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Diamond Art Club Promotes an Innovative Take on DIY Art

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December 04, 2020

With additional time that has been granted while isolating at home during the pandemic, Diamond Art Club has the perfect activity to cure boredom and get your imagination flowing. Publicized through TikTok, YouTube, and other social media platforms, you may have recently stumbled across the hobby of diamond painting before.

This hands on experience brings a whole new edge to the art world and celebrity fans including Alessandra Ambrosio, Cheryl Burke, Meghan King, and Peta Murgatroyd would definitely agree. Want to release your inner visionary? We found your cure.

What is Diamond Painting?

As advertised by Diamond Art Club, the concept of diamond art is, “a combination of cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers.”

Whether you craft while watching a movie or jamming out to some music, diamond art is an exciting hobby for those who have loads of time on their hands. Through this method, the process begins with pressing a “magic” applicator tool into wax, and then utilizing diamonds to secure it onto an adhesive canvas. Forming a stunning masterpiece, the gems come together on a template of your choice to hang on a wall, lend as a gift, or to display in any other way.

The benefits? For starters, diamond painting has been proven to relieve stress and anxiety, while aiding your mental health. With a constant longing for escapism, this craft lends mindfulness-based art therapy, allowing crafters to take a breath while engaging in hand-eye coordination. From two to nine one hour sessions, this notion exercises finger muscles and allows your mind to feel productive, motivated, and concentrated.

If you're someone who constantly handles a heavy workload, the enjoyment from diamond painting may surprise you!

Diamond Art Club

I'm constantly searching for new hobbies to embark on, so when I first heard about Diamond Art Club, I instantly thought that the concept was such an innovative concept, setting itself apart in the best way possible. Although I am not the most experienced when it comes to art, a huge plus-side for me was that this diamond painting was simple to learn, without requiring prior expertise.

For the Fireside X-Mas Kit, it lived up to its expectations! When receiving the package, I was pleasantly surprised to see the obvious care that was taken into the presentation and organization of the product. On a 22" x 22" canvas, the small details were precise to exhibit the high-spirits and festive cheer of a fireplace on Christmas night.

Along with high-quality materials and easy-to-follow instructons, I was personally impressed that everything I needed was included without any hassle. There was the canvas template, separated diamonds with a color-coded chart, an applicator, hand grip, tray, and a wax shaped heart that added to the aesthetic of the brand.

Image credit: DAC

Though this hobby can feel time-consuming, it guided me into a calmed and relaxed state while feeling the Christmas ambiance. Not to mention, before I knew it, time passed and I had been working on it for hours! It was so easy to get sucked into diamond painting, despite it being my first time.

Once the finished outcome revealed itself, I realized that viewing it in-person was far better than I imagined, and the realism presented something that was incomparable to photos online. Needless to say, I would recommend this to anyone looking to attempt something new on the trend radar.

Recent Projects

Seasonal Holiday Kits

To that end, now that Christmas is right around the corner and families are beginning their festive celebrations, DAC is finally releasing their Christmas painting selections! From templates featuring Santa Claus, to cozy fireplaces and snowy villages, these themed kits are exceptional for getting into spirit and decorating your home to match.

The holiday season channels high stress and hectic crowds when shopping for gifts, so these diamond paintings are excellent presents to release any troubles or tension that you're dealing with. You can even find use of these activities to provide bonding time with your loved ones—hence the fact that it's the time of year to give thanks and appreciate those around you.

Butterfly Breast Cancer Awareness Painting

Image credit: DAC

To commemorate National Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, DAC has also decided to donate 100% of their proceeds from their one-of-a-kind “Butterfly Breast Cancer Awareness Painting” to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

A whopping one in eight women in the United States develop breast cancer at some point in their life, and although many seek remedies for this disease, raising awareness is equally crucial in order to support the the lives that have been affected and an end to cancer.

This specific painting promoted by DAC could drastically help the ongoing spread of breast cancer. Whether you purchase this painting in memory of a loved one, to support a good deed, or for someone who is currently facing breast cancer, every action taken towards this cause counts.

Join the Diamond Art Club Family

For some “me-time” or to do with a group of friends, diamond paintings from DAC are definitely something to add to your wishlist this year.

If you end up acquiring a painting of your own, be sure to share your creations with the hashtag, #diamondartclub to be featured on their Instagram!

This publication is a sponsored press article. Mentioned prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication.
All images courtesy to Diamond Art Club.

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