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How to Glow Up Before School Starts

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July 01, 2021

So you really want to build your confidence, but you just don't know where to start? It might be time for a glow-up!

A glow-up or ‘glo-up', as described by the Urban Dictionary, is a mental, physical, and emotional transformation for the better. As I see it, the best kind of glow-up is when you're finally confident in your own skin and healthy both physically and mentally. Now that summer is here, it's the perfect time to work on yourself before school resumes in the fall.

Here's how to have the glow-up of your life!

What to Try

1. Stay hydrated

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70% of our body is comprised of water. Do you really think that a single glass each day will be enough to get you that stunning glow-up?

According to the Mayo Clinic, 2 to 3 liters daily is the recommended amount of water to drink in order to boost your metabolism, promote weight loss, get you your dream glowy skin, detoxify your body, and increase blood circulation.

If you're someone who finds it hard to stay hydrated throughout the day, you can drink fruit-infused water instead of plain water or try using cute water bottles to help meet your daily water intake.

2. Find a skincare routine that works for you and stick to it

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To achieve radiant glowing skin, investing in good skincare products is key. Because everybody's skin is different, crafting your own skincare routine based on your skin type and preferences is important. You can consult a dermatologist to guide you towards the right products.

A good everyday skincare routine consists of a mild cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. However, two to three times weekly, you can exfoliate your face with gentle face scrub and put on a face mask. Plus, massaging your face with ice is a game-changer.

It not only gets rid of morning puffiness, but it also prevents breakouts and wrinkles. Other products you can invest in are eye cream, lip scrub, and serum. If you have acne, you can purchase acne patches and topical spot treatment cream.

3. Adopt a signature scent

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A fragrance that lingers on clothes and in the air can quickly be associated with the person that wears them. I personally love it when someone tells me a scent reminds them of me. Having a signature scent conveys things about you without uttering a single word.

You are remembered for your own personal style, which certainly includes your fragrance. So, choose wisely! You can opt for a hair mist, too.

This 'Eau de parfum' is my all-time favorite perfume, and trust me when I say I have it on me all the time. Its name translates to 'sweet kisses' and it has a comforting smell that I just can't seem to get enough of!

4. Love yourself

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Be the main character of your life.

It's time to bid farewell to negative self-talk, self-criticism, and insecurities. Let's welcome self-love instead. Compliment yourself daily, create a gratitude journal, discover your strengths, embrace your weakness, appreciate your body, and pamper yourself daily. In simpler terms, become your best friend and make yourself smile!

5. Eat clean and green

Eating more fruits and vegetables is inarguably beneficial for our overall health and in boosting our metabolism. It also promotes shiny hair and makes our skin softer. Consuming healthy proteins and food like berries, lean meat, fish, and avocado also proves to be incredibly healthy.

Don't forget to avoid processed foods and reduce fast-food consumption!

6. Try out some cute hairstyles

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Have you always wanted to flaunt a cute Instagram-worthy hairstyle? Now is the time to start practicing and trying them out! This Pinterest board will surely come in handy when finding inspiration for hairstyles.

Tip: Wash your hair less often, and instead use dry shampoo on your roots.

7. Sleep!

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Of course, to achieve this glow-up, your beauty sleep is not to be missed. To be more productive and to avoid dark circles around your eyes, you have to get at least 8 hours of sleep each day.

During the summer, it's easy to allow your sleep schedule to go all over the place. Therefore, before school starts, establish a proper bedtime routine that allows you to get enough sleep.

8. Minimalist makeup products

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A natural glowy face and “no makeup” makeup look are trendy all year long, meaning it's definitely worth shopping for minimalist makeup products! Look for tinted lip balm, skin tints, brow gel, a dewy highlighter, and cheek tints. Clear mascara is also a great addition to your cart for a nice polished look.

9. Revamp your jewelry collection

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Dainty pieces of jewelry are timeless pieces that will elevate any outfit. While a simple bracelet can make you feel classy, a pair of earrings can enliven your facial structure. Layered necklaces, chokers, ring stacks, and dainty ear cuffs are 'must-have' accessories that need to be added to your jewelry collection right away.

10. Meditate & Practice mindfulness

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To glow up mentally, establish the habit of meditating for a minimum of 5 minutes daily. Meditation makes you more mindful, peaceful, and less stressed. Practicing this art is said to reduce stress levels, anger, rumination, anxiety, and depression while improving empathy, sense of cohesion, self-compassion, and overall quality of life. If you are a beginner, check this out for great guided meditations!

(Download Calm: iOS, Android )

11. Sweat it out

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If you want that glow-up body, you need to break a sweat! Regular workouts and stretches throughout the summer are the not-so-secret ingredients to building your killer body. Instead of doing long workouts, engage in a shorter, more intense one. Pilates is a great low-impact workout that's really effective in terms of noticeable results.

12. Find your aesthetic

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With Instagram and TikTok trends, the list of the different types of aesthetics is never-ending. From cottage core to e-girl to dark academia, everyone's got their own preferred style. Try exploring the different types of aesthetics and look for the one that catches your eye and makes you feel more YOU. Pinterest is always an awesome place to explore styles, inspirations, and aesthetics.

13. Go on a shopping spree


Once you've figured out your aesthetic, it's time for a wardrobe makeover. Opt for cute, versatile outfits to up your style for the new school year. Slip dresses, tie-dye, zebra prints, mom jeans, and bike shorts are only some of the easy-to-wear styles trending right now.

14. Do something new

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Let's be honest: no one really enjoyed last summer. We were all stuck in our homes, bored to death. This summer, take the chance to do something new, something you've always wanted to try, something that will get your heart racing and give you an adrenaline rush! Step out of your comfort zone and say yes to all the adventures on your bucket list!

15. Get some sun!

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The golden season is here and that means sunbathing. Try to get 10 to 20 minutes of sunshine daily. The sun is a great source of vitamin D, which helps improve your mood.

You'll also get that amazing sun-kissed glow everyone craves in the winter. Don't forget to wear your SPF!


I hope that every step listed guides you to the glow-up of your dreams! Think of it as a therapeutic way of experimenting and trying out new things. Remember- this glow-up is for you and your happiness. Don't forget to enjoy yourself!

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