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Just in Time for the New Year: SDH Paints Has the Coolest Prints and Cases for Your 2024 Wishlist


Mon, January 01

PSA: We just found the stylish accessory that you didn't know you needed until now. With original artwork transformed into prints, canvases, and phone cases, SDH Paints is the MVP of unique designs that are fun, lively, and retro (seriously, you won't want to miss out).

For 2024, we're talking “new year, new case,” and these never go out of style when it comes to representing your personality.

The One Behind the Brand

Behind the canvas at SDH Paints, meet Sophie De Haen, who was able to turn an artistic dream into reality.

“I was always a super creative person, but this usually manifested in making videos or pictures and I never really took up painting until COVID,” Sophie explained. “I was bored at home, like everyone else, and I decided to randomly make some art for my room. I ended up loving it and continued to make more which gained a lot of attention from my family and friends.”

However, her at-home hobby didn't end there—continuing to create for her college apartment in January 2022, Sophie brought her passion to another level. Thanks to immense support from her friends, she was able to initiate a brand new account dedicated to her craft: “I had somewhat of a following on TikTok, so I made a video about my art account and it gained a lot of traction. From that point on, I continued to make videos and post content about my art.”

Since then, SDH Paints has quickly grown over time. Originating from selling prints through Instagram DM, Sophie considers her business “really took off" in July 2022, when she built a website and began selling phone cases.

Artistic Inspirations

With an affinity for vintage magazines and interior design, inspiration for Sophie's endless ideas doesn't derive from one specific place. Instead, it comes from everywhere, found among her day-to-day surroundings.

“Whether it is the color or font of a sign on the highway or someone’s outfit on Pinterest, I am always taking pictures of the most random things and getting ideas for my prints!” Sophie described.

“Usually, I have a concept in my head before I start painting, but if not, I always go through my camera roll or Pinterest and find ideas from all my pictures.”

Goals and Aspirations

By selling handmade pieces of art, SDH Paints' reach has spread abundantly across new locations.

It goes without saying that girls who shop SDH Paints stick together: “I find it really unique how my brand has exceeded just a product level and has now become a sort of community. I meet so many girls who tell me they and all of their friends have cases or my prints in their rooms and they meet other girls with them as well and bond over it which is so special."

While her current focus is solely on prints and phone cases, moving forward, Sophie aims to eventually produce clothing and other goods.

Regardless, she hopes to continue expanding her brand beyond simply selling products. “My brand is relatively new and I am so proud of how much it has grown in such a short time, so while I do have big aspirations for it, I really want to focus on perfecting my marketing strategies, my products, and just growing!” she voiced.

Shop SDH Paints

This just in: high-quality cases and prints that your friends will obsess over. Cool girls always have their SDH case in hand, and now, it's your turn to rock one too.

Shop SDH Paints @ sdhpaints.com

With a polycarbonate shell and thermoplastic polyurethane TPU inner liner, all SDH cases utilize top-notch materials to ensure dual-layer protection (trust us, you can tell the difference)—so rest assured that your phone is safe to withstand a drop without cracks. That being said, here are some of our personal favorites that are totally worth the investment. Brb while we add these to our cart…

“Hysteric” Case

Shop the HYSTERIC CASE here.

After seeing the “Hysteric” Case, we couldn't resist adding it to our wishlist. Structured like a collage, this vintage print is one of a kind to pair perfectly with a streetwear look. It plays into trending aesthetics that we love, and it's practical with heavy duty features to resist impact without coming across as too bulky.

“Trouble in the City” Neutral Case


Ready to channel your inner city girl at heart? We couldn't be more obsessed with the “Trouble in the City” print, which has two color options whether you're into more vibrant hues or faded neutrals. Even better, get one of each—for you and your bestie to match!

“GameClock” Case

Shop the GAMECLOCK CASE here.

This comic-esque style is the coolest…because who wants a plain case, when you can have one with sophistication? It's simple, yet has just the right amount of artsy accents to pull everything together.

Keep Up with the Future of SDH Paints

Here's our consensus: your accessories don't have to be boring! To give your room and fashion taste an upgrade, be sure to check out sdhpaints.com and follow them on Instagram @sdhpaints for the latest updates.

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