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80 Screen-Free Activities for Relaxing

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December 31, 2021

A large handful of teens spend every minute of their free time staring at a screen. Whether it be scrolling compulsively through social media or playing video games, teens find it difficult to step away from technology.

Many of our New Year's Resolutions involve spending less time on screens. However, this is a completely unrealistic goal for most. Rather than holding ourselves to an overwhelming, seemingly unachievable standard, we should look to find other activities we enjoy that do not involve technology. The following are eighty activities that you can turn to for your enjoyment that will reduce the time you and other teenagers spend on technology.

The 80 Screen-Free Activities

1. Go on a walk

2. Cook a meal for yourself

3. Read a new book a week

4. Write in a journal every morning and night

5. Take time to treat yourself to a relaxing bath

6. Challenge yourself to sit in silence

7. Sit outside and enjoy the scenery

8. Go for a run or do a workout

9. Hang out with friends

10. Try a new hairstyle

11. Play board games with your family

12. Work on a puzzle

13. Play with pets

14. Explore your neighborhood

15. Go to your local farmers' market

16. Play sports

17. Paint

18. Make slime

19. Draw

20. Organize your room

21. Learn a new skill

22. Do a random act of kindness

23. Bake a treat

24. Make your own song

25. Try new restaurants

26. Visit your local park

27. Read your local newspaper

28. Decorate your room

29. Drive to watch the sunset

30. Try your local coffee shop

31. Start a garden

32. Go shopping

33. Learn to sew, to knit, to crochet or to embroider

34. Ride your bike or scooter

35. Make a collage

36. Volunteer

37. Host a donation drive in your neighborhood

38. Have a picnic

39. Dance

40. Do some crafts

41. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure

42. Teach your dog a new trick

43. Go swimming

44. Mark cards for loved ones

45. Enjoy a spa day at home

46. Make jewelry

47. Practice coding

48. Come up with a new recipe to try

49. Visit a nearby museum

50. Practice yoga

51. Look through old photos

52. Write a poem or short story

53. Learn a new instrument

54. Make origami

55. Think of new jokes to tell others

56. Complete a crossword puzzle

57. Decorate or revamp your clothing

58. Daydream

59. Go to the beach

60. Talk with friends and family

61. Tie-Dye an old shirt

62. Meditate

63. Enjoy a hot drink

64. Stargaze

65. Start a scrapbook

66. Listen to music

67. Light a candle

68. Write a to-do list

69. Organize a book list

70. Do a face mask

71. Nap

72. Create a vision board

73. Stretch

74. Write a bucket list

75. Make bath bombs

76. Learn calligraphy

77. Make a mantra

78. Establish a skincare routine

79. Go to bed early

80. Make a playlist

These activities will allow you to de-stress without relying on technology. By challenging yourself to spend less time on screens, you will improve your mental health and overall well-being. That, above all else, needs to be your priority this year. It is important to prioritize yourself and how you are feeling in this upcoming year.

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