How One Teen is Promoting Self Confidence Through Her Small Business

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May 01, 2021

Over the past year, our lives have become increasingly digitalized, and for many of us, our once social, busy days have transformed into hours spent scrolling through social media.

At first, it was fun. From videos on how to make whipped coffee to the many renegade dance routines, social media was the escape from reality that we all desperately craved. But now, my TikTok for-you page and Instagram feed is punctuated with filters and glow-up transition videos and beauty gurus that have succeeded in damaging my confidence and self-esteem.

I’ve seen other girls express their frustration over not looking like the impossible influencer and even more girls criticizing themselves about new-found insecurities that blossomed from social media. Let’s face it: being a teen girl is hard. But as the end of the pandemic comes into sight and the weather warms, it is important to remember that you are not alone.

Among the many allies out there is Srihitha Gattem, owner of Skye Jewelry. Her small business aims to promote self-confidence through her affordable pieces designed for anyone to wear.

Srihitha launched her business in January of this year, and she has already seen major success and reached many girls. She told me she loves being a small business owner and all the “marketing” and “creative control” that comes with it. She especially likes “spreading positivity [and] meeting new people” which compliments her knack for jewelry making.

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She explained that “a few years ago, I realized that I wanted to create a positive impact and spread positivity in this world. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and no one deserves to feel any less. Especially with all the hate and negativity on social media nowadays, I decided it was finally time for me to create this change.”

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This change materialized in Skye Jewelry which sells not only gold-plated shaped chokers, enamel charm necklaces, earrings, and gemstone necklaces but also self-esteem increasing encouragement and all-inclusive positivity.

With her super cute and affordable pieces, Srihitha hopes to spread “smiles and self-confidence” to girls of all ages so they can feel good about themselves every day.

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Arguably one of the best things about jewelry is that that one little sparkle or pop of color is enough to make you feel excited to go out.

But Srihitha and Skye Jewelry goes way beyond just pretty products when it comes to uplifting other girls and promoting confidence. She uses her Instagram and TikTok platforms to spread positivity and remind girls that they are beautiful and should feel good in their own skin. While this is not a new idea, it is certainly refreshing to see it furthered by a teen who understands the challenges that come with being a teen girl in today’s world.

The savvy entrepreneur often posts “short passages, quotes, or just a few words” on her story to remind people “that they are amazing just the way they are.” She also tries “to speak out about loving yourself, going against misogyny, and learning to stand up for yourself!”

Skye Jewelry isn’t just about the sales, they’re about making girls feel more empowered and giving them quality products as a reminder of their strength.

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And of course, small businesses are never complete without the personalization that comes with every order, and Skye Jewelry is no exception.

Srihitha loves “adding handwritten notes personalized to each order, adding a few commentaries with compliments or just positive things to say.” And once her happy customers show off their new looks, Srihitha posts photos they send in to “share them and hype them up a little bit!”

In general, Skye Jewelry’s owner tries to build a supportive community where there is no shortage of positive vibes and everyone can come together to be optimistic and lift each other up.

Srihitha is more than just a small business owner—she’s a beacon of hope and inspiration to girls struggling with self-confidence and body image. As an ally, her DM’s are always open, and she is always available to talk, something that makes her small business extra unique.

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The jewelry Srihitha makes may just be metal and shine, but they are symbols of the beauty we all have within us, and Skye Jewelry really makes this a big part of the little shop.

Srihitha left me with this advice, which perfectly sums up her passion when it comes to self-confidence and her small business: “The only thing that matters is your happiness, so go take care of yourself! Go have fun with your friends, eat that ice cream, wear what YOU want! Enjoy your life.

Trust me, whatever that random person thinks about does not matter. If someone is giving you negative vibes and criticizing your body, they are not. Worth.

Your. Time. Remember, you hold a special place in this world that no one can replace. You are loved, and we just want you to be happy in your own skin!”

Be sure to check out her Etsy (where everything is less than $15) linked here.

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