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September 27, 2021

Let's be honest- plain, boring walls are what really make a room seem so dull. To beautify your living space and to give it a complete makeover, there's no better answer than Dear Sam.

Dear Sam creates high-quality prints that not only resonate with a curated aesthetic but also takes into account the wellbeing of our environment. "Dear Sam offers a unique selection of posters, print art and frames. We have a clear goal from the moment you first visit our website to the moment your order is delivered: to exceed your expectations in every way," writes the brand.

Dear Sam's Vision:

"To create art that makes a difference. From black and white photo art to abstract brush strokes. We want to use simple methods to get you to love your home and to create beautiful environments with your very own personal gallery. Art that makes a difference to you."

Exclusive Discount Code- Just For You

Dear Sam also included a special discount code just for you! Adding to Dear Sam's already reasonable prices, this discount code will give you a 35% discount on all posters*. This is valid until the 10th of October.

Use TEENMAGAZINE35 for 35% off your posters!

*The discount does not apply to frame products.

Garden Of The Painter At Sain Clair Poster

Fans of Neo-Impressionism, arise! This beautiful artwork by French artist Henri Edmond Cross features a beautifully vibrant garden in an entrancing palette of gold, deep purple, and a variety of greens.

Shop the Garden Of The Painter At Sain Clair Poster here.

Use code TEENMAGAZINE35 for 35% off!

This beautiful poster is on a white base, with the artwork centered higher up. The piece is a print of the watercolor work, and the effortlessly freely drawn strokes are easily visible on the poster.

Although mainly green, there are hints of golden light and purple shadows that illuminate this piece and brings it to life.

The beautiful scenery evokes a feeling of calmness- and paired with the cooler color tone, this piece has an air of coolness and collectedness to it. With the two chairs pulled back in the midst of a green garden filled with leafy trees and blooming flowers, it is a simply lovely painting that feels timeless.

The bottom of the poster features "Henri Edmond Cross" in larger writing to make the artist distinguishable, and the title of the artwork is also written across in a tinier variation.

Frame this with a darker edge (or even a golden frame), and hang it up anywhere you'd like! This piece is perfect to hang up anywhere, whether it be the bathroom, guest room, or even the kitchen.

Fruit Or Pomegranate By William Morris Poster

Simple at first, but intricate at a closer glance, Fruit or Pomegranate by William Morris is a beautifully classic piece that will brighten up any living space into one of a refined look.

Shop the Fruit Or Pomegranate By William Morris Poster here.

Use code TEENMAGAZINE35 for 35% off!

I love the art of this piece- with a pretty periwinkle blue, the design is filled with vines and leaves of fruits, blossoming flowers, and of course, pomegranates.

This piece of art is based on a more cream-colored background and features "Motif Classique" up top with the title of the artwork at the bottom. At the very bottom of the poster, W. Morris is written to show the artist of the piece.

I just adore how elegant this piece is overall- this is the perfect piece to have when you want to go for an elevated traditional look!

Framed with a black poster or hung up with a poster hanger, this piece always looks good no matter where. With just a single poster, your space can be transformed into a classic style!

Island Of Stone 2 Poster

Perfect for all fans of geology and science- the Island of Stone Poster features a pretty cool piece of rock.

Black and white make for a great dramatic contrast, and the Island of Stone creates a defining look.

Shop the Island Of Stone 2 Poster here.

Use code TEENMAGAZINE35 for 35% off!

The poster is on a white background color and features an oversized image of anthracite coal. Anthracite coal is the highest rank of coal with a pretty luster.

Underneath the image of the coal, the name of it is written underneath, followed by related elements underneath.

The piece of coal's shininess is evident on the poster print and the metallic feel creates a contemporary look.

Framed with a black poster or poster hanger, this piece makes for a moody, dramatic poster that can add dimension to any wall. Not only is it just a design, it's also science, too- which just makes it so much more intriguing!

The Surface Tension Series Poster

This beautiful piece of art features overlaying of pretty colors of mauve, dark blue, and orange-gold with shimmering gold effects added on top of the diffusion.

Shop the Surface Tension Poster Pt1 here.

Shop the Surface Tension Poster P2 here.

Use code TEENMAGAZINE35 for 35% off!

Surface Tension is a two-part poster that showcases the beauty of marbling and mixture effects.

This abstract piece shows surface tension in a very magical, entrancing way. The gorgeous swirls created by this effect is simply mesmerizing, and I love the way each drop of color features tiny details of overlays and darker points.

The added gold on top of the darker points really adds to the look, making it a very contemporary and sophisticated piece.

This beautiful piece can fill up even larger spaces as it is a duo-style poster, and makes for a chic, trendy look!

Hang Up Your Posters

Wondering how to hang up your posters? Dear Sam has the answer! With these black-framed poster hangers, putting up your prints just got so much easier- and a whole lot better looking, too.

Shop the poster hanger in black here.

"[This is an] elegant and minimalistic poster hanger set that frames your poster in a stylish way," writes Dear Sam.

"The wood strips are held together by magnets. All the other parts, such as eyebolts and the leather band arrives unassembled so you can decide and adjust after your preferred length. 4 bolts and 4 universal plugs are also included if you rather want the poster hanger to be mounted on the wall."

I love that the poster hanger comes with its parts- it comes secured in a roll so none is lost. This is not too hard to assemble, and doesn't take very long, either!

Quick and easy to do, this poster hanger simplifies the process of beautifying your space. Just imagine how pretty these hangers will look on your walls! They will truly accentuate your poster prints.

High Quality Printed Posters

When Dear Sam says their goal is to exceed your expectations, they truly mean it.

"All our posters are printed on 240g Multidesign Smooth White paper, which is a high-quality uncoated paper from the Clairefontaine paper mill in France. The paper is archival quality, i.e. it does not yellow over time. We print our posters on some of the most modern printing presses in Europe in order to deliver a first-class result at all times," says Dear Sam.

The paper printing is absolutely seamlessly perfect without any bleeding or blurriness. I am seriously blown away by its high quality and am thoroughly impressed! Dear Sam truly makes decorating your space with absolute top quality possible.

Dear Sam Cares About The Environment

"The environment is important to Dear Sam. All our posters are printed on paper bearing the FSC environmental label for responsible forestry and the EU Ecolabel," writes the brand.

"Our printing facilities are 100% climate-neutral and all production of posters for bears the Svanen environmental label. All our unique packaging is FSC MIX certified and may only contain a mixture of recycled materials and/or materials from controlled sources (Controlled Wood). Source:"

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