Kick-Start Your Wellness Journey with These Amazing Tips
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Kick-Start Your Wellness Journey with These Amazing Tips

Mental Health & Self Love

July 02, 2021

If you haven't been feeling like your usual self, a wellness journey may be exactly what you need. We’ve heard it all: drink water, exercise, meditate, eat healthily, establish a skincare routine. While most have adopted a dive-headfirst, all-in approach to their glow-up missions, some people may forget just how difficult establishing a long-term, positive, and effective practice can be. Here are seven amazing tips on how to get up, get started, and maintain your wellness journey!

1. Establish your purpose

The very first thing you need to think about when getting started on your journey is the reason for doing so. Why did you decide to dedicate time to this, and why is it worth it?

Avoid toxic motivations that center around pleasing others, and instead, focus on yourself and your own happiness. Living in a world wherein external validation comes naturally with being a member of society, this step may be much more difficult than it initially seems.

However, you need to remember that right now, you are enough. You are loved and appreciated, and there’s nothing wrong with you! A wellness journey is meant to help you feel good and improve your perceptions of the world, not make you feel insufficient and worthless.

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“It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.” — Mandy Hale

By establishing a healthy and positive purpose for your journey, you’ll find yourself motivated by self-compassion and self-confidence rather than social pressures!

2. Set well-defined and realistic goals

We may feel compelled to do everything all at once in order to achieve instant and noticeable results, but trust me when I say this: you will burn out. You’ll have a good week or two of consistent practice, but afterward, you’ll be feeling much less dedicated and will start searching for every possible excuse to postpone your wellness plans for tomorrow.

Instead of going way too intensely and doing much more than you could possibly keep up for a good amount of time, be patient with yourself. While a painfully overused cliché, the words “it’s a marathon, not a sprint” hold true. Take it one step at a time and work towards both productivity and consistency!

3. Plan ahead and push yourself

Set up a schedule with certain times you wish to do a particular activity. Although you probably feel like you can never tire of striving towards your wellness goals, we all know that motivation and determination fluctuate. Creating a schedule will allow you to push yourself and keep up the hard work!

Remember not to pack your schedule too tight! It shouldn’t ever feel like a prison. Give yourself time to relax, be spontaneous, and laze about!

4. Develop a positive and healthy mindset

Achieving your goals will take time. That is a fact. Staring into the mirror while searching for the early signs of the emergence of your dream body or berating yourself when your mind drifts off during a meditation session will ruin the whole point of working on your wellness.

Rather than basing the success of your journey solely on the results, find pride in the little steps you take along the way. Celebrate every little achievement, appreciate yourself, and never allow others to determine the value of your efforts!

“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst, and it sparks extraordinary results.” — Wade Boggs

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5. Focus on all aspects of your being

A holistic practice is key. In order to have a successful journey, you need to work on yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and socially. These aspects are all interconnected, so in order to achieve true wellness, none can be prioritized over others.

For example, WebMD has reported that mental health issues have been linked to chronic diseases, sleep problems, smoking, and more. On the other hand, poor physical health can affect you mentally, as it may lead to stress, depression, and anxiety.

For an amazing established week-by-week guide to a holistic and achievable wellness plan, check this out from One Green Planet. For tips and suggestions on how to create a personal wellness schedule, this piece from Holistic Life by Kate is definitely a go-to. If these resources aren’t for you, don’t worry- there are tons out there!

Everyone’s got a different style, and that doesn’t make yours any less effective. There is bound to be something out there that will be ideal for you.

6. Journal your progress

There’s little better than the feeling of fine-tuning the orientation, font size, and spacing of an essay you spent countless hours working on, then quickly scrolling through the document to admire your work. Very similarly, keeping track of your experiences and achievements will surely make all your efforts all the more fulfilling! By doing so, you’ll see how you’ve grown and progressed throughout the journey.

Curious as to how journaling has helped others out there? The Teen Magazine’s writers have experienced it all and have got you covered! Take a look at this article on the basic benefits of writing it out. If you want to see a teen’s personal experience with consistent journaling, you should definitely check this article out, too!

7. Enjoy yourself

Last but not least, enjoy! It’s undeniably a long and winding road full of ups and downs, so you need to remember the purpose and the goals you came up with in Steps 1 and 2. It may be hard, but never stop making an effort to love, own, and embrace every minute of the journey. Every step of the way takes you closer and closer to the best version of yourself, and that alone makes everything worth it.

In Conclusion...

This experience is yours and yours alone. You put in the effort, and you celebrate the success. Hopefully, these tips were just what you needed to get started or keep going. Along the way, never forget: this wellness journey isn’t meant to change you into a person worthy of pride, appreciation, and love- it’s meant to help you see that you deserved those things all along.

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