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Finding the Symmetry of Life

Mental Health & Self Love

March 23, 2022

Life as a teenager is hard. You navigate through so much: school, life, and relationships.

Sometimes you can feel lost, bewildering interim the threshold mounting on your dozing head from the dozen of assignment you need to turn in by this week, friends you've been in the gray zone with, all the futile efforts to curb the introspection about your sexual orientation, and what not.

Life itself becomes a living allegory of perplexity. It's not easy out there, and the transition is too sudden to be analyzed.

However, this state of being 'out of track' is a phase we all go through, hence this article. Based on my experiences, we can't avert these changes every time, but we can surely work our way through them while not giving them the higher power. Learning to take little things in account amidst the worldly chaos can aid you in this process of growth. Let's jump right in!

1. Reflecting Is a Finer Look Into Your Soul

No matter how cliché it may sound, reflecting still remains one of the surefire ways to set our focal point on the present. Many times people live under the impression that the practice of self-reflection is confined to all the good that happened in the past. However, this is only half the truth (and in fact only a quarter, if that makes sense!). As we look back at our lows, we also realize how far we've come from the days that felt like the end of the world.

This subconsciously boosts us, preparing for what lies ahead. After all, nothing can ever top the power we behold when we start believing in ourselves!

2. To Acknowledge Is To Be Self-Aware

For how many times have you felt the urge to bottle up your emotional struggles and dump them in the trash can? Probably so many times that you have lost count by now. This, right there, is a big red flag for your mental wellbeing.

And this time the fight-or-flight hormone isn't the one to cope with the blame, but our manipulative brain that we have yet to gain control over. Impossible as it may sound, acknowledging our emotions can help. When we learn to accept things, the whole process of tackling the problem becomes easy as we have already prepared our mind for the rest of it.

It's a good practice to stay aware about ourselves, and our needs. This can be helpful in coming over our insecurities too. As stated in BetterKids' article, What is self-awareness and why is it important, "When we are self-aware we are able to recognize our strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge helps us to set goals for ourselves. We know where we have to room to grow and that's a good thing!" And we agree to it one hundred percent!

3. Building Healthy Habits

In our workaday life, we often take little things for granted. This is nothing less than committing a felony. From the way you start your morning, to the note you end it on, everything has an impact on your overall well-being.

These little things can then pile up into one big grudge that you hold against yourself, and cripple under the burden of. Making little amendments here and there can give unexpected results. This includes cleaning your room, doing your nails, journaling, or all the 'insignificant significants'. Building these habits can feel like you have finally taken the control over your life, and who doesn't like gaining the higher power!

4. Socializing For Social Well-Being

Humans are social beings. We need people to thrive in the society, and explore various horizons of our individuality through the relationships we form. Being part of a healthy community can potentially impact our social welfare, and influence the way we treat others and ourselves.

Through these connections we can learn about the social spectrum we fall on, and thus, bring certain changes for the sake of betterment. While a community can be large, small or even informal, it is what we make of it. Building a healthy, uplifting atmosphere works as an asset for everyone, and through this budding support system we can learn and further our soft skills.

5. working On Goals, One Step At a Time

We all have certain expectations from ourselves, and it's not a wild thought that seldom we fail. This is a point where we often get swayed away by the feeling of misery, grief, and everything that can put our self-esteem down. However, no matter how miserable it may sound, this is an inevitable part of life.

It's through these tough times that we often end up becoming better than what we were yesterday. Just like we give happiness, laughter, and success a special space on the shelf, failure needs acceptance too. We have to get through it, and everything in between, one step at a time. The process of recovery may be slow, and consuming too, but anything that carves out the best in us is well worth the time.

Final Takeaway

A strong realization that adds up to our betterment is that perfection is overrated. And although this article talks about ways to find the symmetry of life, in reality there is no such thing as an ideal symmetry. Life is what we make out of it, today and everyday.

There will be ups and downs that we have to tackle with our face towards the brighter side, and faith in our heart. With the right perception it's always beautiful, both inside and out.

Khushi Yadav
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