining a following) you have to put the hours in. I think that's one of the biggest misconceptions of the job, is how time-consuming it is! Saying that, I love it, and I'm constantly working on something.”

Emma was taken aback by the onslaught of support, and was even more surprised that as she grew she didn't lose personability with her audience.

“I expected as my following grew, the gap between me and the people who support me would feel bigger, but it's done the opposite. When people reach out to me, 90% of the time I feel like I'm talking to a friend, everyone is so lovely and personable”

In The Future

When asked what her future goals are, Emma turned directly to working with new, more sustainable brands without abandoning a luxury feel.

“I’m obsessed with brands like Mirror Palais, Paloma Wool, With Jean, Dangsthlm, Marine Serre (the list is very long). In a nutshell, I'd like to combine working with luxury brands as well as the brands I'm currently working with! It adds to the whole sustainable element.”

As for where social media might take her, she hopes to expand to new platforms outside of TikTok and instagram.

“I’ve put most of my effort into my IG and TikTok in the past year, so I'd love to see if YouTube could be another avenue I could go down. Emma Chamberlain is another influencer I've followed for years and really inspires me to create authentic content. Hopefully in 5 years or so I could have 100k subscribers on YouTube, that would be so cool!”

Emma's Fashion Aesthetic & Fashion Advice

Emma's style is definitely flexible, and her outfits offer a wide variety of different style inspiration.

“This is tough! Probably: experimental, vibrant, edgy, retro-ish and fresh. Definitely fresh.”

Obviously, a large part of Emma's journey has centered around growing in self-confidence and using her fashion as an outlet. She emphasizes the importance of doing (and wearing) whatever feels best.

"I would say to wholeheartedly do what feels and looks good on YOU. If it doesn't feel comfortable, it will show in your confidence and I think your confidence is what makes or breaks an outfit. Even if your outfit isn't fashionable, but you feel good, wear it!

Get your IG pics. Even go make a special appearance in Tesco. Just wear it. I made the mistake of trying to look like other girls on my IG, but ended up just hating on myself because I didn't look like them. I'm in a much better place now!"

She also advises against relying too much on social media for information, and emphasizes the importance of developing your own unique style.

“Make sure your IG feed + Pinterest aren't your main source of fashion media, if you really want to stand out. While they are amazing, and I use them a lot, most of the time in the influencer trends are very saturated on these platforms, and you can see a lot of the same content. Two of my favorite ways to get unique inspiration is watching YouTube videos of past or current catwalks or flicking through vintage Vogue!”

Five Top Tips

Your hair is the window to the outfit. It's not always just about the clothes. Your hairstyle can transform an outfit too: make sure it suits the aesthetic you're going for, and get experimental!

A baguette bag is my favorite accessory, and it should be everyone else's too.

Mid wash dad jeans are here to stay, and you need them. They're a staple. Motel Rocks has a ton of amazing fitting jeans in all different washes, and they literally go with everything.

The three staple shoes you need in your collection are dad trainers (I love New Balance 530’s), Doc Martens and high top converse.

Look after our planet! If you're bored with an outfit, just dye, cut, or sew it! I’ve transformed lots of my old t-shirts and made them into baby T’s. If that doesn't work: Depop it!

Favorite Brands & What Emma's Eyeing

Obviously, Emma's style is unparalleled, but where does she get her clothes?

Like many other growing fashion influencers, Emma's turned to secondhand clothing as one of the best ways to ethically curate a unique style.

“Honestly, I love Depop. Their clothes are so unique and there's so much variety, but it is kind of annoying when people ask where your clothes are from and you have to tell them that they're unique because they're second-hand.”

If you don't want to go the online thrifting route, she also highlighted some of her favorite brands. “I love Weekday, Bershka, Cider, Holiday the Label, House of Sunny, OmWeekend, Mon Cher Moi (the best rings), Paloma Wool, Jaded London… the list goes on!”

Know This About Emma

Emma also breaks the stigma that any social media influencer has to be super outgoing.

“I'm actually shyer than you'd think! People always message me to say ‘I didn't expect you to be like that!’ when I post myself talking on my IG stories.

I think if I'm always wearing quite bold outfits and posing confidently, people can think I'm super confident, but I'm a pretty normal and relatable person. I used to hate being shy, but my university teacher once told me it's one of my best qualities, and it changed my perspective ever since!”

What Emma Wears in a Week

Emma's got quite the eye for fashion- and The Teen Magazine had the amazing chance to share with you what Emma wears in a week.

Believe it or not, mixing and matching can be cute, and Emma's fits just prove that. From Monday through Sunday, every outfit is just fabulous!

Monday's Outfit

Photo Credit: Emma Jean Clarke

Emma starts off the week classy and cool with champagne-colored trousers and a contrasting dark top. Her polka-dot opens up slightly with just the top buttons clasped.

Vintage-esque, but timeless!

Tuesday's Outfit

Photo Credit: Emma Jean Clarke

On Tuesday, Emma wears classic 90's dad jeans with a light wash. A cool green varsity jacket is thrown on, and voila!

Some orange-tinted edgy sunglasses adds to the throwback vibe going on here. You can definitely see the 2000s influence in this one.

Wednesday's Outfit

Photo Credit: Emma Jean Clarke

Wednesday throws in casual and business-chic together in an effortless blend.

With a unique checkered tight collar top, and a large black varsity jacket, we've got something funky and fun brewing over here! Emma pairs this with striped brown trousers with an enviable 70's hairdo.

Thursday's Outfit

Photo Credit: Emma Jean Clarke

On Thursday, Emma's going all out!

With the coolest green velvet-like coat, Emma wears a plain white cropped turtleneck and some classic white wide-leg jeans.

Emma also has her favorite, must-need shoes: the much-beloved New Balances.

Friday's Outfit

Photo Credit: Emma Jean Clarke

A large boxy green t-shirt with printed “positivity” paired and the business-like, professional pinstripe trousers make for a blend of serious but not.

Emma also slings on a cross-body bag in all-over black with metal-colored accents.

Saturday's Outfit

Photo Credit: Emma Jean Clarke

Emma kicks off the weekend with a royal blue sweatshirt from In My Moods and some wide-leg cream pants. She also adds in a dark-colored shoulder bag for some extra pizzazz!

Sunday's Outfit

Photo Credit: Emma Jean Clarke

The weekend's all about staying cozy, and Emma is doing just that!

With a vintage-like gray sweatshirt with some graphics, alongside tan trousers, Emma has on an effortlessly stylish yet comfortable look. She pairs this with a vintage Fendi shoulder bag and some heeled black boots!

Keep Up With Emma

Be sure to check out Emma's Instagram at @emmajeanclarke. Emma can also be found on TikTok at @emmajeanclarke.

Also, don't forget to subscribe to Emma's <a href="">YouTube channel!

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