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8 Online Shops for the Trendiest Phone Cases


If you’re a mirror selfie addict, then I’m sure you spend so much time looking for trendy phone cases. However, even if you’re not, there’s no doubt that you want one that matches your own aesthetic! Phone cases are a great way to express that and showcase your personality. A phone case shows others who you are without saying a word. Here are 8 online stores where you can find your next trendy phone case.


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Lately, this store has been all the rave, selling phone cases for all aesthetic types. If you're a simple person, Casetify has solid colored phone cases. There are so many cases made by individual artists and companies, so it's rare that you'll have the same case as another person. There are also many styles, colors, and phone sizes. Casetify is for everyone. Their cases can also be personalized, so it's perfect for your best friend or special someone. I have a Casetify case, and I can honestly say that I'm obsessed with it. It's protective, durable, and stylish.


I like Etsy phone cases because they can also be personalized. Etsy is also a great way to support small businesses. Etsy has many options, from different styles to different aesthetics. Here it's also rare that you'll have the same phone case as someone else. Everyone has a different preference in style and aesthetic, and I love that Etsy is the perfect place for unique phone cases. Etsy has so many phone case options, with a range of prices. Some can be on the pricier side, while others can have a reasonable price. It just depends on the business or seller you buy from, and the type of phone case.


Society6 is perfect if you're interested in minimalistic styles and simple patterns. Cases vary from wavy two-toned colors to vivid bright patterns. Prices are reasonable, and I really think these cases are trendy, especially because spring here and summer is approaching. These cases are a great way to make that switch and spice things up.

Blunt Cases

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Blunt Cases are literally everything I could ask for in a "trendy" phone case. They have so many colors, styles, sizes, aesthetics, and much more. Blunt Cases also have an option for customization. What I like about these cases is that they offer so many choices that fit your style. They offer different styles, patterns, designs, aesthetics. The possibilities are endless for these phone cases. The prices are very reasonable, and I definitely think it's worth it.


If your aesthetic is pink, and you love showing your Inner Girl, Kissmwah is perfect for you. Not only do they offer personalized phone cases, they also offer cases that really show off your aesthetic. Prices are reasonable, and I cannot think of a better way to show who you are than a Kissmwah phone case. Phone cases are all about expressing who you are and how you feel without saying a word. If you don't care what others say, have sass but stay classy, and have some spunk in you, Kissmwah phone cases are the way to go.


Shein is perfect for cutesy phone cases. If you have a sweet side and want to show that through your phone case style, Shein is perfect for that. They have a variation of colors and styles, perfect for this spring. Shein is known for being up-to-date on all the latest trends, so I don't expect anything less from them. Prices are reasonable, and their phone cases are very cute and trendy.

The Urban Flair

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The Urban Flair is perfect if you like neutral colors and you love vintage styles. The Urban Flair is a small business, so it's not well-known. Each case and product is handmade, so you can be sure that your case is special and unique. Prices are very reasonable. Right now, I am currently obsessed with their collage phone cases, and they look so pretty and different from other cases I've seen.

Urban Outfitters

From what I've seen, Urban Outfitters keeps up with the trends, and their phone cases are very trendy. They're perfect for any type of aesthetic, and prices are reasonable. Their cases are cute, different, simple, and have different patterns, colors, and brands.

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