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March 14, 2022

Small businesses are an important part of our society not only because of their products and services, but because of the impact that they have on both individuals and communities.

One of these businesses is Mantra and Co. (pronounced Mun-thruh), a jewelry company based in Dallas, Texas that focuses on promoting change and supporting charities that are working to make a better future.

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About Mantra and Co.

Mantra and Co. was founded in February of 2020 by one of our editors, Nrithi Subramanian.

In January 2020, as bushfires once again ravaged Australia, she had an idea. "I think it sent a powerful message about what we're doing for our society, and our community, and especially our environment. And I think for me that was kind of my awakening, because I was very frustrated that this was happening again, and I didn't have an avenue to create change and create an impact the way I wanted to."

She was also inspired by her inability to support causes as a voter because she was not yet 18. "When we're under 18, and we can't vote and we can't express how we feel on the ballot, I didn't feel like I had an avenue to express how I felt about the environment or about different social equity issues."

This was the beginning of Mantra and Co. Originally, they started with more environmental and nature-based designs such as flowers and butterflies, but now they also have a variety of other great designs available that focus on everything from music to art as well.

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The Package

One of Mantra and Co.'s founding pillars is taking care of the environment, so all of their packaging is recyclable and contains no plastics.

My jewelry came in a simple, square, white cardboard box with my name printed on the side (in my favorite color, green) and tape with the Mantra and Co. logo printed on it sealed the box.

Inside, my jewelry was wrapped in flowered tissue paper and placed in a pink mesh bag. Besides the jewelry, there was a card thanking me for my order with a code for a 10% discount.

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Product Reviews

(NOTE: I was sent these pieces in exchange for this review.)

When I decided to do this review, I had no idea what pieces I was going to get or if I was even going to like them. I had already looked through the website and saw several pieces that I love. But in the spirit of surprise, I waited until my package came in the mail.

Daylight Necklace

I always find that bright, sunny days are incredibly inspiring, so this necklace suits me perfectly.

The necklace measures 17 inches in length and features golden sun charms all the way around linked into the chain.

I like how it captures the beauty of sunshine. I paired the necklace with several different outfits, from a plaid shirt and sweat pants to a chunky blue sweater and jeans. I like how, because it is a shorter necklace, it actually was easier to pair it with a collared shirt, (something that I've generally found to be difficult).

(Me wearing the necklace. Don't mind my messy hair, it was a windy day.) Photo By Cassandra Stinger

Turquoise Butterfly Ring

Butterflies are some of my favorite creatures and blue is one of my favorite colors, so again, points to Nrithi.

The band is a simple gold-plated circle with a small opening at the back so you can adjust it to fit your finger. The butterfly charm is also gold plated with turquoise-colored stones set in it.

I love how it has enough simplicity that it can go with a variety of outfits, but it still has a pop of color that is eyecatching. Plus, not only is this ring gorgeous, but it is super durable; (a fact I discovered when I accidently whacked my hand on a metal chair while wearing it.) None of the stones came loose and the ring was otherwise undamaged.

I wore it to church on a particularly warm day paired with a sleeveless shirt and capris and then on a much colder day with the sweater and jeans I mentioned above. Even on colder days, it was still easily made an integral part of the outfit.

(Me wearing the ring in the car on my way to work.) Photo By Cassandra Stinger

Pink Butterfly Sticker

Along with my jewelry, I received a beautiful pink butterfly sticker.

This sticker is about 3 inches by 3 inches and adorable. I still haven't decided where I want to put it, but it's definitely going to be somewhere special.

Photo By Cassandra Stinger

Final Thoughts

I would have to say that I am impressed with the quality of the jewelry, and I can tell that a lot of love was put into its creation. I love how all of the designs are so versatile, so that any piece can be used with virtually any outfit.

Mantra and Co. most definitely has a great and unique style, not only when it comes to accessories, but when it comes to people, and that alone will always make a difference.

You can connect with Mantra and Co. on their website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Photo By Cassandra Stinger

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