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March 08, 2021

Introducing Logan Brown — an entrepreneur and Harvard Law student. She has recently launched her own pantsuit company, Spencer Jane, which features the ultimate work-from-home blazer, a face mask, and sweatpants.

The Teen Magazine interviewed Logan to discuss her new startup, the journey to law school, and why resilience is key to succeeding as an entrepreneur.

Journey to Law School

When did you first develop an interest in law? How did you begin to pursue it?

I have been interested in the law for as long as I can remember. After watching movies depicting the judicial system at home and learning more about the judiciary in my 7th-grade Civics class, I knew I wanted to be a lawyer. I pursued an internship at the District Attorney’s office in my hometown when I was 12.

One of the staff members in the office agreed to let me be her personal intern. In exchange for alphabetizing, filing, and cleaning, I was able to watch a variety of hearings and trials.

Since then, I have incorporated the law into most of my activities and internships. Throughout undergrad, I was able to complete a variety of internships in a legal setting. I also was able to incorporate the law into my coursework. I am grateful for everyone in my path that has taken the time to answer my questions, let me intern, or explore new ideas.

Creating Spencer Jane

Why did you create Spencer Jane? Have you always aspired to start your own business?

I didn’t always aspire to start my own business. This is an unexpected adventure on my journey to become a lawyer. Last year when I began my first year at Harvard Law School, I went shopping in search of a pantsuit for legal interviews.

I couldn’t find anything that was comfortable, made me feel confident, and was high quality enough to last. I was Ubering across Boston and sending texts to my mom asking if it looked like something fit. I texted my friends and asked where they purchased their pantsuits.

They didn’t have a clear answer and echoed my disdain. That is when I realized this is a common frustration.

I created a survey. I was interested to know the amount of time women spend searching for clothing in anticipation of an interview or big event. I was going to write an article about the information.

However, after seeing the results, I decided to create my own. I wanted a high-quality suit that was stylish and comfortable. I also wanted to build a community of women chasing their dreams.

What inspired the quarantine collection?

I started working on Spencer Jane in 2019. I had no clue how the world was going to change! In just a few weeks, apparel manufacturers largely shut down and shifted to PPE production, remote work became the new normal, and pant sales dropped to an all-time low.

Just because we are all staying at home, doesn’t mean people have stopped working. The nature of work has changed. I wanted to create something meaningful for the professional world as we know it.

The common joke is that people are wearing sweats on the bottom and professional wear on top for business meetings! It’s more than a joke, it’s what the majority of people (and me) are actually doing. That was my inspiration!

I focused on designing the ultimate work-from-home blazer, sweatpants, and mask. The blazer is comfortable, high quality, and machine-washable. It’s perfect for a Zoom meeting but can easily transition back to the office. It’s the perfect collection for 2021.

Check out The Quarantine Collection here.

Logan's Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs? How would you recommend dealing with setbacks?

Enjoy the process but be ready for challenges, failure, and rejections! I have had many individuals tell me to stop, change my path, or explicitly tell me that I will fail. It’s important to remember that you know yourself and your idea better than the outside world. Trust and believe in yourself through all of the outside noise.

I also don’t think failure is something to fear. Taking risks and pursuing something new always creates the opportunity for failure. Look at almost any successful person, and you’ll also see a list of failures. Learning from them and not giving up is a key to success.

Role Models

Who is your role model? How have they influenced you?

Growing up, I was lucky to have role models in all aspects of my life. My parents have been a great example and have instilled in me a strong sense of right and wrong. Throughout my life, my mom has encouraged me to chase my dreams and believe in myself.

My dad is always true to himself and holds to his convictions no matter the situation. They have both been the most important role models in my life.

Balancing Work and Studies

How do you balance running a business with your studies? Do you manage to find yourself time to relax?

It’s definitely tough! I try to focus on staying productive and limiting my social media time. Every night before bed, I write down three things to do in the morning before I check my email or social media.

That really helps me. I am always a big fan of to-do lists! I like to exercise and go for walks!

I always make time in the morning. It helps me focus throughout my day. I think that is the number one way I relax.

Running a Food Instagram

Why did you start a food Instagram? (and how would you rate your own culinary skills?)

I love food and trying new restaurants! I would say I am a great food photographer but not the best chef. When I was an undergrad, one of my hobbies was to try new restaurants throughout Nashville.

I would frequently post pictures to my personal Snapchat. I decided to make my own food Instagram after a friend commented on how frequently I posted. It grew throughout undergrad and then really thrived when I moved to London after undergrad.

The account has taken a backseat since I started law school. However, it’s still a hobby I enjoy.

In the Future

What are your goals for the future? What do you hope to achieve?

I don’t have too many definite goals! I want to continue to chase my dreams and create a life that brings me joy. In the near future, I hope Spencer Jane can turn into a community of women supporting women chasing their dreams. I have a lot of ideas for ways to improve the professional world.

Keep up with Logan

Thank you for the interview, Logan! Don't forget to check out the Spencer Jane website, to view the brand-new 'quarantine collection'! You can also follow Logan's and Spencer Jane's journey @spencerjanesuits on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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