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Good Habits to Bring Into the New Year

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December 30, 2022

In the blink of an eye, 2022 is now on its way to a close. At the beginning of every new year, millions across the globe come up with a resolution for the next 365 days. For some, it’s going on a daily run.

For others, it’s to start doing yoga every morning. Despite entering the year hopeful, only 9% of people actually have successful resolutions. Instead of entering the year with one overwhelming, unachievable resolution that you’ll forget by February, try introducing these new healthy habits into your life.


Reading comes in all shapes and sizes, which makes the activity so great. There’s something for everyone to love when it comes to reading. If you like stories filled with fairies, elves, and dragons, try fantasy!

What about a heartbreaking love story that leaves you wanting your own soulmate? Maybe romance is right for you. Whatever your genre of choice may be, there is something out there for you to read and enjoy.

Not only is reading a strong source of entertainment, but it improves your general knowledge and literacy, but it may reduce stress. In fact, a 2009 study by researchers at the University of Sussex found that reading reduces stress levels by 68%. With less stress in your life and an opportunity to learn something new, reading is the hobby for you.


Jotting down your thoughts at the end of the day can be a peaceful and restorative activity. Taking time to write about the happenings of your day allows for an opportunity to unwind and reflect. The great thing about journaling is the freedom that comes with it.

You have the ability to write about whatever you’d like. One day, you can write about the television shows you are watching, but the next day, you can simply note what activities you did that day. The more natural journaling is for you, the more beneficial it will be. A great way to get started is by grabbing a blank notebook and just writing whatever comes to mind for five minutes a night.


Grab your earbuds, put on your favorite podcast or playlist, and start walking! Whether you want to destress or get exercise or even just look at new scenery, walking is the perfect opportunity to do so. Taking walks around your neighborhood, your local park, or even a bustling street can be a fun way to pass time and get some exercise.

While getting in those steps is a perfect time to address whatever has been on your mind. If it’s just yourself, listen to some music and think about your plans for the next day, the cliffhanger of your favorite TV show, or your plans for the future. Going on a walk with a friend can be exciting too; you can chat about whatever. Walking is not only a great way to get exercise, but also an efficient way to calm down your mind.

Healthy Eating

Eating more healthily is something that almost everyone aspires to accomplish, but unfortunately, actually executing healthy eating can be difficult. The benefits of healthy eating range from increased energy to longer lifespan to clearer skin and more. While choosing a salad over a burger and fries may be difficult at first, as you do so more frequently, it will become a habit.

Just because you want to eat healthy doesn’t mean you can’t have a scoop of ice cream or enjoy some crispy potato chips once and a while. The key to making healthy eating a sustainable goal in moderation. Eat that chocolate bar or donut once in a while, but also choose the grilled chicken or tomato soup.

Separate Yourself From Stress

Stress is in abundance and for most people, is extremely hard to avoid. Often, the stress in our lives is unnecessary and sometimes irrational. Make it a goal this year to identify what is actually worth stressing about and what is not.

Sure, stress about your final exam, but don’t stress about a five point homework assignment. Prioritize what you will allow to stress you out. The less stress you have in the new year, the more time you’ll have to enjoy life and achieve your goals.

Take Time For Yourself

2023 can and should be the year of you. If you’re a people pleaser or highly ambitious, taking the time to enjoy your life and focus on yourself can be difficult in your busy schedule, but it’s necessary. You can do so in whatever way it manifests for you. If you love cinema, once a week, watch a movie alone.

If you love romance novels, try to read one or two books a month. Even with the heavy demands of school or work, you should still treat yourself occasionally. Doing so allows for a more balanced lifestyle allowing you to feel less overwhelmed and more capable.

Keeping up with these six habits may not be easy at times, but if you do so, it’ll be rewarding. In the next year, make it your goal to prioritize yourself and make sure that you are the best possible version of yourself. The better you feel, the better your year is going to be.

So, take these good habits with you and enjoy the new year. Happy new year!

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